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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2014 8:35 p.m. MST

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Taylorsville, UT

What is the hurry? Purchase price to developers should include a 20% premium to help pay for relocation and construction of a new jail. I hate giving developers any breaks on this manufactured issue.

Wasatch Front, UT

We need to know who is pushing this and stands to benefit monetarily. The losers will be 1) Taxpayers. 2) Prison employees. 3) prisoners and their families, and 4) clergy, social workers and other who give time at the prison.

Spanish Fork, UT

So there is no money to expand the Gunnison prison but there is money (will cost about $1 Billion) to relocate the Draper site. Can this legislative group be anymore corrupt?


There is plenty of dirt just south of the point on the east side of I-15. Use that dirt.
This is a terrible idea. In 20 years it makes sense. Right now the dirt won't be worth enough to justify the cost of the move. Just a terrible decision. Terrible.

Tooele, Utah

Wherever the prison is moved to, keeping in mind all the federally mandated constraints (accessibility for family and workers etc.) and the impact on the hosting community (road maintenance, law enforcement , probable increase in crime, hassle) that consideration should be given for a permanent line item tax (a fixed percentage of state revenues) whose revenues would go to the affected community (county) every year the prison is open to cover the above and other unforeseen problems. With all the expected extra tax revenue from the new developments at the old site, a portion should go to the new community every year.


This is an incredibly bad idea. Our state House is as corrupt as they come, but they have no fear when it comes to re-election. They know that the people running against them will be democrats and there is no way this state will vote blue, no matter what their GOP congressmen do. So they enrich themselves at our expense knowing they will get away with it.

Loud Loiterer
Sandy, UT

Lets take a moment to try and understand the economic impact that this will have on our state. That area near the point of the mountain is becoming Salt Lake's Silicon Valley. The property value is huge and will likely be sold to another tech company. The cost of moving the prison may be inconvenient and taxing in the short term, but the economic growth will be worth it in the long run. We're talking about job creation and increased tax revenues for decades to come. If anything is costing the state money it's the prison itself, not the legislators.

Columbus, OH

This is a prime example of single-party rule in the state. The same is true of any area where legislators can be confident of re-election as long as they please their party bosses (Republican or Democrat). The public will not vote Democrat here, no matter how corrupt their representative is. The "compromise" on the caucus system also ensures those same representatives will be the ones on the ballot representing the Republican Party.

casual observer
Salt Lake City, UT

It would make the accusation that the prison move is motivated by political corruption more understandable if someone would point out facts as was done in John Swallow's case. Blanket indictments are the tools of the uninformed.

Gilbert, AZ

Actually, if everyone would read the committee's document, they'd discover that (1) the land the prison sits on is worth enouth to cover most if not all the cost of a new prison and (2) if a new prison is not built elsewhere, it will cost in excess of $1 billion to replace the prison over the next 12 to 15 years as the current buildings are falling down, too small, have bad plumbing, wiring, etc. To leave the prison in its current location means rebuilding it strictly with tax dollars. Moving it means building it with procedes from the sale of the old one.

Salt Lake City, UT

Most of the buildings at the prison are just fine. The original building built in 1952 needs to come down, but the rest of the facility are in good condition, would serve for many years. This is about the well connected making money of off the taxpayer.

Columbus, OH

You mean, the committee that was comprised of the very people who proposed the move in the first place? How shocking can it be that they eventually reached the conclusion that moving the prison was beneficial? That's about as surprising as the fact that Obama's advisors found the ACA beneficial and that bankers have concluded we need less bank regulation.

Somehow, this committee can project the costs of the new prison without even knowing where that prison will be. They also completely failed to really address the ongoing issues presented by having a more remote prison--prisoner transportation, legal council's access, and things like volunteerism. Unknown to many is how much the prison's programs rely on volunteers from the community. If those volunteers find it too burdensome, the slack must be picked up by the prison, often at a cost.

Bluffdale, UT

this is just one of many wrong things they do they took the vote away from the west side when vote came for spliting the jordan school district. they do not like a democratic form of rule. more like a rich persons personal advancement club. just like not taking money from the fed. that will make more uninsured and hospitals will pay for it and then you will too.

Provo, UT

Can't wait! It'll be so much better to have nice facilities there.

Mister J
Salt Lake City, UT

re: OHBU earlier today.

You beat me to pointing out the "benefits" of 1 party rule.

Wonder how many lawyers and real estate developers were among the 70?

Aunt Sue

NO NO NO NO NO NO The current prison is in a perfect place to do its job. The current facilities may need some updating, but the cost will be nowhere near the cost of relocating. To all the people who want to make money from this, how about you pay the cost of the relocation and the tranportation costs of family, teachers, counselors, volunteers, and all others who are currently serving inmates with help that will return them as better people to our community. Maybe those people can pay the costs of a new prison. They should not put this expense on the backs of taxpayers. You can be sure that the cost of moving the prison will be many times what is quoted now, and the money received from the land will be much less than is quoted now. Remember the break up of Jordan School District? It has educationally and financially crippled the new and smaller Jordan District. Draper needs to settle down and start play nicely with the neighbors.


Cue Pink Floyd's "Money."

Salt lake city, Utah

Time for some tough conditions on the sale of the property: 1. no sales commissions to realtors; 2. not to be sold to any entity in which any present or past legislator or state bureaucrat is an owner; 3. minimum price should be the per acre price paid for any acreage in Draper or northern Utah County in past 6 years; 4. ten percent of the sales price should be placed in a trust fund to be administered for educational purposes to help the inmates avoid recidivism; 5. the purchaser of the property should be required to pay for all road construction and utility costs necessary to serve the property as an impact fee.

My Opinion Counts
Saratoga Springs, UT

I think we fail to see that the DRUG WAR has not worked and is only costing us huge dollars in the prison system. Better to legalize drugs and provide counseling support. Without drug use offenders in jail, we wouldn't need to expand our prison system. Once in the prison system, drug users learn to be real criminals. We need more 12 step programs not more jails.

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