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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 26 2014 10:30 p.m. MST

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Sandy, UT

Sad to hear about the intolerant treatment these people have endured. It is wrong. But it should work both ways. Straight folks should be tolerant of gay folks beliefs and gay folks should be tolerant of straight folks beliefs.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The "in your face" homosexual activist community and their "tolerance for me, but not for thee" demands are simply unacceptable.

They are well organized, very adept at using social media to choreograph their events and ensure large turnouts which makes their apparent numbers much larger than the small minority they actually are.

Equal rights, I can buy that. Special rights, no way! And these days, they are not demanding equal rights, but rather special rights.

I respect their right o love whomever they like, and really don't care much what they do in their bedrooms. But, even if their activities are sanctioned by black-robed judges and thus made legal, that does not make them moral, right, or beneficial.

Saint George, UT

Understanding and acceptance a must; Creating laws that promote divisiveness and compel change must be avoided at all costs! If my neighbor won't love me for who I am, creating a law to compel him to do so will only make him build a taller fence and look at me with greater suspicion. It doesn't matter weather it is a democrat or a republican. Both parties and both leaders patronize everyone by brazenly thinking that all of us are fooled by this propensity to fix societies problems by compulsion! it never has worked and never will. Understanding and acceptance comes from both sides willing to live with each other without pointing a gun at each other.

Ogden, UT

@Hatch 10:54 p.m. Feb. 26, 2014

Just like people of color should have been "tolerant" of the racists' beliefs that denied them access to equality? Equality under the law is the issue, not beliefs. Nobody is asking others to change their beliefs they are just asking for equitable treatment. That is not too much to ask.

Karen R.
Houston, TX

If a belief you hold is that I, or my family member, or my friend is an abomination, or inferior, or immoral, and you have no rational basis for your belief - indeed, the overwhelming evidence is that it is contrary to the facts and that the actions arising from this belief cause great harm - I should be tolerant of this belief?

Are you kidding?

Here, UT

It is going to take a lot more than this to melt the glaciers most Utah legislators call hearts.


We should be tolerant of you voting on whether or not we get to marry? To work? To live in an apartment? Absolutely not. You can believe whatever you want and, that, I can tolerate; but I can't and won't tolerate interference in our right to equal protection under the law.

Denver, CO

A guy in a thong on a gay pride parade is a media invention. Families in Utah and around the country are typically introduced to the gay world in a child's tearful confession, "When Joey Eccleston's son told him at 15 that he was gay, he said he was struck by "a lightning flash of fear."" Parents are often traumatized and the first reaction is to get help, and to change. Mom and dad are confused when the child says he is perfectly happy, and the psychologist surprises them with 'there is nothing to change' and 'it's not possible anyway.' The problem is clearly not the child's, or the parent's (except their fear), it is generated by irresponsible segments in society, particularly religious and political who are in denial - denial that they created the problem. Irresponsible religious leaders and politicians erect barricades to the child's well-bring and his or her ability to live a normal and fulfilling existence. Utah really needs to get over itself on the gay marriage issue, these are your children. Thanks to all those who participated in the story, your voice is welcome.

Nofolk, MA

One might say the norm in history is for mankind in their pride and self-delusion challenge God's laws with their own ideas. Satan had a better plan that was less challenging and would hurt no one's feelings. It is ease of life which has led to this great apostasy. Brigham Young often said that he feared not persecutions or temporal difficulties - he feared prosperity and ease which would lead the Saints to reject their faith. This is what is happening when mothers rise up and break their sacred covenants in self-righteous defense of their self-indulgent and foolish children. The god of this world is self-realization without judgement, meaning self-indulgence without restriction. These are not hateful words. I hate no one. It is hard for the wicked and rebellious to hear. It may cut to the core and cause burning indignation and rage, but it is the truth.

Sandy, UT

Unfortunately the antidiscrimination laws will work one way. If you discrimintate against someone for their orientation you wil be puninshed. If you discriminate against someone for expressing their opinion that homosexual behavior is wrong - as most religioms believe, or that marriage is between one man and one woman, you will get a free pass.

The problem with freedom is that sometimes people use it to do things we do not like. The only way to stop that is to to take away freedom. However, using the government to force people to do what we think is right is usually the greater sin.

Visitor from California
Berkeley, CA

Heartening to hear that legislators from both sides of the aisle called this hearing. Open your hearts, Utah! It's your own sons and daughters at issue, not just the sense of welcome for visitors from out of state.

Isaiah 1:15
Ogden, UT

A Mormon family adopted me at birth. I found my natural family after graduating from high school. My birth sister is openly gay. She also adopted a boy of color. She and her life partners did everything they could to turn him gay, like convincing him that kissing girls on the playground was something he didnt like, and that he need not do things he doesnt like, or putting one earring in his left ear at age 7. They lived in a woman only commune where their son could not enter the religious sanctuary because he is male. One of her life partners (she has had many) was understandably critical of the LDS stand against the LBGT lifestyle. I pointed out how hypocritical their rules are. When my nephew graduated from HS, as valedictorian, he and his 13 mommies threw a party. He had one constant mommy and 12 others during his first 18 years of life! Yes, LBGT couples should obtain tolerance, anti-discrimination, an apartment, a job etc, by state laws. But it still eludes me HOW THE STATE can grant LBGT couples rights which Nature denies them, i.e. the fruits of procreation?

Los Angeles, CA

Our church should get on the right side and take steps away from homophobia asap.

Values Voter

@DN Subscriber (and others)

you wrote:

"But, even if their activities are sanctioned by black-robed judges and thus made legal, that does not make them moral, right, or beneficial."

Let's cut to the heart of the matter. It appears you believe some version of the following:

ANY and ALL expression(s) of a homosexual orientation are wrong, immoral, sinful, destructive, unhealthy and so forth.

I ask, why?

Let me put forth a different view. My belief is that a homosexual orientation -- all by itself, (just like a heterosexual orientation) is morally neutral. The expression of that orientation can be good or bad, wise or unwise, ethical or unethical, healthy or unhealthy, fulfilling or unfulfilling, beneficial or not -- depending on a whole host of factors, (just like the expression of a heterosexual orientation).

By overlooking a shimmering ocean of nuance when it comes to the subject of homosexuality, some conservative religious people are blinded to the true complexity of human sexuality. That appears to be changing, even in Utah. I welcome that change.

lost in DC
West Jordan, UT

People should be treated fairly in employment, housing, etc. However, judges showing an evil disreguard for the constitution and the 1st amendment use such "anti-discrimination" laws to deny religious liberties. It has been done in New Mexico and Washington state. the Edmonds-Tucker laws set precedent in showing the federal government will trample all over religious liberties to enforce their idea of marriage.

"A guy in a thong on a gay pride parade is a media invention."

you've never seen such parades in Seattle (where I used to live) or in SF.

tell me, what other historical events do you deny? WWII? the cold war? the Kennedy assasination?

Lehi, UT

Stop bringing the gay marriage issue into this discussion with your comments. That issue is very devisive. This type of bill needs to be passed and was almost passed last year. Don't make it harder by bringing up gay marriage.


One thing to think about; If it is equal rights, that's good, but if I'm and employer and I want to discharge an employee that isn't performing. All they would have to do, is claim they are Homosexual, and that they are being discriminated against, and then the state is down on my case for breaking the law, even though the real reason was lack of performance. This will open up a big can of worms.

Denver, CO

@lehiaggia & @Shimlau
I assure you that the guy in the thong, just like Paris Hilton, is a media invention. When was the last time you saw someone in a thong? This months Sport's Illustrated? Media inventions. I do get your point though, and it is appreciated - and I'm sure you get mine. As for discrimination and gay marriage, I understand that your religious beliefs may be in conflict - that however is a religious issue for you and your church to deal with. One in twenty is a middle of the road estimate on the gay population - that's a lot of family. Same sex marriage should be discussed honestly; I am convinced this issue will settled in the precedent of Loving v. Virginia. Even if you don't agree, at least try to see the issue through the eyes of these parents. If you want another perspective, watch the documentary movie Bridegroom.

Los Angeles, CA

People in Utah need to know that in many places in the world and our country gay people are not treated with the disdain that is common in Utah. There are many places where gay people are treated very well and loved for who they are, not despite it.

Salt Lake City, UT

I read some of the comments and it is hard to believe thatp eople would say that this kind of law was needed! For what? We are trying to tell people our stories show that we care, only to have people slam it down! People feel it is good to pass laws that specifically devalue and dehumanize others! What people are screaming out is that their beliefs include the hatred of their fellow man, because it most certainly isn't love they are showing!
No, I have grown up Mormon and Mormonism has been a part of my entire life! Even as a gay person, it effects me! My family is Mormon. My friends and co workers are Mormon. People are going to look me in the face and tell me that I deserve to be treated with contempt and that it is ok to dirciminate against me! Do people know what kind of pain comes when you watch the people you have always cared about trample right over the top of you! They walk on your beliefs, and they mock our entire lives!

Salt Lake City, UT

We decide how life will be! Some things we do as individuals. So much that happens in life comes from how we work together in our society! It is so important! I think that the only way we can truly be happy is when we are able to care about those around us! The reason it has taken so long for gay rights to get considered is because people never took the time to think or care about it! We can not have this great nation we live in without considering the rights and beliefs of others. Nobody wants to take away the beliefs of Mormons or anybody else! We just want the right to live our own beliefs! It can not happen unless people are willing to do it!
I have a hard time fighting over these things. I have always cared about people in the Mormon Church.I always somehow felt like I was a part of them even when I could no longer go! I miss being able to talk with them! I have to be me! They turn away and it is sad, It doesn't need to be that way! I have to be me!

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