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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 5:25 p.m. MST

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Boo Ya!!!
Richfield, UT

WHO was the last team to beat them in the 2A ranks?

Thats Right!!! Richfield Wildcats.


Washington, DC

All the talk about the supposed "evils" of recruiting in the high school ranks never mention one very important item: a student developing their talents. It all about the "social impact," "self-esteem," "community Pride" and other squishy measures.

I really don't care if Wasatch Academy is recruiting NBA stars - if the students feel that is the best situation to develop their talents, let them go there. If any student feels a different school is a better place to develop their talents, let them go there. The focus should be on the student, and helping them develop.

Schools should be able to freely recruit, and students should be able to have freedom on where to attend. It is time to end rules against recruiting in Utah and elsewhere. Ultimately, they hurt the student athletes, and let school administrators get away with poor performance.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

What a crock! The UHSAA allows split classifications for schools already. For example Delta and Manti play football at the 3A level while the rest of their sports compete in 2A. The UHSAA doesn't have a leg to stand on when they make say its all have to move up or none can. The Judge example given in this story again shows it doesn't have to be all or none. The entire 3AA football classification is another strong example of schools competing in different classifications, considering all the schools from 3AA football compete in 3A in all other sports.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

The mess created from that decision has spilled the smaller 3A football schools down to 2A in everything else. How is that fair to anyone, especially the in between schools who compete in 3A in everything, like Juab, N. Sanpete, Canyon View and Richfield to name a few. Clean it up UHSAA do the right thing even if it is unprecedented and while you're at it no more schools in split classifications, unless its allowing 1A schools to play 2A baseball because they also have a football program and can't compete during the traditional fall 1A baseball season.

Laporte, CO

Why does judge football play in 3A and not 3AA and all other sports in 4A?????? And Manti who lost the championship game to judge in football plays all other sports in 2A. Does not make any sense. Then Wasatch Academy request the boys basketball move up for more competition gets denied?????

Cedar City, UT

4A and 5A are scared of Wasatch Academy, and the UHSAA is scared of the noise 4A and 5A would make about having to deal with Wasatch Academy. That's why they won't make an exception for them like they did for Judge, JD, Manti, Delta, Kanab, etc.

Uncle Sam
West Jordan, UT

Dear Washington D.C.: No, that is not the answer. Not even close.

Students should be allowed to (and are) attend any school that they want for educational purposes. But athletics are a privilege, it has been proven in U.S. courts that playing extra-curricular sports is not a right. For that reason we need to go to a "play where you live" rule and eliminate the recruiting. It is totally out of hand.

As for the 4A and 5A comment, they are not scared of Wasatch Academy. Bring them up and see how long they last playing a 21 game regular season against the bigger physical teams and then have to go through 4 straight wins against top talented and top coached teams. They won't last, trust me. Bring them up and see, I am all for it.


So this was the pro-public school article that gave no facts about win loss percentages between Public and Private schools. An article that spoke nothing about the taxpayer funded gyms, weight rooms, and other public advantages. Spoke nothing about the underfunded private schools that can't even afford to buy uniforms and have no gyms of their own to even practice in. When is the pro-private school article coming out?

This isn't the first time Mr. Robinson has lashed out at private schools, he did it before when a private won it back in the early 2000's.

Facts are not important I guess. There are at least 15 private schools competing in 1A-4A basketball this year. how many advanced to the final four in their state tournaments? Only one, Wasatch Academy. But Mr. Robinson speaks the tired old argument the private schools play by an unfair advantage and take dreams away from small town kids. I guess private school kids don't have dreams.

Truth is, it doesn't matter if a private school wins a title with 15 kids that went to that school k-12. The public's will whine, even when they have recruits.

David RI

What a slam on private education. Utah can only go backwards with the ideology expressed in this article. A few remarks from the article, and I'll paraphrase...

High school basketball is better when you are "competing against teams made up of locals"

"Now a ringer has arrived on the scene, an expensive boarding school."

"Team United Nations has put a powerhouse on the court."

"And what about the potential of other private schools, which, like Wasatch Academy, can recruit and scholarship students (who happen to be good athletes)?"

Well, Mr. Robinson, what about public schools and their potential to recruit?

He also goes on to justify South Sevier refusing to play WA for 4 quarters, because in the state tourney when they did, they lost by 37 points. I see his point, if you lose by more than 17 points you should just quit. What about the private schools the past 5 years in 1A who are losing by 80 points to public schools. Did they hold the ball? No. Where is the article on public school domination in those games? 80 points? There has to be an advantage?

Terms like "expensive boarding schools" and "Team United Nations" and "local" are offensive and backward thinking.

Cedar City, UT

Why won't the UHSAA make the exception for them then?

David RI

Another problem with the tone of this article. It paints private schools and student recruitment as the problem, when open enrollment is a FACT in public schools.

Utah public schools are behind the rest of the nation in regards to education. Our public schools are in the latter half of states in Math and Reading. What's interesting about this is that Utah is the most conservative state in America. Interesting because when the state had a vote on the "conservative" ideology of vouchers it was defeated. So instead of giving CHOICE to our citizens in regards to education we voted NO. The cry was for more taxpayer money to fund GOVERNMENT schools. The irony in that is amazing.

Utahn's value conservative principles yet cling to their government schools. There whole way of life centers around them as this article points out.

Utah needs to catch up. We need to start looking at the value of private education, like we value private business. It can be part of the solution. It has much to offer. Free thinking, diversity, and independence. If they happen to win a title or two, include them, don't exclude, build friendships, diversify.

Gunnison, UT

@Coolio - You mention all the perks that are found in a public school, like "gyms and weight rooms"; I would mention the perks of a private school who was able to play out of state in not one, but two tournaments. (one being in Alaska). Pease name one other public school, besides Lone Peak, who was able to do that.

scrappy do

Wasatch Academy basketball is a very different animal and I think the UHSAA was very naive in their thinking on the situation. I suspect the Wasatch Academy Administration sees the basketball program as a way to promote their school and give it some sort of an edge in marketing to the crowd that they are pursuing, in essence they have created a nationally recognized basketball prep school, something new for Utah but nothing new if you read the national news. This should have become evident to the UHSAA pretty quickly and they should have forced the issue with WA.. go independent or go to the highest state level, something to that effect. Hopefully now, the UHSAA will take the blinders off and think outside the box

South Jordan, UT

Those poor private school kids. Some of them can't have their cake and eat it too. That must be hard! They want the perks of a private education, but they want the taxpayers to foot the bill for gyms, weight rooms, etc. And they want to draw athletes from all over the SL Valley, or Utah County, or in Wasatch Academy's case, all of the world, and then steam roll over teams that draw from a couple hundred local yokels in rural Utah.

Open enrollment has ruined high school athletics in urban Utah, and private schools competing with rural schools will continue to ruin high school sports in rural Utah. For those relegated to public school, play where you live! For those fortunate enough to go to private schools, play where competition is comparable!

Ephraim, UT

Here's a question .. if the recruiting has always been about academics why don't we ever see any Wasatch Academy Players as Academic All-State?? Anybody ever wonder that?

Cedar City, UT

The teachers in private schools still have to get their license from the State Government. Public schools are ran by local School District boards so parents have a lot of say, especially in small towns. There's nothing wrong with public education. Not everyone can afford to go to Wasatch Academy(unless they get a scholarship because they're good at basketball). We aren't talking about the academics though, we're talking about fair athletic competition. If we allow a 2a school to draw from a world wide population we might as well not have classifications. The whole point of classifications is to even the playing field and make things more interesting. 5a is 5a because they have a larger population to draw on, and 2a public schools don't.

Cedar City, UT

This hurts WA more than anyone else, put them with similar competition so they can be challenged and improve. Why won't the state make the exception for them? 4a and 5a don't want to deal with them. That's all there is to it. The UHSAA will bend over backwards for 4a and 5a and 4a and 5a don't want WA so they'll just have to go independent.

Gunnison, UT

@MovieBuff1 - You have a good point there.

Layton, UT

The High School Activities association should have a private school league.

Blue Collar
Huntington, UT

I don't like the idea of them going independent, I believe that it will eventually destroy the high school game. I think you will end up with teams leaving to go to the private league, and the best players will leave the high schools. I hope that never happens but I think this is the beginning.

Why don't they make a rule that if a private school beats it's opponents in its classification by an average of 15 points for one year or so , then you have to move up 1 classification, 25 points two classifications, etc. You could set standards for all sports.

I hope they don't destroy the high school game, but I don't have much faith in the UHSSA.

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