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Published: Saturday, March 1 2014 1:20 p.m. MST

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Mchenry, IL

Shouldn't they all be evacuated from Russia, if any are there, and all over the Ukraine?

Iron Rod
Salt Lake City, UT

Who can tell me what GWB said about Putin when he said he looked into his eyes?

Can anyone tell me the difference between Putin and Hitler when Hitler sent in troops in to the "Suddatenland" prior to WWII?

Correct me if I am wrong but were not the reasons exactly the same? Something about protecting ethnic Germans.

Oh by the way how many days since the Olympics in Socci Russia ended? One week and then the invasion.

David RI

@ K

Yes they should. Immediately.

Idaho Falls, ID

The poor Ukrainians can expect no help from a weak U.S. Pres, and Putin is emboldened by this.

I have a nephew in the other Ukrainian mission and the mission pres has been in frequent contact with the families. Right now they are staying put.

Sugar City, ID

Despite the Olympics facade, Russia is showing its true colors and they are very ugly. Putin, Kin Jung Uhn and Assad are kindred spirits. I find it hard to believe that the Russian people support him.

Henderson, NV

Just finished the book "Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption" by Laura Hillenbrand which tells the story of American Louie Zamperini, a bombardier in the Pacific theatre during WWII. Prior to enlisting he competed in the Berlin Olympics in 1936, noting the pride with which Germany wished to show the world their superiority. He recounted how he stayed on in Berlin for an additional week after the Games ended and noted how all over the city "Juden Verboten" signs, which had been taken down for the Games, went right back up. Very interesting correlation to what is happening today.

Kaysville, UT

Is this the beginning of the end?


@ K -

I'm sure the First Presidency & Quorum of the 12 are watching pretty closely and following the guidance of the Spirit. The mission presidents & regional reps who live in the area can give pretty 'here & now' info. I trust the leadership completely.


I have a son in the area on his mission and I feel that during times of crisis opportunities open up to the missionaries as people start to search their souls. While I pray for his safety I want him to remain and be a beacon of hope as missionaries tend to be to those whom they serve.

snowflake, AZ

I think that they should be evacuated from Russia as a precautionary measure. Just to be safe. What's upsetting to me about this situation is that the U.S government has dealt with this scenario and has gameplanned against this move from Russia. On an even more frustrating note I read a book in December called Command Authority. This was Tom clancy's last book before he passed. This scenario was explained in finite detail in that book. How it would happen ( social unrest, Russia saying theyre protecting there interests). They knew this was a situation that was going to happen soon, and they completely dropped the ball. The difference between the book and reality is that in the book the U.S had a strong President who took action and eventually Russia backed down. Wish that were the case currently in reality. Tom Clancy gets his information from sources within the government or those that formerly worked for the goverment, so you know they knew this would happen.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

This is an error by Putin. He should be clamoring for friendship with the US and the EU and the Ukraine. He had bigger fish to fry: the Muslims to the south and China. In the meantime Obama guts our military.

Mchenry, IL

Peace corps have already told their people to leave. The US travel site has said non essential people must go and ordered to leave the families of personnel. And issued a travel warning. I hate to say this but a 19 year old who is such a child they live according rules such as what time to be indoors, what to read, how often to use the internet, and whether they need to clean their plate or not has no business being in a country the US can't get them out of as things head south. And they better have in hand their own passports, so they can use their own agency to leave. Senior missionaries can do what they wish. More than half a million Ukrainians have poured into Russia. I assume we will see word soon they are all out. For the missionaries who are US citizens their grovernment ought to be the leadership that matters.

Gilbert, AZ

I think Chamberlain gave a tougher warning to Hitler than Obama gave to Putin. Calling it a warning is unimaginable more like a sheepish petition.

A Run
South Jordan, UT


You have to stop diminishing the President. I am republican too, and agree that he isn't the best for our country. However, it is not his weakness that would stop us from sending troops over there. It is: 1)congress needs to approve of war, and while we might not enter war, congress can still have some say in what happens. 2) If anything is done, the UN would need to make a decision on it first, otherwise things could just get more ugly.

Cedar Hills, UT

By make teeth-lee warnings, threats and TV talks, current president of the USA looks like a laugh stock for the people around the world.

Fairview, UT

Does anyone remember Obama chiding Romney during the debates saying the 1980s were calling and wanted their Russia strategy back? How foolish does that look now? And how foolish do Obama supporters look now? Unfortunately, the whole world will pay the price for this folly.

Washington, UT

During the last election Sara Palin talked about exactly what is happening there and she was castigated for her comments. I wonder what the libs think now?

Mexican Ute
mexico, 00

Russia is a VERY complicated situation right now, as is Ukraine. Half of Ukraine doesn't even speak Ukranian and were as recently as 1950 part of the Russian SSR. Khrushchev gave Crimea to the Ukraine in 1954.

That said, Russia is looking to gain the territory that it lost in the late 80s. Putin definitely feels emboldened in this quest, and like his predecessor Peter the Great, started out with an eye towards Europe and then once he got older he turned more autocratic.

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