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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 12:35 a.m. MST

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Garden City

Go Rebels! Amy didn't make it sound like Tabiona and Piute is also the game of the day. Piute will have to get their major game face on to get that win. I would have to give the knod to Tabiona and could see Tabiona making it to the championship this year as Piute will get out coached. I don't think Valley can handle the football strength of Duchesne but anything can happen today. It's a shame that 20/17 match ups are the first day. It does make it full of some high flying action all day long. Very much bugged that we can not watch it for free like usual.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Piute will roll Tabiona.

Duchesne Fan1 Duchesne Utah

Go Region 17 . There is no way that BValley can hang with the Rich athletes,they are to big and to strong. The Duchesne Valley game will be a little closer , But again i say Duchesne just has to many athletes. As for the Piute Tabiona game. Those kids are just tournament ready and with coach Gines getting them ready you have to give Tabiona the edge. As for Panguitch , they are over rated it wont even be a close game against Rich in the Semis. Duchesne already beat them earlier this season.

1A Gal
Panguitch, UT

Why does the Deseret News have a live stream for 3A, 4A, and 5A but don't for 1A and 2A? We have to pay $10 a day through the NFHS Network to watch the games!!! So ridiculous!!! That's more expensive than it is to get into the game!

Cedar City, Utah

Piute will not role tabiona, tabiona is 14 guys deep and alot of teams in the state dont know that. There J.V players could match their starters on varsity basket for basket. If coach gines manages the minutes good tabi will make it to the state championship game and depending on the team they are playing may have a chance to take it all. Braxton spencer from duchesne is the best player in the state so valley will have to stop him in order to win tonight. And the panguitch rich match up will be the best game of the tourney. Barney will have a hard time scoring his average against riches lenghth on defense.. If i had to pick a tourny dark horse it would be diamond ranch beating monticello today.


Just wanted to make a comment about the live streaming of the 1A High School Basketball games (and future High School games). I know a lot of people from all around the country have been grateful that they have had the opportunity to watch those games. But now that that is not available for free, many people will not be able to take that opportunity. I'm very upset with this decision and feel bad for those who can't watch their family members or former teammates, and be able to cheer on their teams.

Ball Boy
Payson, UT

Just to clarify----the 2A tournament was live streamed along with 4A & 5A. 3A was not live streamed.

Jason E

how over rated do you think panguitch is we shot a poor 29% from the field in our only loss and only lost by 4

Gunnison, UT

@JD Brooks - I thought you were a Rams fan only! Go Rich Rebels!

Lifelong 1A Fan
Cedar City, utah

Let me get this right.....if the game is close, coach Gines will pull taby through? Well, I don't think so. Looks like the veteran got out coached by the young buck. Last I checked, coaches can only do so much. Coaches coach, and players play. Piute made the big plays in the end, and taby didn't. Great game, both teams played hard, but in the end piute just outplayed their opponent. Great coaching.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

Tabiona had the game won but they missed two free throws with two seconds left. It tells you the importance of fundamentals (free throws)

Duchesne Fan1 Duchesne Utah

Telos, Wendover , St Joseph, and Pinnacle how are theses teams even able to make it to the tournament . Region 18 shouldn't have even got one team in this year!!

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

1A has too many teams that make the tournament. the play in day is ridiculous. Pare it down to 8 teams and go three days.

Rural sport fan

Dang. Region 19 1st, region 20 2nd and 6th, and region 18 3rd, 4th and 5th.

Well done in the Rich game, Panguitch, that was a really well executed game plan. Both Rich and Duchesne just didn't look good in the Semi games, to take nothing away from Monticello and Panguitch, who earned that chance to play for the title.

And then for Monticello to get it done. Impressive.

Gotta love small school ball!

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