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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 6:10 p.m. MST

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Cache, UT

Sit Williams and Jefferson for the rest of the season. Complete the tank.

Los Olivos, CA

NBA box score says Jazz starting point guard took 16 shots and had only 3 assists. I thought that position was supposed to pass the ball, occasionally? At least his back-up tries to play defense. Pretty tough for the centers to protect the basket from opposing point guards who have a free path to the basket.

Tokyo, Japan

trade Hayward and Kanter?

Bastrop, TX

When all those three point shots are falling, the Jazz stay fired up, but as soon as they stop falling,the fire goes out, and they stink up the arena....There's a lot that can be done if the long balls aren't falling; but then, it would require a coach to teach that sort of thing. No offense....No defense....The grand experiment is in trouble, and the confidence of these kids is shattered....I hope it isn't a permanent thing.

Black & White

Don't think of this as a (lousy) loss, think of this as getting one step closer to winning their REAL goal... Lottery Pick baby, Lottery Pick! (Don't worry Jabari, we're working hard, or hardly working, to get you. We just have to lose a few more games against our fellow cellar dwellers to raise our odds.)

Saint Louis, MO

As with previous comments, the Jazz are right where they want to be with 20 games to go. They are tied for last in the Conference with Kobe and the bois. The Jazz are doing nothing wrong. They are only doing what the NBA is allowing them to do. The biggest problem with the NBA is the 8 + 8 teams who are allowed to make the playoffs. Compare this to baseball and football. There is no incentive. Miami had been floating and now is turning it on. LeBron scored 61 and sent a message of dominance. It is all about making money and the Jazz have a right to play.

Hugh G. Hater
Swat Lake City, UT

Will a lottery pick make Hayward all of the sudden start to produce?
Will a lottery pick make guards improve their defense?
Will a lottery pick make up for total lack of offense Williams displays?

Saint George, UT

Funny, nobody has mentioned poor coaching.

Los Olivos, CA

Let me just be a little cynical here. The best pick that the Jazz can get is probably third, in a lottery situation. The Lakers have number one locked up. The Celtics probably have number two covered. I don't know what happened when the Celtics lost out on Duncan. Maybe Stearn did not like Pitino. Lots of good first round picks this year but the only sure thing is Parker. Third pick might be better for Jazz. Still need a real point guard.

Salt Lake City, UT

Hayward had an off night shooting 5-12? That's a better percentage than his season average, but that's another topic.

Ivins, UT

There has to be something basically wrong with the coaching staff for this kind of inconsistent play and mounting losses. I think that the talent is there. We have seen it in the past. Developing a young team needs discipline and leadership.I do not see evidencde of of it.

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