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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 5:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

It doesn't make sense. If Wasatch wants to be "elite", why would they ever want to stay in 2A. They should be the loudest in demanding a change.

Otherwise, beating up small kids won't provide much fulfillment for long.

Bountiful, UT

How is this any different than what Timpview,East,and Bingham are doing in football with their creation of all-star teams that do not live in their respective districts?

Cedar City, UT


Great point

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

We should not that Judge Memorial DID win a football championship this school year, in the small-school 3aa division, where they played the smaller rural schools.

Judge should be commended for moving up to 4a, where they are very competitive. Their football team should have followed, at least to 3a. Somewhat of a disconnect to see them playing the small rural schools.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

The UHSAA can't create just a "private school" division because the same problem would exist. How would a small private school like ICS compete with Layton Christian or Wasatch academy in basketball or other sports? It would be no different that taking Bingham and having them play North Sevier in football. Going independent is the best thing for Wasatch Academy. Let's now forget they have an elite coach now. However, he will most likely leave in the next few years and will their success leave with him? If so, will the UHSAA take them back into the fold as a 2A basketball member? Basketball Independence is a short term band aid for this particular situation but it does not ultimately solve the problem.

Nephi, UT

The UHSAA should create a private school classification. They can schedule whoever they want to. They might even consider having an at large opening for the 4A and 5A tournament that would allow them to invite one of the private schools to the state tournament. The private schools-including the Charter Schools- won't always have the kind of team that WA has put together. So, allowing them to participate in a state tournament by invitation because of the success of their team during a particularly great year,could possibly create a very interesting tournament every year. The rest of the private schools could have their own state tournament.

One Angry Salebarn Worker
Madison, SD

Utah, time to step up and get it right. It's time for private schools to have their own state championship. They draw on so many other resources and funds than do public schools. Texas and other states do it. Just do it--it solves so many equality problems that you'll still be dealing with a long way down the road.

Manti, UT

Saying that they would have to move all sports up to the same level is so false it is funny. Manti was moved to 3a for Football after dominating 2a schools. This happened after all the 2a schools complained about Manti and how unfair it was. The rest of Manti is 2a for all other sports. I love the fact checking here.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Delta, Manti, Richfield are way larger then the rest of our little towns, yet strangely they keep coming back down to 2A?

I also do not trust the UHSAA.

Layton, UT

JD Books, thanks for your intelligent comment. I also hated the WA situation but the issue is with WA not any other private school. LCA didn't even make it past the first round. all this uninformed emotional and unhealthy attitudes towards private schools is working against the public schools with the UHSAA.

Chris from Rose Park
Hartford, CT

It sounds to me, from the article, that Wasatch Academy wants to move up in classification. Since UHSSA won't allow them the exception they are seeking to move to Independence. I don't like how this article makes Wasatch Academy feel like a bully. A few years back, they weren't that great. Then they got a new coach, someone determined to make things better. Being a private school, he leveraged his recruiting abilities and now the team is doing great. There is nothing wrong with that. They want the ability to have even competition in all their sports, not just basketball, and that's why they're not going to move their entire athletics program to a higher classification. UHSSA needs to bend and change the rules to allow only basketball to move up in classification, since they already have football exceptions allowed.

Let's just not make it sound like Wasatch Academy is doing something wrong or unfair. Let the kids play and let's find them the appropriate competition.

county mom
Monroe, UT

Hartford, CT
Since your entire state is smaller then the Watsatch front.
I should explain what things are like out here, and the distances we travel to watch our teams.
We support our little towns, no one drives their child to go to a different school here. People in Monroe do not drive their child to Gunnison to school it is a 45 minute drive.

(With private schools parents of more "giffted" students are offered scholarships that will give their child a place to live and a guarantee of a state tittle with the championship ring that comes with it. This makes the child able to apply to university and practically guarantees them better scholarships to college. )

We drive 4 hours to watch a football game between San Juan and South Sevier. If San Juan and North Summit are playing it will be a 6 hour drive over high mountains.
Enterprise and South Summit are almost as far apart.
Most of us "country bumpkins" are fiercely loyal to our town and our school, we go the distance.
We can make the best of what we have, we always do, but we can't compete with the money available to private schools.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

A few years ago people accused the great SS Rams of recruiting. It was proven before the UHSAA that there was no wrong doing. This has also been proven time and time again as far as Wasatch Academy was concerned. Many have said have them move up to 3A. That is not the solution. They would have beaten all of the 3A teams by 20 or 30 instead of the 40 point differences than 2A. Don't be too critical of Wasatch Academy. They play within the guidelines they were given, just like every other school does.

Kearns, UT

Follow the money. And while I hate to agree with any Ute fan I do agree with Utewins assessment of the situation in football. He forgot to mention Cottonwood and Skyline back in the day.

small school fan
Duchesne, UT

@ David RI

"Terms like "expensive boarding schools" and "Team United Nations" and "local" are offensive and backward thinking."

They are only offensive if one is offended by the truth. I can see how some would see expressing the truth as backward thinking, we seem to have made PC doublespeak the new "truth".

The fact us that private schools do operate differently. Public schools don't advertise for students, private schools do.

Not all private schools are the same, so let's stop pointing out that many private schools don't compete well, that has no bearing in the fact that this private school is enjoying enormous success by playing within a set of flawed rules. Other private schools have done the same, though not as successfully.

In other states, there are different solutions to this type of problem, and it works well. Why can't Utah use one of them?

If the UHSAA doesn't get this thing settled, Utah HS sports and the athletes...the kids... will suffer.

Jack of trades

Yeah private schools are the problem. I hate how 95 percent of them field teams in multiple sports year after year and provide the smaller classification public schools more teams to play. I hate how 95 percent of them struggle to put enough kids on the courts and ball fields. I hate how 95% of them don't ever win ANY games at the state tournament and yet they never complain about ANYTHING. I hate that. Yeah, it's time to get rid of them ALL!!! Put them in their own league, let them only compete against each other. We don't need them in our rural towns. I mean 95% percent of them have won nothing in baseball, basketball, and football. They offer no competition.

Gunnison, UT

@BooYa did Richfields boy's even make it to state last year? I think not.


Amazing that the UHSAA railroaded Wasatch Academy into independence. Now their kids can't compete for a Region or State title.

All Private Schools should take notice of this.

Because essentially it shows that if you put a championship team on the floor rural schools like South Sevier will discriminate against you and not play you. And on the other hand the UHSAA will not allow you to play up in classification to avoid the discrimination.

So to protect their students from the ugliness and constant attacks from rural schools, Wasatch Academy has to sacrifice post season play.

That's just wrong.

And now that this precedent will be set, rural schools will refuse to play any other private school that dares compete year in and year out for a championship. South Sevier has proven you can refuse to play a private school until they are forced into independence.

Articles like this only add to the discrimination.

It's one thing to have to put up with the anti private rhetoric in the small towns, now privates must endure it in the media.

Enterprise, UT


Have you misunderstood what the real issue is?

The only issue here is that one school has a great advantage over the other 100+ schools in the state.

Please don't try to paint a picture that has no relevance.

Plano, TX

If the 4a and 5a schools want to improve their basketball, they'll invite WA to compete with them. Other than Lone Peak, the basketball in this state is nothing exceptional. Having this situation has to be played to the advantage of all. And, if WA loses against those 2 top divisions, they've improved their BB too. It can't be that beneficial to WA to walk all over the 2a schools either if they're really recruiting etc. win-win.

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