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Published: Thursday, Feb. 27 2014 10:35 a.m. MST

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Mission Viejo, CA

lame article. and i'm a seahawks fan. carroll is a pro coach. he led usc down the drain.

bronco is bronco. nothing wrong with that.

Layton, UT

Honestly, what's the big deal? In my opinion he already meets all 4 of the qualifications.
In reference to the first paragraph, who at byu or in the state of Utah feels that they don't personally know bronco? As a Ute fan I would love to know him away from football. Anybody that rides a hog is A-1 in my book. Bronco, keep doing what you do, don't listen to the media.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

Holy cow - I'm going to be generous and call this story silly. Granted, Bronco M. could use some work on his people skills, but to say that he should be more like Pete Carroll is absurd. Is the author suggesting that Mendenhall should aspire to be fired from two NFL jobs as was Carroll? Is the author suggesting that Mendenhall should have an affair with a grad student as Carroll was rumored to have done? Is the author suggesting that Mendenhall should allow the BYU football program to suffer severe NCAA sanctions and leave town one step ahead of the possee as Carroll did at USC? As the saying goes - "be careful what you wish for."

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


When did I say byu and Utah were rivals? Its partially true. Utah is byu's rival but byu isn't Utah's rival.

4 out of 5 years beat byu in recruiting.

4 years in a row beat byu on the field(Van Noy never won a super bowl lol)

Think those are related?

You'd better believe it!


Chris , if BYU is not your rival, why do you keep commenting so often?

Alexandria, VA

You mean besides how to commit multiple NCAA violations? Yeah, not a good comparison at all.

Salt Lake City, Utah

"Utah is BYU's rival but BYU isn't Utah's rival."

We all thought denial was a river in Egypt, but it obviously flows freely from under that crimson bubble on the hill.


With all do respect to the author. Pete Carroll should not even have a job let alone anyone's respect. Go to USC and pay your players? Get the school in all kinds of trouble and then leave it in the lurch before it is made public. Something is really wrong. The majority of our country use to believe in honesty. No more, nothing to see here as long as have a nice demeanor wins games......

That said the point the author makes is a good one. I just have little to no respect for the example you chose.

Las Vegas, NV

Criticizing the author is silly. He picked out a very few specific things Bronco could learn from Pete Carol to incorporate into his own bank of leadership skills. I didn't read that Bronco should become Pete Carroll.

Why do readers put far more into what was written than there? So many "emotional" and yet shallow responses are usually an indication that many did not actually ingest and analyze what they read.

I agree with suggestions he actually made and nothing more. He never said Bronco needed to remake himself or cheat. He suggested Bronco utilize his private interpersonal charm a little more with the public (become more likable) and continue to build a solid reputation for defense.

In fairness, there were also some good comments above. Fact! Bronco has mostly mismanaged the offense since he arrived. That needs to be fixed. I still doubt Anae's leadership. BYU had a great system IT INVENTED (WCO). Big egos have tampered with what worked and would still work today (even with GHGF as it did before). I am not an Anae fan for reasons another poster suggested. If you aren't getting better in key areas, your getting worse!

Salt Lake City, UT

Pete Carroll's success in the W-L column is obvious. In the NFL winning is the only thing that matters. Collegiate athletics does not need any PC's, ask USC.

Colorado Springs, CO

Pete Carroll can also teaach any college team how to cheat and pay players leaving his once proud school in the midst of NCAA sanctions while bolting to the NFL to make millions of more dollars and win a Superbowl. When will the NCAA and NFL team up to not allow these cheating individuals the chance to bolt the first time an investigation is brought up. Pete Carroll may be a good football coach but that does not make him a good person and he should take the hit in how he left USC!

Ken Lee
Pasadena, CA

In bad years the Bronc goes 8-4…in good years he does 10 plus wins….he's searching for the undefeated season…it will come. This is a good article. He never implied that Pete was a prince at USC and that he didn't leave behind a mess. All his comments were legit about Bronco upping his game with press interviews and allowing players to "be themselves" personality wise….as long as those players don't go wild, they don't need to be clone cookie cutters of each other. These are good points. As to CB mentioning, again, the 1-2 star athletes that BYU uses to get our 8-10 win seasons….keep wishing….someday you may have a team that is remotely relevant and has routine winning seasons and bowl games vs just a punching bag for the average PAC12 teams….keep cashing your paycheck fro the PAC12…you'll never have the Y's facilities or student body or intellectual horsepower of the students.

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