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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 5:25 p.m. MST

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Provo, Utah

Thank you Doug Robinson for this article. Back in the day I am sure there are many high school sports fans that remember Region 7 sports, and yes WA had a basketball team - not a very good one . One particular season I remember both Juab and Gunnison beating WA by 70-80 points. I don't remember their religious affiliation but WA was owned by a church. Now that they have no religious affiliation and a private school they make their own rules as for admission, etc. The UHSAA needs to learn from the past and close some loop holes so we avoid these issues.

Rural sport fan

@ Coolio
"rural schools will refuse to play any other private school that dares compete year in and year out

Well, that is simply not true. Layton Christian, St Josephs, Juan Diego, Judge...all very successful, but obviously we aren't refusing to play them.

But they also generally have the same kids from Junior High on, just like the public schools. They aren't out bringing in National Junior team members from other countries, as WA is.

WA isn't the problem. Private schools aren't the problem. The problem is the way the UHSAA arranges things.

The Woodlands, TX

I am sure the reporter is correct in assuming WA recruits students for their basketball skills. It would be easy for him to now do an investigative piece showing how this is done. There are certainly 15 and 16 year old boys all over the world who would like to leave their very wealthy families and come to play ball in the world renown hotbed of high school basketball known as "Utah 2A" basketball competition. These kids can look forward to two hour study halls five days a week, and a life in rural Utah with all of its attractions aimed at youth. You might also show that the school has so much excess cash that they can throw it at these athletes at the expense of all other students. Yup, you can easily show that 130+ years of recruiting is finally paying off for the rich and spoiled.

Beverly Hills, CA

Enterprise and South Sevier should play a game to decide the 2A championship. WA is clearly Ina higher league and should play in one.

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