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Published: Friday, Feb. 28 2014 9:25 p.m. MST

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Springville, UT

Is Chicago in Turkey? LOL

Congrats to Jimmer for escaping from Sacramento. Good luck with your new team!

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Love that he is going to Da Bulls! I also loved Taj Gibson's comments. Couldn't have said it better myself.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

I'm surprised that with such a great program like byu, their best player of the last 30 years isn't even good enough to start anywhere in the NBA.

Can anyone else think of a single great program whose best player of the last 30 years couldn't even start in the NBA?

I'm sincerely curious if anyone can think of any such teams?


Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

All the experts on the hill said he would be going to Turkey. Good luck with Chicago Jimmer!! Better days are ahead now.


Common Chris,

Haven't I seen that post before?

Alberta Reader
Salt Lake City, utah

Ya Chris you have made that comment before I still chuckle at your comments though you keep the comments lively



I'll answer your question once you name me one other fan that gets on his rival schools news articles and talks smack, even though his team has gone to the post season 1 time in the past 9 years

Salt Lake City, UT

This is a fantastic situation for Jimmer to be in and hopefully it works out alright.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


I'm still waiting on a reply to my question.

Got anything?


@Chris B
Jimmer was the best player in the NCAA that year. Transitioning from the NCAA to professional sports is not always a given. How many Heisman winners never make it in Football? How many to picks in the NBA and NFL are a complete bust? How then do you associate this with a certain program such as BYU?

Sweater In Rafters
Franklin, IN

I'll bet Jimmer went around the other NBA teams and found Chicago to have the most padded benches! Maybe he even met the water boys and tested the Gatoraides...

Chicago had the best combo!!

Trading teams doesn't fix bad defense..

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Not sure if this is a good fit for him but at least he's getting a 2nd chance.

Bulls eye Jimmer Fredette for 13th player
Chicago Tribune

"In limited action, he's shooting a career-high 49.3 percent from 3-point range. Fredette is not considered a strong defender or shot-creator, but the Bulls' defense is strong enough to absorb some players who are poor at that end. And Fredette could play off the ball as a spot-minute, spot-up shooter."

Richmond, VA

Good grief, Chris! Isn't there a 2nd verse to that same old song you've been singing for years?

Salt Lake City , UT

Ok Chris byu doesn't have
any starter right now.
So I am guessing utah has hundreds of starter in NBA? Many many mvps in NBA, right?
Tell me how many all stars are coming out of our beloved utah this year?

Salt Lake City , UT

Utah fans-
2011- jimmer will never get drafted.
2011-jimmer will never get a single minute.
2014-jimmer is going to Europe
2014- byu has no one in 30 years that can start
2015-( lets say jimmer magically becomes starter) , they will say byu doesn't have NBA all-star
2016- miraculously jimmer discovers a magic potion drinks it and becomes all star, they will still come up with a reason to hate him.

Remember fans of utah byu is not here to please you, just give up abreast.
Frustrated utah fan

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Good for him!

I actually thought the Jazz would consider picking him up and before my fellow utes freak out, this is why...

Jimmer would single handily put people in seats at the ESA. Also, his jersey would have probably been the most worn in the arena. Would have been a very savvy business decision.

Additionally, I think he could have been a good energy, get the crowd going, come in a hit some long range threes type guy.

Salt Lake City , UT

I wonder how often power house basketball team don't go March madness for 5 years in a row? Chris how many NBA starter has utah produced since joining Pac? Can anyone answer? Anyone?

Omaha, NE

Finally. Sacramento is one of the jokes of the NBA. Glad he has a chance to play with some really good players.

Tom, he was going to be in Turkey all this time....for preseason training camp. The critics and BYU lovers had it right all along.

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Jimmer HAS started in the NBA and likely will start again. Will he be an All-Star? It's always possible, but I doubt Jimmer would consider himself a failure if he doesn't, unlike his detractors here and elsewhere. Jimmer iIS a success story and anyone who can't see that is doomed to live in their own dismal and dreary world, drinking half-empty bitter cups of envy and disappointment.

Chris B's psychiatrist
Iowa City, IA

CB, Let me respond to your comment in this way: It is easy to select a player from any college and find one that did not have a stellar NBA career for many reasons including major differences between the college and professional game. Adam Morrison of Gonzage comes to mind. Without adhering to your arbitrary 30 year cut off, let me give you two examples from the University of Utah: Bill McGill and Jerry Chambers. Both of these players were great college players and arguably the best in Utah history. Neither lived up to their potential in the NBA. This fact should not take away from their college careers. Whether Fredette ever "starts" in the NBA does nothing to diminish his amazing college career. Give it a rest.

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