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Published: Friday, Feb. 28 2014 5:25 p.m. MST

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Salt Lake, UT

Bob K you said "The lds, believing in revelation, actually have an easier time to change than most other religions, if the prophet will only listen clearly to God, and be told that equality is His will." How do you know this is God's will? According to LDS doctrine only the Prophet has the authority to speak for God here on the Earth. So far to the church only male and female relationships have been permitted, not the same gender. I have homosexual friends and family who are wonderful people and I love them dearly, but religiously I don't know how their orientation fits or could fit into basic LDS doctrine of "The Plan of Happiness" of having a family being sealed together for eternity and one day having spirit children together and becoming as God. Our bodies are designed strictly to reproduce with opposite genders not the same. Believing in God, I believe this was done on purpose, Otherwise why did God not just make only one gender that could reproduce? Then everyone would be truly equal in all aspects of life. There would be no father or mother role it would just be blurred together.

Bob K
portland, OR

Salt Lake, UT
"Bob K you said "The lds, believing in revelation, actually have an easier time to change than most other religions, if the prophet will only listen clearly to God, and be told that equality is His will." How do you know this is God's will?"

--- I believe that God would not create people who are 2nd class
--- I believe that relgions, in order to be fair to their own Gay children and not deny that God made them, must look with fresh eyes on the issue.

Perhaps I am dwelling in Outer Space when I say that men who were already adults in 1950 or so ought to do better at understanding 2014, or pass the job to younger men.

And You might realize that the original formulation of ANY church is centered not just aroung serving God, but on growing the church. 180 years ago, it was necessary to make it all about procreation to do so.
In today's world, with Utah having a much higher divorce rate that Gay- marriage Massachusetts, people are no longer willing to lie to stay in a church, and we realize that not everyone can have an honest heterosexual marriage.

my two cents777

I am LDS and I have seen more children from unhappy typically Mom/Dad homes than you can even believe; so the theory that children all need a mom and dad is kaput with many, many unhappy families. Children are best off with happy, stable and loving parents- regardless of their sexual orientation. All those who feel inclined to judge those who don't live exactly the same way as themselves are in for a huge surprise when they stand before the Lord. He will not be pleased with the pettiness, hatred and mean spirited venom these people spit out. He makes no mistakes; if homosexuals are created then HE created them. Do you want to call him out for it? Exactly as I thought. NO. I've worked for Child Protection and believe me- there are plenty of LDS mom/dad homes that are so dysfunctional the children are being destroyed from within. So, don't pretend that they don't exist because any honest Bishop or Stake President will tell you they are inundated with "happy families". Let others be. Judge Not. It's not your call.

West Richland, WA

It is disheartening to see the unbelievable amount of anti-gay animus in these posts page one in particular. I fear those poor souls that are yoked to dogma will never reach an enlightened state - at least not until they are taught otherwise.

The LDS church has successfully dealt with this type of social upheaval in the past, when it became socially impossible to continue denying equal treatment toward African-Americans. In 1978, church leaders led by Spencer Kimball declared they had received a 'revelation' instructing them to reverse the racial restriction policy.

The same thing will eventually occur with this marriage equality issue - LDS leaders will have another 'revelation' that will allow them tell their flock that marriage equality, like black Mormons in the priesthood, is now okey-dokey. This will eliminate the angst many LDS folk currently feel on this issue.

Salt Lake City, UT

Danclrksvll----So what is your point?

salt lake city, UT

Does Utah law prohibit adoption by same sex couples or does it prohibit single people from adopting? I thought it was single people. (I'm not giving an opinion I'm just genuinely curious)

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