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Published: Monday, March 3 2014 11:55 a.m. MST

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Layton, UT

The fact is that for right now neither team is in and both teams have to make a strong showing in their respective tournaments to be considered. Today, scoreboard is the only thing that separates the 2 teams.

Down under,
We Ute fans base our season on each and every win. byu, in recent years is a constant in that column. What I see is you and your friends consumed for the entire year rationalizing one loss.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

NevadCoug- I don't disagree with your statement at all.

Down under- Who is talking about the last 10 years? Nobody is claiming that Utah has had the better team for the last 10 years. EVERYBODY knows the last 10 years have been rough for the Utes. But we're talking about the here and now. We're talking about the improvement from a complete dumpster fire two years ago to a team that is well on its way back to getting into the NCAA tournament.

Its easy to say "IF the game this year would have been played in Provo the results would have been flipped." But you're wholly discounting last years game that the Utes nearly won in Provo.

West Jordan, UT

At this point, until the season is over, neither team is going to the tournament. You can't spout off about any of it until it happens. It just makes you look bad later.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

In answer to your question. The U, the MUSS, many people north of point of the mountain that is why even as you keep saying you have left BYU in your rear view mirror you still compare the two schools to each other!!! I am at least honest enough to say that I read and comment on articles in the DN and follow UTE sports because I still see you as a rival!!! Coach K has done a great job with the men's team this year! They went beyond expectations of those outside of the program!!! BYU had a pretty good year also and is hoping to get an invite to the Big Dance!!! Congrats to both schools, teams and fan bases!!!

Go Cougs!!! Rise Up!!!

Layton, Utah

why to they need help? thought they were in the toughest juggernaut conference in all of NCAA hoops? Every single Pac team should get into the tourney right?

Layton, Utah

Just a reminder:
Coach K coaches at Duke

West Jordan, UT

He also coaches at The University of Utah because, any coach whose name starts with a "K" can be Coach K.

Highland, UT


"We Ute fans base our season on each and every win. byu, in recent years is a constant in that column."

Uh.....utah just won for the first time in half a decade and only the second time in a decade. They are 2 and 11 over the last several years. You'r little statement there couldn't be more false if you actually tried to make it more false. lol

Overton, NV

Re: Magna Ute Fan

Thanks. I just wanted to throw out a post that actually gave valid points for why Utah isn't getting more consideration for a Tournament bid. I'm so tired of the "we're better than you" garbage into which every comment thread seems to devolve.

I'll be honest. I hate the Utes. It wouldn't bug me if they lost every game. However, I can see that they've done quite a bit during the Pac-12 part of the schedule to show they are a solid, Tournament quality team. They can hang with anybody. Problem was that pre-season schedule which didn't prepare them for the road. They should have scheduled some games outside of the Huntsman, even if they were cupcakes, to get them used to playing in a hostile environment. Might have helped in crunch time at the end of some of those close road losses.

West Jordan, UT

@NevadaCoug: You do know that when you start a conversation with "I'll be honest. I hate the Utes. It wouldn't bug me if they lost every game," most people quit reading your comments with any real belief? While the early schedule did nothing for our road game, I feel it helped a young struggling team. I'm not sure that the NCAA tournament was really in discussion when they were scheduled. We were doing fairly poorly. I'm proud of how far they have come. Let's see how they do in the PAC 12 tournament before moving to anything else.

Down under
Salt Lake City, UT

Sorry to tell you but BYU has moved on after the utah loss and Re proud of the accomplishments and the decent season. We are particularly proud of the courage of the school administration to out and schedule one of the toughest OCC schedules in all of college basketball unlike the admin on the hill.
BYU will be just fine but if you want to talk about wins by all means let's look at the past 13 games and see how u fared.

Bountiful, UT

All of you BYU fans toting the last 12 years of Basketball dominance, I'll give it to you. You guys have one the last 12 games and have had a pretty darn good team. Unfortunately for you guys you only lead the series by four games, you guys were down eight games. So before you guys start tooting that horn lets keep it all in perspective. Utah in both major sports is honestly the better team.

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