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Published: Tuesday, March 4 2014 5:00 a.m. MST

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Western Rover
Herriman, UT

A terrific idea not only for their own reading, but which is apparently helping numerous others as well.

Of course, what works for one may not work for others. For years I could never sustain a daily reading schedule; it would always taper off. But three years ago I discovered audiobooks, and since then I have been able to read my scriptures daily by listening during my morning commute, and while cleaning the house and yard on weekends.

Sometimes instead of the Book of Mormon I read another of our Standard Works. Only the New Testament is available on audio in my mission language.

Newcastle, WA

I share some of Western Rover's thoughts; not one size fitting all. For varied reasons and circumstances, it's difficult. Personally I can find it easy for attention to go elsewhere, at home: things that need to be done with callings, contacts, family, tasks. In the evening when things settle, I don't need a sleeping pill; I just read and nod. Listening while driving? I just find myself being too observant of traffic to absorb audio scripture. Ky point: Just read the scriptures? Just listen to them? Reading doesn't mean the same as study them, research them, understand them. Fitness center: bluetooth: no with scripture. General conf talks do captivate my mind.

This works for me: When I serve in the temple for an evening, I find chunks of time that I can read scripture. There is something about reading in the temple, the spirit and understanding of it goes into my mind and heart; I notice things I never noticed before. Another thing that works for me: read an interesting gospel book that stimulates cross-checking; bringing it to mind better. That's my take.

Orem, UT

Thank you for this article. This is just the thing I need to keep up with my reading of the Book of Mormon. I love that they're doing this, and that it is reaching so many others. What a fantastic use of social media!

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