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Published: Monday, March 3 2014 10:55 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Only in Utah would the Legislature balk at raising the minimum wage. "Family values" at it's best! Take a serious look at what was done in San José and San Francisco. Simple investigative journalism would prove this correct instead of relaying on lobbyists for any answers.

Centerfield, UT

Let the guys on the hill live on mininum wage for a year and we'll see what song they sing

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Podicus – Ha, it could be a misspelling or perhaps you don’t merit the "r" from a statistical standpoint. Further, I took your inquiry re: my credentials as a rhetorical one; am I to understand that should my economic bona fides best yours then my position is automatically deemed more valid?

Again, you are egregiously cherry-picking. The quote you use says, in it’s entirety, "[i]n the long term, that reduction in the workforce lowers the nation's output and income a little, which means that the income losses of some people are slightly larger than the income gains of others." Translation: the richest Americans will have slightly less excess money to hoard away because it will actually be in the marketplace being used in commerce by the poorest Americans. Include dollar multipliers and the long term is net positive while also reducing the deficit. Why the omission? What do you have to lose by telling the truth?

lost in DC - Let's make a deal: when you and your state are actually self-sufficient and no longer rely on my federal taxes to function then you can callously deride folks for spending other people's money. Deal?

Cedar Hills, UT

Stalwart- Isn't California one of the most indebted states in the US? It seems more likely that they will be looking for a federal bailout a lot sooner than Utah. Why is it Conservative cities are not the ones going bankrupt? How is the economy in Stockton, Ca. I recently read that people in San Francisco are angry that housing prices are being driven up to record high levels and that a lot of residents there cannot afford to actually live there. How can this be in your little utopia?

How can raising the minimum wage create money? Simple answer, it can't. It can only redistribute wealth.

Here is the reality. States with ten most conservative economic policies are seeing the highest growth in the nation with regards to businesses moving in and expanding. Why are the foreign auto makers building their cars in California or New York or anywhere in New England? Why is Tesla looking to build its batteries outside of California, and looking at Nevada, Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico, all fiscally conservative states?

How many rich people "hoard" their money? The overwhelming majority invest it or spend it.

Provo, UT

What about those poor people with some skills making anywhere from 11.00 to 15.00 an hour? Minimum wage jobs ARE NOT for supporting a family. Minimum wage SHOULD NOT be about a LIVING WAGE for a mother and 3 dependents (classic sob story).

There are plenty of semi skilled jobs that are paying 11 - 20 dollars an hour. I know. I have had multiple jobs in the tech industry (IT, computers, media etc) that pay above minimum wage and don't require college education at all. However, average mcdonalds qualified person could not come close to performing my job. Not even close. And this is not even a job that requires a college degree!!!

On top of this there are many jobs in other industries that are paying well for those who are motivated to show that they can get the job done!

If a high school kid can learn your job in less than 5 hours then please, don't ask for a wage increase, increase your skills. Become proficient in something, become qualified. Why is an expert paid more than a non expert? You know why.

Stalwart Sentinel
San Jose, CA

Kora -

No, CA's debt-to-GDP ratio is about the same as Utah or Texas. Your understanding is a myth perpetuated by conservatives - our debt is large numerically because our economy is huge. Further, an individual in CA actually makes more money than a Utahn or Texan so we're better positioned to pull ourselves out of debt. Finally, we pay more in federal taxes than we receive whereas UT receives more than it pays so CA literally pays to keep Utah operating. We're far more independent and productive than a state like Utah.

Raising minimum wage does not create money, it circulates money in a manner wherein the money generates more market activity via multipliers.

Finally, look at the types of jobs being "moved" to conservative states. They are manufacturing, call centers, etc.... Businesses aren't moving there b/c there aren't enough educated workers in conservative states, we're offshoring. Conservative states have essentially become the 3rd world nations for liberal states - we ship our remedial jobs to you guys which will help you in the short term but it's a race to the bottom so you'll all lose eventually.

Provo, UT


A lazy google search shows that Utah and California average income is very close. One or the other being ahead depending on the year. Where did you get your info? (yours might be better than my 15 second google searc..)

Clifton Palmer McLendon
Gilmer, TX

I realize that this article deals with the Utah legislature's view on minimum wage, but I have something to say about minimum wage on the national level:

The Federal government exists because the States created it via the Constitution in the late 1700s. When they created it, they created three distinct branches and gave each branch certain specific powers -- then, via the Tenth Amendment, said in effect "We have given the Federal government certain specific powers. If we had wanted it to have more powers, we would have given it more powers. If we ever want it to have more powers, we will amend this Constitution to give it more powers. Unless and until we do, any power that we have not specifically given it is denied to it, and retained by us, either in our capacity as States, or in our personal capacity."

Nowhere in the Constitution and its several amendments does it say "Congress (or the President, or the Federal courts) shall have the power to prescribe a minimum wage" -- therefore, any and all Federal minimum-wage laws purporting to apply to workers other than those in Federal employ are null and void on their face.

Midwest City, USA, OK

I'm glad that Utah's representatives are thinking about this critically, and not just jumping the gun or reasoning with emotions or short-sighted ideals. There really is a lot to a matter like this.

Logan, UT

Back in my day, "minimum wage" places were like fast food, some grocery chains... they weren't "career" jobs... they were more jumping off jobs to new and better. But with the Economy the way it is, A job is now a job. People even with College Degrees are having to "suck it UP' and just try anywhere to get a job. So with this in mind, I think they should raise the minimum wage. I know this will hit "mom and pop" stores, but what do we do? It took my husband of 55 years old over a year to find a job and then it was a "shop Boy" He used to work for a Major Mining operation, could drive just about anything,also an electrician... had to take what ever he could. My other sons took over 6 months to find a job. What else can we do?

Ann Amberly
Greenbelt, MD

@ lost in DC
Value is as value does. We don't pay stay-at-home moms a dime, and yet I would argue they add more value to the economy than you do. What the market values is not what is truly valuable. What is counted in the system of national accounts is not all that matters.

The most important job creators are consumers, not producers. People trying to live and raise their children. Where there is demand (depending on the resource), supply will rise to meet it. Your riches are given you so that the needs of your brothers and sisters can be met--because they are truly and really your brothers and sisters in God.

Harrison Bergeron
Holladay , UT


California has to dubious distinction of being recognized as the "Worst Run State" in the entire country for three years in a row. It boasts the worst S&P credit rating of any state in the union and 2nd worst Moody's credit rating. Its debt per capita is 18th highest in the country. California has the 2nd highest unemployment rate and the 18th highest percentage below the poverty line.

Utah, on the other hand, has been in the top 5-10 best run states while California was dragging the bottom. Both Moody’s and S&P gave Utah their highest credit ratings because of the state’s strong fiscal management. Utah's is among the states with the lowest unemployment and the lowest percentage below the poverty line.

84201, UT

I remember the first time I moved to Utah. I could get a decent apartment for around $500.00. Now, everything's close to a thousand. It seems that there's a lot of issues and concerns with minimum wage - perhaps we might focus our attention on reducing the cost of living instead. Sure, as more and more people move to Utah homeowners and landowners alike and looking forward to the payoffs but the payoffs come at a cost and that cost in the long-run is not going to be good for anyone. Just some food for thought. I mean, I just responded to an article about the meth problem here and it makes one wonder. At $7.25/hr at 40 hours a week that's just barely enough to pay rent. With a child, cost of daycare, food, and other basic necessities (toilet paper, and laundry detergent) perhaps one could get another job and work 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week. Crying out loud. Where has our humanity gone and when has currency replaced it?

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