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Published: Wednesday, March 5 2014 12:00 a.m. MST

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the old switcharoo
mesa, AZ

Greed will always be among us, even in the church. The church rises and falls because of it every few hundred years and scripture is quite clear about it. People can't understand plain and simple things once they have made up their minds to seek riches above the kingdom of God.

The only valid doctrinal reason to seek riches is so you can give them to those that can't gather enough of the Lords blessings for themselves or to support the church in some way. But go ahead, we're all judged on the same scriptures. I'm more comfortable taking Jesus at his word than pretending he meant something else than what he said.

E Sam
Provo, UT

Why should someone who doesn't work hard and improve himself receive a government mandated raise in pay?
Because he's a fellow citizen, a fellow human being, a brother and the least among us. Because people mess up, make mistakes, run their lives badly, and yet still have needs and a deserve a place at our table. And no, government doesn't manage this central task of humanity badly.

Kearns, UT

I have a theory that giving back to your communities winds up creating more wealth, which then leads to giving more to your communities. An accumulation of money doesn't do any good unless it blesses the lives of others.

I also believe that we let the idea of hard work get in the way of fairly compensating the workers who put in that hard work. We should not have to work two or three jobs just to pay our living expenses. I truly believe that if we paid people a better minimum wage, they would be in a better situation to improve their skills to advance into better-paying jobs. Too many people are stuck going from one job to another without having time to learn new skills.

Salt Lake City, UT

What a strange argument. People arguing about scriptures. Okay all you Christians, if Christ came back what do you honestly think He would think about our capitalist system? What do you think He would think about the ultra wealthy? What do you think He would think about the argument that minimum wage for people is a bad thing, yet tax cuts for the rich are good? That food stamps for the poor is a bad thing, yet massive spending on a war machine is a good thing? I honestly do not think that He would care one bit about capitalism or communism or socialism or any other economic system and your petty bickering about them. Do you really think He would be appreciative of a system that puts so many of its people in prison? That has such huge disparities of wealth? That poisons the land and water and air. What do you think He would think of a system that puts profit above all else. And what do you honestly think He would think of people that defend this? What do you honestly think?

Cambridge, MA

To "mark" Christ would be ok with the capitalism. He wouldn't like the system that we have right now that has so much socialism sucking the life out of capitalism, and is destroying the souls of people.

If He wouldn't "care one bit about capitalism or communism or socialism or any other economic system", then why did He tell the Prophets that Socialism, communism, and other similar collectivist philosophies are wrong?

You are ignoring history. Under capitalism (not fascism because that is a mild form of socialism) you don't have people killing other people. However, every time government enforced collectivism is tried, it fails and usually ends up killing thousands or millions of people.

Do you really think that a person who preached so much about individualism would agree with collectivist philosophies?

Salt Lake City, UT

First of all, when you say "prophets" you are talking about LDS leaders. But even there you ever hear about the commune system called the United Order? Of course you have. Historically most Christian societies have practiced some form of communal living. But that's neither here nor there. CHRIST never said ANYTHING about capitalism or communism or socialism. But again, that's neither here nor there.

My question was do Christians really think that if He came back today would he be supportive of systems that are set up to deliver so much wealth and power to so few, while so many labor for poverty wages while their masters flaunt unimaginable wealth? What do you think He would think about so much wealth being sucked into the war machine, while children do not have enough to eat. What do you think He would think of the people that fight for and support a system like this? Love your enemy, turn the other cheek, give your enemy your coat. Take care of the poor, the homeless, visit those in prison. There are no qualifiers to these things. Do you really think He was just kidding?

Demo Dave
Holladay, UT

When the minimum wage becomes a livable wage there is no longer an incentive for people to better themselves through higher education or vocational training. Granted, there are some jobs that should pay more than minimum due to inherent hazards, but the minimum wage shouldn't allow people to become too complacent or comfortable - it should motivate them to reach higher.

Mchenry, IL

Mike a person making $7.25 working 40 hours a week is making $1256 a month. I multiplied 7.25 to 40 and then 52 and then divided by 12. That is gross. Even one fourth of that is $314. There is no way you can rent anything for $314 a month. And you have not paid social security, medical insurance or medical costs, car insurance which was not likely a part of life when wages were less than $2 n hour. I'm as republican as they come but if you want people off assistance they need to earn more than this or rents and other expenses have to come way down for that to happen. Too many getting SNAP have jobs. For $750 to be 25% of a person gross wage for housing they would need to earn $17.30 for a 40 hour week. We haven't even considered taxes. I know most making this amount don't pay much if anything for federal but there are sales, social security, state and property depending on circumstances and location. Then they are supposed to save and give besides. Twenty hours at minimum wage earns less a year than college tuition. Different world.

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