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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2014 10:30 p.m. MST

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Christopher B
Ogden, UT

I continue to eat at Chick Fil-A and support that great company!

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Cool - can't wait for reparations from the US Government for the illegal seizure Mormon polygamist property now that the definition of marriage is wide open.

American Fork, UT

Tony C's in on it? There must be some legs to it.

Lehi, UT

Of course, but I don't think businesses that bend to intimidation, or business owners who support groups that promote potentially harmful agendas or that encourage hate against religious minorities etc. should be trusted to care about humanity and society in general, do you?

Tooele, UT

Support for same-sex marriage is increasingly motivated by fear. Fear of either government or media retaliation if one even hints they are against same-sex marriage.

If you think I am paranoid, answer me this question then, just as an example. Why do we never hear about churches being investigated by the IRS for openly supporting same-sex marriage while those who openly oppose it are investigated all the time?

The anger and hostility aimed at those who views don’t fall under what is “politically correct” whether the issue is same-sex marriage or not, is truly astonishing in a country which was intended to be a safe haven for all thoughts and all beliefs, but not anymore.
Today, while lawyers and political activists fight for the rights of those who want to view child pornography or hold offensive and hurtful protests in front of funerals, many these same people are quick to silence anyone whose views are considered “too religious” or “to hateful.”

Lehi, UT

Some argue "the law treats same-sex couples as "legal strangers" and denies them the rights and benefits married heterosexual couples enjoy." I think gays should be (and are) free to love, vote, work, etc. But, it is odd that most gay marriage campaigners contend that bisexuals, underage children, polygamists, siblings, pets, and others should not be married. If it's a constitutional "right" shouldn't we force citizens, voters, tax payers, etc. to support and legally promote all relationships, not just those that are beneficial and crucial for the survival of humanity AND those that are not crucial but happen to be powerful special interest groups and demand that all promote, mainstream and legally enforce their sexual preferences? I don't get it....

Gilbert, AZ

The big businesses listed in support of redefining marriage have a history of large moral lapses.


"They say the law tells children, 'Your parents are not really married," and, "One of your parents is not really your parent.'"

You have to tell the truth sometime. One of you in a same-sex relationship is NOT the biological parent. You can say it all you want, but there are still hard truths in the life and one is that homosexuals can not procreate on their own. Don't get so dramatic people!


I haven't been to Caputo's in a while and I love their sandwiches. I think I know where I'm having lunch today.

cambodia girl
Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Wait! What are the names of the 46 businesses? I want to know so i can decide it I want to send my army of protesters to their business and demand that they close or get rid of their employees because they don't agree with what I think is important. Please list them.

Visitor from California
Berkeley, CA

Looking forward to a more welcoming Utah in the near future! May justice and equality for all prevail. Live your own lives as you see fit, but the principle of separation of church and state means that no one religion gets to define how all the rest of us live. LDS members would be wise to remember that they too are members of a minority, and the protections afforded to minority groups by our Constitution deserve the defense offered by the businesses described in this article.

South Jordan, UT

'Equality Utah and the Utah Pride Center wrote in an amicus brief that Amendment 3 has a more devastating impact on children of same-sex couples than the federal Defense of Marriage Act.
They say the law tells children, "Your parents are not really married," and, "One of your parents is not really your parent."'

This is so ironic. The parents _are_ not really married and one (or both) of them are not the child's parent. Why is it wrong to tell the child the truth??

I feel like this is an episode of The Emperor's New Clothes where everyone has to pretend that a same sex relationship is now the new best way to raise children and anyone who disagrees is beaten down emotionally.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

I love this quote: "One of your parents is not really your parent." The truth is one of your 'parent' is NOT your mother / father. How does the gay lobby suggest they explain to children who their father or mother is. Or are they both. See how natural all this stuff is?

Woodland Hills, UT

Thanks for posting the list, now I know who I won't be supporting!


zeep, I was put up for adoption before I was born. I have never met either my biological mother nor my biological father. but I know my parents quite well. They loved me and raised me. And I love them.

orem, UT

Love me some Chick fil-A. Caputo's never been. Never will.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

where is the list? Cambodia girls asked for it, U-tar said it was posted, but I cannot find it. Where is the list?

zeep, MPO,
the left is afraid of the truth, that is why they want to keep it from the children.

I find it funny that laws that apply the same to all can be miscontrued as discriminatory. The lie of "unequal!" has been shouted for so long too many otherwise inteligent people actually believe it. sad.

Visitor from California,
please research the Edmonds-Tucker Acts, then come talk to us again about separation of church and state and the protections the constitution was supposed to provide religious groups.

But those minorities you are suppsedly defending are already protected by the constitution. Applying the laws the same way to all is providing equal treatment.

Happy Valley Heretic
Orem, UT

They say the law tells children, "Your parents are not really married," and, "One of your parents is not really your parent."'

The reason they aren't married is because some religions are accepting and will marry SS couples, and others don't.
Those who don't believe in SSM, passed laws condoning their religious prejudice over that of other religions freedom.
And please if you know a couple who have adopted a child, go tell that child that those aren't their parents, really nice folks you are.

Warren Jeff's is a great spokesperson for polygamy, right?
Animals? Your ignorance is astounding!

Layton, UT

The Supreme Court will probably take up this issues. Therefore, I believe this is a waste of money. I'm a firm believer in same sex marriage, and will stick to my guns no matter what the rest of the world tells me. I also do genealogy. What a mess!

Ogden, UT

Anybody can be a sperm donor or an egg donor. That is not what makes someone a parent -- a father or a mother. What makes someone a parent is that person's presence in a child's life through good and bad, thick and thin, through triumphs and failures. A parent is the person who is closely involved in the daily life of the child. That has nothing to do with who contributed the genetic material that created the child's body.

It saddens me to see people comment that a non-biological parent is not the child's "real" parent. I hope that those people wouldn't be so cruel as to tell an adopted child that his/her adoptive parents aren't "real" parents. I hope that they also wouldn't be so cruel as to say that to a child whose parents are a same-sex couple -- the partners in a same-sex couple are just as much joint parents to their child as are the partners in an opposite-sex couple.

If they would tell the child of a same-sex couple that one of his/her parents is not a "real" parent, shame on them.

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