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Published: Monday, March 3 2014 8:20 p.m. MST

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Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00

Awesome. We are fonally going into full blown tank mode for the championship peace. The game with the pacers made them realize they are 1 player away from a dynasty

West Jordan, UT

WOW . . . what was THAT???

Absolutely pathetic performance for a team that came close to beating the Pacers last night.

Sandy, UT

Why is it that they seem to play up to the good teams and do pretty well and down to the rotten teams and lose? This was a real question mark!!!

Go Jazzboys in a couple of days. Figure this out!

Roy, UT

Consistency on the road was a hallmark of the old Jazz that went to nba finals. It comes with mental toughness and focus. Ask Carl, John, or Jeff about it, they found the answers.

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

"This season will be all about building a strong defensive-minded team".

This was the preseason mantra of O'Conner, Lindsey, Randy Rigbey, Miller, and of course the parrot Ty Corbin.

It seems they are well on their way and absolutely locked in mentally huh?

I mean the Bucks are only the worst shooting team in the league and they only shot close to 60% from the field tonight.

The perimeter blow-bys are just pathetic. Poor Favors is left to clean it all up which of course no single person can. When he is not on the court we literally have no defense.

Corbin has these guys on the edge ready to become the lock-down defenders that churn out the championships.

I can feel it. Can't you?

From a draft standpoint this roadtrip is going pretty well though;)

Alpine, UT

"Defense, defense, defense".

This was the preseason mantra from Miller at the top thru O'Conner, Rigby, Lindsey, and of course Corbin.

These players look like they are on the brink of being the lock-down defenders that pile up the championships huh?

I mean the Bucks have the worst record in the league because they are the worst shooting team in the league but we all got to see what Corbins lock-down system can do.

The perimeter blow-bys are just horrific. Favors spends every minute cleaning up his teammates trash (defensive mistakes). Of course nobody can clean all that up but he tries. When Kanter is on the floor w no Favors it is the defensive equivalent of an Al Jefferson cardboard cutout.

Strangely Kanter can only expend energy at the offensive end where suddenly he has quick feet and nimble movement to beat his man and rebound. Move to the defensive end and he is mired in the infamous Al Jefferson quicksand.

From a draft standpoint this roadtrip is going about as well as one could hope though. My guess is they might run the table with the consistency they have shown thus far;)

Black & White

Ata boy Jazz! I was getting a bit concerned before the All-Star break that you had forgotten what this season was all about, but with this performance it appears that everyone is back on the same sheet of music again..., screechy, scratchy, and out-of-tune music that gets you to the top lottery draft pick.

Now, stay focused on the goal for the next 3 games, and let's hope that Bucks & Co. will think they're actually good and win a few more to help us out.

Bastrop, TX

Two things were vividly apparent last night:

1) The Jazz lapsed back into their "chase the ball" defense, and a well-coached Bucks team ran pattern play after patttern play through it, scoring at will.

2) Milwaukee is far better than their record indicates....If anyone is wanting to point their finger at a team which is definitely tanking, they need look no further than the Bucks. The team I saw last night shoulb have at least twice the wins they have.

There You Go Again
Saint George, UT

Looks like?

Saint George, UT

The players can't do it all by themselves. Corbin and his assistants should be renamed the tank brothers.

Iowa Jazz Fan 2
Cedar Rapids, IA

First stop for Corbin and the rest of the coaching staff when they get back from this road trip should be Lindsey's office, where the latter needs to demand they make clear their plan for motivating this team to give consistent effort. If this up and down pattern continues for the remaining 22 games, what reason is there to believe it won't repeat itself next year, no matter what future superstar they end up with in the draft?

Uncle Rico
Provo, UT

Who will be the next coach for the Jazz?

Too bad Jazz management didn't keep Hornacek, he is going to be coach of the year this year.

Tokyo, Japan

let's hope the pingpong balls fall in our favor

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