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Published: Monday, March 3 2014 3:40 p.m. MST

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Green River, Utah

Good - now the state can keep the small rural state parks open.
You know the ones that they knew wouldn't make money when they
Developed them and now wanting to privatize them. They also might
Want to put a golf pro for the golf courses.

Provo, UT

Thanks, Gov. Herbert. Good move.

Thanks for nuthin', Mike Lee. Bad move.

Kings Court
Alpine, UT

I guess government spending really is good for the economy.

Farmington, UT

Really, southmtnman? You're going to blame Senator Lee that the parks were closed? We now know from internal administration documents that all the various government closures were carefully calculated by President Obama to inflict the most pain possible on the people. Sadly, as we all know, the strategy worked to weaken the filibuster.

That, in turn, allowed the President and Congress to continue the runaway spending that has put us in tremendous economic jeopardy, and has saddled our children and grandchildren with a huge problem: how do you pay off a national debt that now totals more than $145,000 per household (and still growing out of control)?

Senator Lee was merely attempting to do what he was asked to do by his constituents: rein in the spending.

Far East USA, SC

"Senator Lee was merely attempting to do what he was asked to do by his constituents: rein in the spending"

If people would bother to look at the reality, rather than just accept the right wing narrative, a different picture is painted.

Yes, spending is an issue.

But, the increase in debt under Obama is overwhelmingly caused by 2 issues.

1) mandatory spending is increasing. This mandatory spending is just that. Mandatory. And is written into law. Short of changing law, Obama has no control over this.

2) reduction in tax receipts. Primarily caused by the deep recession.

These are facts that are easily verifiable. Discretionary spending is up only slightly.

deseret pete
robertson, Wy

Mike Lee didn't give the order to shut down the gov't. In fact no republican gave the order.The gov't was shut down by the Democrats -- they gave the order -- They had that planned for some time --Otherwise how did the closed signs magically appear at the parks and other facilities -- To order the signs that they had takes about 2 months in the normal procurement process.The republicans was asking to delay parts of Obama care but the dems wouldn't do it- after the shutdown ordered by the Democrats Obama has delayed numerous parts of the law for his political purposes and their ineptitude in trying to implement a law that is so flawed that they don't dare let it out all at once but will trickle it down a little at a time hoping no one will see all the BS.

Far East USA, SC

I didnt tell the Electric company to turn off my power.
I didnt tell the water company to shut off my water valve.

All I did was quit paying my bills. Those companies still had money.

They had no reason to cancel my services.

Sound logic.

Syracuse, UT

It should come as no surprise that the State can manage its own affairs. This whole situation just begs the question as to why the Federal government, with its bloated bureaucracy, is involved in our parks anyway.

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