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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2014 7:35 p.m. MST

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Uncle Rico
Sandy, UT

What an Awesome story!

Harwich, MA

Modern medicine and those that save our lives every day are astounding.

Cedar Hills, UT

I love this awesome story. Pray for Lexi’s 100% recovery.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Modern medicine is a wonderful thing but it pales to the power of the Greatest Healer - without whose help this would have been all but impossible - of time and all eternity.

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Modern medicine is amazing but I think the doctors and nurses would tell you that her Physician is out of this world.

This recovery is beyond our medical technology and skills.

Fuaamotu, Tonga

Blue, for you, this may be a "theological challenge that will not go away with prayer." However, just because you don't understand it does not mean that it cannot be understood. Why Heavenly Father chooses one fate for one and another for someone else is entirely up to Him. It’s not necessarily our responsibility to understand.

It is the same with you. Just because someone else might not understand why you make some of the choices you do, it doesn’t mean they are incomprehensible. And it may not be important to you to make sure that EVERYONE understands your reasoning. Besides that, for most, it’s none of their business anyway.

If you really want to understand why God does the things He does, ask Him. If He feels it’s important for you to know, I have no doubts He will tell you.

South Jordan, Utah

Blue I just had to respond to you post. It is my daughter who you are talking about and although there are many others who have sickness in the world God does have a direct impact on our lives. We have a multiply disabled daughter who is Lexi's older sister. At the time she was born and was diagnosed with all her maladies we prayed, fasted and gave priesthood blessings to her as well. The same thing did not occur for her that has happened to Lexi, but you know what? We are ok with that because we know that God has a plan for everyone. We struggled with her disabilities and continue to do so but she has been a light and influence for good in the situation and life she has been given. We all have the opportunity to have divine intervention, it might just not be the way we would have chosen to play out and sometimes we ignore what we can not accept. There is a God and he loves each one of us and He can have a direct effect on each of our lives if we let Him.

Salt Lake City, UT

Cleetorn, when people begin miraculously regrowing amputated limbs lost through tragic accidents _then_ we can talk about the possibility of divine intervention in human bodies. Thus far your God seems to reserve his miracles exclusively for medical conditions for which natural recovery is possible.

But this is a story about Lexi. Speedy recovery to her.

salt lake city, utah


When you or I pretend you know better than another, we suffer the greater ignorance. The existence of a "god", in what form and for what meaning is deeply personal and logically not disprovable.

Science tells us we see less than 5% of lights spectrum, yet an atheist pretends that is enough to evaluate everything.

We know there are forces, matter and energy in this universe that we don't comprehend. Why cannot a greater being, a God, comprehend and use them? And what keeps that God from having a relationship with us?

I am so pleased to hear of this young woman's recovery. I wish the best to her family, who suffers for her.

John Marx
Layton, UT

pleblian wrote,
"Science tells us we see less than 5% of lights spectrum, yet an atheist pretends that is enough to evaluate everything."

Scientists and engineers have created tools that allow us to "see" much of the spectrum. Such as Radio telescopes. Also you appear to be engaging in a straw man against atheists. I don't think there are many, if any, atheists who claim to be able to "evaluate everything."

Salt Lake City, UT

Casting doubt on the faith and power of God in Lexi's life is both mean spirited and inappropriate. Medical science thought she would not recover and they have been wrong thus far. Science changes and is not immutable, faith is constant. This accident should not be a forum for those who want to disparage faith. Good scientists would only observe and record, but not draw what are clearly preconceived conclusions.

SoCal Andy
Casa Conejo, CA

I choose to recognize the Lord's hand whenever possible. I will pray for Lexi.

"...it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief, and all is vain." Moroni 7:37

John Marx
Layton, UT

Owl,you wrote:
"Medical science thought she would not recover and they have been wrong thus far."

The article states,

"When they brought her in, the doctors gave her less than a 5 percent chance of survival,"

They said her recovery was improbable, and she by all appearances is making an improbable recovery. If I say that something has a 5% chance of occurring, and then it happens, does that mean that I was wrong? How so?

You also wrote:

"Science changes and is not immutable, faith is constant."

Science changes with the available evidence. That is not a weakness, it is a strength. Also the fact a certain belief is constant is not inherently a strength or positive. Unless it just happens to be correct from day one I suppose.

I do agree; however, that this is probably not the correct venue for this discussion. and perhaps her recovery is a result of some divine intervention. I don't claim to know one way or the other.

salt lake city, utah


She is healing. It is amazing. Her family doubled down on their own faith, and they are pleased with the result. Yet some are offended or wish to discount that? I find that to be presumptuous on both an intellectual level, and lacking compassion on a humane one. As she improves, she still may suffer disability or die. The beauty is what she and her family make of it; their belief is robust, the strength of which carries them through the day. Who can doubt this for them? Or attempt to do so? More sinister still, why?

Engineers create tools allowing us to "see" much of the visible spectrum. In so doing, they have introduced new spectrums, dimensions and types of matter which, at this point, we cannot "see" at all, but only know are there based on unseen interactions on a subatomic particular level.

Thus, my point creates no straw man against atheists. An Atheist proclaims their faithful anti-religious opinion in things they believe to be untrue, but cannot prove to be untrue. In so doing, the atheist "evaluates everything" or pretends to evaluate everything regarding God, denying God's existence.

Chris Degn
Salt Lake City, UT

Great story! Keep fighting, young lady!

Adding my prayers to yours!

South Jordan, Utah

John Marx

All I know that we were told that Lexi had sheering in her brain which means that many of the nerve ending associated with the brain had been broken off or torn. When they brought her in the ambulance and tested brain activity all they got was the same type of response that you might get the chair you are sitting in. Based on that preliminary evaluation they made their diagnosis of no hope for her. You can explain away or deny anything you would like, but for me and my family, we have witnessed a miracle that she is alive and that she is actually and will make a recovery. Our God is a God of miracles and if we have faith they can happen in everyone's lives.

West Jordan, UT

@ Blue:
God works in mysterious ways. His purposes are real & everlasting. He knows what is best for us individually & collectively to help us remember Him & come unto Jesus Christ. He loves us. Sometimes we don't understand why things happen, but I am a firm believer that things happen for a reason. If we exercise faith in God & in Jesus Christ, our eyes of understanding of those purposes will unfold. This life wasn't meant to be an easy journey. Trails are placed before us daily to see what we are made of and to see whether we will turn to God and learn the lessons we need to learn to achieve the full measure of our creation. If we choose to be critical of God because something doesn't go our way, then we need to earnestly seek to know why God had us experience that trial. It may not be known for a long time, but God knows what we need to learn to become like him. I've experienced hard things in life, but I wouldn't trade the lessons I've learned for anything - I know those lessons came from God.

St Louis, MO

Glad she's improving, whether it's due to the LDS version of God, Allah, Vishnu, blind luck, excellent medical care, Gandalf the wizard or "the power of love." And the family will have an ready-made story to insert into sacrament meeting talks for the rest of their lives.

Deep Space 9, Ut

To "Blue" this is not a question of worthiness or unworthiness to receive a miracle. Miracles depend on 2 things. First is faith in God. Second, is how the miracle fits into God's plan for the earth. How do you know that the girl dying from leukemia won't inspire a certain group to have greater faith in God? At the sime time, healing this girl may also increase the faith in others. It is only arrogancy in man when we start to look for way to control God, and to determine why some people receive miracles and others don't.

John Marx
Layton, UT

plebian, you wrote:
"Thus, my point creates no straw man against atheists. An Atheist proclaims their faithful anti-religious opinion in things they believe to be untrue, but cannot prove to be untrue. In so doing, the atheist "evaluates everything" or pretends to evaluate everything regarding God, denying God's existence."

This is a common misunderstanding of the word atheist. The definition of an Atheist is: "a person who disbelieves or lacks belief in the existence of God or gods." To disbelieve an assertion, you don't have to be able to prove that the assertion is false. It can be that you are simply not persuaded by the evidence for the assertion.

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