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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2014 4:00 p.m. MST

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Provo, UT

"And when life does hit us, we decided, we’d better be standing.
Because that’s right where God wants us."


Stormy Sunrise
American Fork, UT

I appreciate the positive message of faith in this article.
We live in a difficult time and I appreciate others who are willing to share their faith in Jesus Christ as they work through their own trials.
Thank you!

Eastern girl
New Haven, CT

Wow, faith is a beautiful gift for the hard times that come! Ashlee is an amazing woman. Best wishes for all your endeavors!

G Blake
West Jordan, UT

"...Without the Lord, we'll break; but with Him, we'll break through."
Sometimes a turn of phrase is very clever, and we admire the intellect of its author; other times a pearl such as this is born of the most intimate and deepest suffering. We remember these not so much for their wit, charm or eloquence, as for their truth; we sense the wisdom, having been spared the agony.

Gilbert, AZ

Betrayal is devastating. Forgiveness is tough. This is a remarkable story.

Charlotte, NC

You never, ever know how many lives will be devastated by infidelity. How sad that this man turned out to be very different than the man she thought she married and had five kids with. My heart goes out to her and her children for what they have been through.

Saint Louis, MO

WE have met the enemy and it is us. Churches are coming apart. The inviolability of the family is no longer sacrosanct. Pornography appears to be a major tool used by the forces of evil. Benedict the 16th has remarked on the danger of "personal fulfillment". All that the new pope will say is "who am I to judge".

Provo, UT

Apparently the husband had a beautiful wife and threw it all away. I thank God for free agency but sometimes I wish he didn't let men have it as some abuse it and make poor choices.
Now a family is broken up. How tragic.

City, Ut

I saw this girl's blog referenced three times today in different places, and now found this article.

So impressed with her.

With what little I read before this article, didn't know she had found a wonderful man.

The pictures were great.

Lovely that she is happy.

Spanish Fork, UT

Thank You Ashlee for bearing your soul, and thanks Jason for further spreading the message.


I know all papers put in "personal pieces" from time to time, but this one is very poorly written. It's so laden with LDS jargon that it would be difficult for anyone outside the faith to really relate to it, as opposed to comparable pieces written in a more cosmopolitan paper than DN. Also, maybe it's just me, but the part that stood out to me was her overly long website/blog name, which looked like "The moments west and" to me.

Sugar City, ID

The sentence for Robert Hall was far too harsh but he should have just divorced and rebuilt his life.

Forgiveness is the Answer
St George, UT

This is a wonderfully inspiring story of a woman who has overcome much... and will be an instrument for good for thousands of lives.

Forgiveness is the Answer
St George, UT

But I wonder about the lives of others. Perhaps some readers are acquainted with the account of a pioneer man who, after learning his wife had been seduced in Salt Lake County, hunted down the offender and shot him dead. After the testimony of one of the Twelve Apostles at his trial, he was found not guilty & that he'd acted within the rights of any man. Robert Hall's sentence was overly harsh. Because he killed the father to 5 children? Still... he TOO was betrayed by someone: an employer, a lawyer, he'd entrusted his wife to daily.

Most of all I ask myself of Kandi Hall. Hardly a footnote in this story, what's become of her? If she has an ounce of feeling left within her, she's living with a remorse, a regret, a constant suffering for her mistake that is most difficult to overcome. Where's the forgiveness for her? The release? the acceptance? the love? Not just from this wonderfully inspiring Ashlee... I mean the forgiveness-gift she needs to give herself.

Central, UT

Bad things happen to good people, it's what you do next that shows who you are.

Charlotte, NC

Curiosity got the best of me and I watched the Dateline episode: Deadly Desire. If this was an accurate account, then this young lady is far better off without him. Again, my heart goes out to her and her children for what he put them through.

Forgiveness is the Answer
St George, UT

I did not mean to imply above that Ashlee had not forgiven Kandi Hall--of course she has! Or she couldn't be living with such peace herself!

I'm just saying that those that make the mistake are the harshest judges of themselves, never forgiving self and letting go, feeling like dirt for the rest of their lives... and often this is exacerbated by others who don't also forgive, and overtly make efforts to accept and love the person who made a terrible mistake. She probably needs some hugs too, maybe more than anyone. (Next to Robert, who can also repent and be forgiven.)

Provo, UT

"Mommy what happened to my real daddy?"

"He was shot by the angry husband of the woman he was cheating on me with!"

"What does cheating mean mommy?"


Farmington, UT

The article includes the quote "Without him we’ll break, but with him we’ll break through."

It is a beautifully written article about a tremendous woman with incredible courage and inner strength. I wish, however, that those who feel Christ is their only way to happiness wouldn't use such statements to imply that those who do not so believe cannot be successful in life.

The comment "without him we'll break" is not a fair statement to the vast majority of the world who do not so believe but who are leading happy, successful lives and who also work desperately hard to overcome adversity in their chosen way.

Paris, 00

I personally have to come to the conclusion that, considering the current state of affairs between men and women, women are better off and safer living single lives than married ones.

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