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Published: Thursday, Feb. 27 2014 6:55 p.m. MST

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one old man
Ogden, UT

They don't have anything really important to work on? Sheeesh!

Phoenix, AZ

We don't do daylight savings here in Arizona and it's fantastic. We don't have to deal with this shifting back and forth of the clocks. Besides, who wants another hour of 105+ degrees everyday in the summer?

Monroe, UT

@ the equalizer--If it works for you in Ariz, and you like it--that is fine and I am happy for you.

I think it is stupid for our legislators to be wasting time on something like this! We have way too many important problems that need our attention.

Personally I love daylight savings time. I enjoy the extra hour of daylight in the evenings when I can do things. It is much better than having the extra light in the early morning when I can't/won't do anything constructive.

Steve Cottrell
Centerville, UT

Might be worth noting that the original idea for daylight savings time in the US came from Benjamin Franklin.

one old man
Ogden, UT

Shhhhhh, Steve. Don't say things like that. It blows the minds of conservatives.

Brigham City, UT

The house has to pass a bill to get the Exec branch to even talk about it?

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