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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 10:10 p.m. MST

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Brighton, CO

My money would be on Kearsley being involved. And I am good with that. We need some fire on the line.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

There is a ton of fight in this group.

If the guys can perfect this go fast go hard I can see byu beating Virginia this year.

And if things really one together beating cal might even be possible. We haven't done well against PAC 12 teams lately, but lets see if we can beat the #12 PAC 12 team. If we do, that will prove we can beat anyone in the nation and deserve playoff talk.

Federal Way, WA

I thought fighting in a game was a penalty?

I understand the coaches liking tough players but to encourage fighting as a sign of toughness is just another strange twist involving BYU coaches.

Brighton, CO

So glad a Cougar fan beat a Ute fan to comment first on the article. But why exactly would a U fan care about spring practice at the Y when we don't even play each other this year?

Must be that a story of unnamed individuals getting overly worked up at each other at practice must be more intriguing than anything going on up on the hill.

Highland, UT

Chris B, haven't you heard? We aren't playing the "#12 Pac12 Team" this year. Utah wanted to take a two year break. How does it feel to be the doormat of the Pac12?

Sore loser
tampa, fl

They should bring in a microphone and some chairs and stuff and then let them go WWE style.

Crestucky, FL

Yes, a little fight, a lot of grit is sorely needed! Interesting, Chris B., in talking about BYU said, "...we"! Has he finally converted!

Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

I thought this school teaches to be "of the game but not In the game". Is fighting part of the CODE? It sure seems like it should be...

Danbury, CT

What a weird article. I'm tired of all the elation and projection coming out of Spring practice. By the end of September, our bubble is burst. Every year. Tujague is correct: it only matters if you win on a Saturday in season.

As for Chris B - move on, buddy. Utah is only marginally better than a bad BYU program and has been the cellar dweller of this PAC you are so proud of. Utah (and its fans) spend way too much time obsessing on one game. It will be interesting to see how they do with no BYU to focus on this year, playing with the obviously better programs of the PAC.

IMHO both Utah teams are a joke at this point.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

Sounds like church basketball! lol

West Valley, Utah

Well at least they're not a perennial PAC 10 celler dweller steadily getting used to a lack of post season play.

Draper, UT

Okay, I'm a prude. And I understand coaches' desire for aggressiveness in their players. But I can't help but think what a headline like this teaches kids. "Smiles and Excitement" for fighting? Really? If it's okay among "team mates" isn't it okay everywhere else? IMO, there is enough conflict among today's youth without the media...especially the Deseret News... encouraging it.

Danbury, CT

Correction: both Utah and BYU are a joke at this point.

....maybe USU can make the state of Utah proud...

Centerville, UT

I tend to agree with Chris on this one,(at least as far as the "we" thing), in that he should be saying "we" when referring to BYU. I am a Cougars fan, but when the Utes are not playing BYU, I am also a Utes fan! I attended USU so I always want them to do well also. I get the whole "in-state rivalry" thing and I am a part of it. But I also think we should be rooting for ALL of our Utah teams to do as well as they can, with the exception of when they are playing our own personal favorite Utah team! My wife is an avid Ute Fan and I root for the Utes no matter who they are playing EXCEPT BYU and USU! Maybe there would be less animosity and more sportsmanship if we as Utahns would support each other except in those rivalry games.Just sayin'.

Wendall Hoop
Salt Lake City, UT

re: eastcoastcoug - "Utah is only marginally better than a bad BYU program" ????? Really????? Where did you discover that, b/c it's news to me. Utah has been crushing byu in the rivalry and also has the BCS wins. Utah has struggled in the win/loss in PAC12, but Utah is still the premier program. Saying otherwise is baffling.

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA

Chris B referring to BYU as "we"?

OK, you can have him. No tradebacks.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Hey, football is a physical sport - fight on! By the way, since many Utah fans seem to loiter here for their football news, I thought I'd share what Jon Wilner of the San Jose Mercury News said about the revolving door that is the Utah Offensive Coordinator's office:

"Two teams have new head coaches (USC and Washington), and three have new offensive coordinators: UW, Oregon State and Utah.

(It wouldn’t be spring in SLC without a new OC!)

Cougar Claws
Lindon, UT

Great! Aggression and push by the offensive line, that's what we need.

Now where is this aggression during the game?

Use this aggression to maul fools we're playing against, not just against each other in practice. The biggest problem BYU has had is being beat at the line of scrimmage. Let's win the battle up front and we should win most of our game.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"BYU stipulates that media observers can't mention specific names of players involved."

Well, it was either Tradition, Spirit or Honor (ironic) that was involved, which narrows down the list considerably.

West Point , UT

In the words of Herman Boon from Remember the Titans. "Any 2 year old child can throw a fit. Football is about harnessing that aggression in a team effort to achieve perfection".

I love to hear that players aren't backing down and being aggressive, but as others have said, I want to see that aggression and swagger against Texas, Virginia, Houston, UCF, & Utah's twin brother cellar boy- Cal. I want to see it harnessed into performing with precision and efficiency on gameday. Otherwise it's just hype.

Chris, yes once again you are right that BYU, for whatever reason has struggled with U lately. The difference is BYU doesn't squander the rest of the season away, often times losing to teams they shouldn't (how was that 12 pt beat down at the hands of Wazzu...we owned them and Mike Leach last time we played...we own a respectable .500 record against their buddies, the Huskies while U haven't sniffed a W from them in 8 tries). Yet we struggle with U, which is certainly frustrating. The only thing more frustrating would be preparing for a THIRD straight bowless, mediocre season.

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