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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 26 2014 10:25 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Best player in the state: delon wright of the PAC 12 utes.

Nearly every commentator who covers Utah game say he'll be in the nba.

Coach k predicted Utah will win the tournament.

And considering our naysayers said we would be dead last in the PAC 12 this year, keep up the doubting!


Delon just seems like a really special guy to have on the team, in a lot of ways. Can't recall a time I've seen him lose his cool, whether it's with other players fouling him hard, teammates making mistakes, with coaches, refs, any of that. His talent and smarts on the court are undeniable, and he's always humble, ready to give other teammates credit for his brilliant plays.

Really glad, for him personally as well as the team, that he's been determined to improve in the classroom and work hard academically to be able to play at the highest level of college ball. Bravo, young man. Now work on that jumper this summer and be ready to lead an even better team to a special season in 2014-15!


And great article, Dirk! I loved hearing from so many sources in this article, his parents, brother, high school coach, childhood friend/former Ute JD, Coach K, and current teammate. Well done!

Spokane Ute
Spokane, WA

At the start of the season I thought Loveridge was the best Ute. Now I don't think it's even close; it Wright; hands down. He is the real deal. I like this team. I realize they have lost some real heart breakers but they are always in the game. They don't get blown out. The NIT is fine with me; especially considering there are no seniors on the team.

Go Utes!

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

Fantastic article. Great young man! Great Running Ute!

I've just bought season tickets for next season. I am stoked to watch Delon, Loveridge, Taylor, et al, and the new young guns that will be joining the team. Next year could be really special.

Go Utes!


A very nice article about a very special player. I don't recall watching a player in the state in recent memory who can do so many things so well. One thing about his game is his uncanny ability to finish at the basket without getting a charge, even when there are two or three defenders around the rim. Another of his strengths is his ability to block shots, even over guys 5 and 6 inches taller than he is. Great passer, too.

For anyone reading this who hasn't seen the Utes play this year, I'd suggest you take the time to watch him over the next few weeks. This kind of player doesn't come around that often.

Pocatello, ID

Great article

Sounds like Delon is just a good all around dude, with a lot of good people around him.

I love Dubois is helping him as well, he was another stud on and off the court.

I think Wright accelerated the rebuilding process by at least a year, possibly 2.

South Jordan, UT

Thoroughly enjoyed the article! It's been a pleasure watching Delon play this year, and hope he decided to return for his senior season.

salt lake city, UT

Best player in the State, and one of the best in the PAC 12. If he improves his shot from the outside he could be one of the best in the country.

Sandy, UT

Definitely the best player in the state. Utah is very lucky to have found him. I hope he sticks around for his senior year. LOTR there is no supposed "best player in the state" with Delon Wright. The seasons not over yet.

Mesa, AZ



Unfortunately for U, your supposed 'best player in the state' wasn't even good enough to lead his team to a winning conference record or a berth in the NCAA tournament."

I didn't realize DW constructed our OOC schedule two years ago? Furthermore, are you claiming our final 3 conference games have been canceled? How about our conference tourney? And have post-season brackets been finalized?

What's clear is DW lead us to Ws probably not there, otherwise, and prevented us from suffering a handful of bad losses, such as LMU/Pepperdine/Portland/Pacific....No other player in the state could enhance his team's overall competitiveness as DW did ours....He's not limited to one side of the game, such as O or D, and humbly/unselfishly contributes in every way imaginable and does so against every level of competition, not just against weaker opponents.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

If Wright can develop his outside shot he will be one of the best players in the nation. Maybe a lottery pick next year?

Hopefully, he can finish strong this year and make first team PAC-12.

Layton, UT

Not only the best player in the state, one of the best players in the conference! This is a young team that's going to go places in the near future. You can't deny that the program has made leaps and bounds since Krystko took over. That's fact! Unlike the incessant byu fluff that we see on these pages. Just a few months after byu failed to make the NCAA's the DN writers and byu fans were back to counting future Sweet 16"s.

Magna Ute Fan
Magna, UT

How obsessed do you have to be to come on an article about a great young man and whine about our OOC schedule? IF the Utes have a great run in the conference tourney and make it to the NCAA tourney that's just icing on an amazing come back from the dumpster season.

It's all about the trajectory that the team is on. Patience is still in order for Ute fans.

Right now, we are celebrating Delon as a player and the progress the program is making. We are rightfully thrilled that Coach K and his staff could recognize Delon's talent and entice him to come to the U.

Go Utes!

Salt Lake City, UT

@Chris B
I really think you should consider dropping the "PAC 12 Utes" stuff. I'm starting to think you just want to make Utah fans look bad. Delon is definitely the best player in the state of Utah and it's not very close. The losses to the Washington schools, Colorado, and Arizona State really hurt our chances to make the tournament.

Mesa, AZ

"The losses to the Washington schools, Colorado, and Arizona State really hurt our chances to make the tournament."

We beat UW/ASU at home in our Game 2s and have chance to do likewise w/CU this week....Losing at WSU was our sole bad loss, in spite of whooping them at home later on.

However, losing at RPI #77 UW isn't horrible and losing at #26 CU/#30 ASU definitely aren't bad losses.

We had some upgrades to our OOC schedule fall through last second previous to this season, but it's the only reason we won't dance, IF we don't win our conference tourney....What happened is nobody anticipated we'd be this far ahead of schedule merely two years later....We'll have significantly tougher OOC schedules going forward, naturally.

Mormon Ute
Kaysville, UT

I love watching Delon play. He clearly knows the game and is always looking to improve his play. I just wish we had him for a few more years, but we'll take him for the time we do. Once he graduates we should have others in place to step up. Delon is just one of many reasons to be happy and proud about Runnin' Ute basketball again.

King of the Hill
Baltimore, MD

Dirk, easily your best article ever.

Cedar Hills, UT

I can't believe this has not come up before but Delon reminds me a lot of Andre Miller.

Both.... from LA
taller, longer PGs who can beat you up in the post
quite and unassuming personalities
the ultimate team players
"stat-stuffers" instead of shooters

I love this kid and he CAN be special. Andre special? Who knows? Fun to think about.

Go Delon and Go Utes!

Las Vegas, NV

Great article Dirk! Delon is a great kid who has been great for the Utes. Let's hope he sticks around for 2014/2015 when Utah completes its comeback.

Go Utes!!

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