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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 8:35 p.m. MST

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Phoenix, AZ

81 Ute

"Maybe the first topic of discussion for your new 'members', scratch that 'cougars only' forum would be a serious discussion about how poor the 2014 schedule really is."

Yeah, great idea. However, we would undoubtedly have to include Utah in the forum because #1, they just can't leave us alone, and #2, your basketball program wrote the book on the subject. So it would be a waste of time. Thanks for loving BYU so much as to comment on our articles!!!!

layton, UT

RE: Thid Barker, We are supposed to confess our OWN sins, not other people's sins. Therefore this is an excellent move?

Open confession. In Mt. 18:15, we read, "Moreover, if thy brother shall trespass against thee, go and tell him his fault between thee and him alone. If he shall hear thee, thou hast gained a brother."
All responsibility toward men can be fulfilled by letting one person know of our repentance if our trespass is against one, and only one knows of it.

In Gal. 2:12, we are told that Peter sinned before all; Paul rebuked him before all (Gal. 2:14). Could Peter's confession have been less than before all to be effective?

When a sin is carried before the (team)church (Mt. 18:17), should not the(team) church also be informed of the repentance?

Omaha, NE

Just my two cents. I appreciate that the Y states that the student has violated the honor code. This is what I believe has set BYU apart from other schools. Disclosing more than that is not anyone elses business aside from God, the student athlete, their church leader(s) and BYU. I think that stating its a violation of team rules lessens the Honor Code Violation that has received positive press over the years. Hadley hung himself going into a public location where he could be viewed. As for Davies, nothing more needed to be said about what led to his situation. Gossip led to his privacy breach. I think this is a bad decision if you ask me, its what sets BYU apart from other school.


Bountiful, UT

I agree with Holmoe 100%. These matters are between school administrators and the athlete in question.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

@Cougar Passion

Never mind that BYU's national championship led directly to the Bowl Coalition/Bowl Alliance. Never mind that the later snubbing of #5 BYU led to the formalized rules requiring teams in such a position to be included in the subsequently-formed BCS.


Yes, BYU helped create the BCS. It was Utah that helped to take it down.

Prior to 2004, a mid-major team had to finish in the BCS top 6 for a BCS bowl. Utah was the ONLY team to achieve that, afterwards rules were changed to be more inclusive.
BYU has NEVER finished #5 in BCS rankings.

BYU helped build walls, which Utah helped to take down with the help of TCU and Boise.

This did not help bring down the BCS:

* No undefeated seasons in the BCS era
* No BCS bowls
* No BCS Bowl wins
* No top 10 finishes (Utah 2, TCU 4)
* Losing record against BCS teams
* Losing record against top-mid majors (3-9 vs. Utah, 2-5 vs. TCU, and 1-3 vs. Boise)
* Losing record against PAC-12 teams in the BCS era (12-14)
* 62% of BM’s total wins were against teams with a losing record

Idaho Falls, ID

Bravo! bravo! regarding the Honor Code Policy. I have been pushing for this for years. This is the right decision and it is the best for the kids, no question. "Violation of team rules" is all that needs to be stated.

Las Vegas, NV

I agree with Tom's assesments. I also like the WCC for BYU. I would like to see the WCC improve it's basketball officiating which I think is simply terrible and not necessarily favorable to any particular team. It's just really bad and there seems to be a trend to see officiating often inappropriately favor home teams rather than call them from a completely neutral perspective. It doesn't matter whether I watch a BYU vs anyone game or any other two WCC programs. The basketball officiating is simply awful and that is a disservice to the teams that may move on to tournament play post season. Four WCC teams will likely play in the post season at some level (NCAA or NIT): BYU, Gonzaga, Saint Mary's and San Francisco. Those teams and all others in conference deserve better officials. Other than that, I like Independence and the direction Tom is taking BYU. I am still not sold on Dave Rose as a future Dean Smith. Rose has achieved a remarkable W/L record, but he loses too many games he could have won. Mendenhall is similarly adjudicated in my book.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

"Don't worry, the Utah compliance office is more than willing to pick up the slack! ;)"

You said exactly what I wanted to say, but I thought it be censored. Let's not forget the sportswriters at the SL Trib. They love nothing better than to embarrass BYU athletes.

Ifel Of'a-sofa
Alpine, Utah

This decision makes a lot of sense, and sounds like a good thing, with one problem:

Is an Honor Code Violation, and Violating Team Rules the same thing? If not then don't say it.

If you can violate team rules and be suspended from the team and still not break the honor code, then don't try to downplay an offense and say its a team rules issue, if it was an honor code issue.

Either say NOTHING at all, or speak the truth.

Silent Lurker
Cottonwood Heights, UT

I agree with you whole heartily. Since 1993 the Utes have taken byu to the woodshed thirteen of the last twenty times. Including the last four in a row. Yes you dominated losing by 57-37-4 all time.So please get your fan base to stop begging for more football games with Utah.

Reno Cougs Fan 68
Reno, NV

81 Ute and other BYU haters,
Why do you even care or feel the need to comment on the strength or weakness of BYU's 2014 football schedule? BYU and Utah do not play each other in 2014 or 2015 so it in no way affects the SOS of Utah!!! At least BYU and their fans are honest in the fact that BYU and Utah are rivals and always will be, that is why we are still willing to schedule Utah in as many sports and other activities a you will agree to!!! The funny part of all this is that Utah will probably miss out on an invite to the Big Dance because of a weak non-conference schedule this year!!! Could it be that our brothers up on the hill are looking out for their younger brother down south??? Who will Utah replace Michigan with when they buy out the game in SLC in 2015?

Go Cougs!!! Rise Up!!!

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Holmoe said that future schedules will be as strong as the 2013 schedule, “if not stronger," adding that, “We need to get stronger to be able to play that kind of schedule.”


That might be true, but as of today 2015 doesn't look that much better then 2014 with 2 games still unscheduled.

2015 Schedule: 2 Big Ten teams, 2 AAC, 5 MWC, 1 CUSA

Nearly, half the schedule is made of MWC teams (8 non-Big 5 teams).

Salem, UT

In the age of social media and cameras everywhere a policy like this or any other has no real meaning and in fact may serve to fuel even greater speculation which helps no one- when do you remember the last time an athlete was suspended at BYU or the U and we had no understanding as to why- we generally know all the details as soon as the school or even prior to that- this boat has sailed and all universities can do is try and manage it as best as they can- we will see if this approach helps but I doubt it will

Danbury, CT

@81 Ute

Your post is puzzling. Seriously, no more games? How about we keep the games and learn to be GOOD SPORTS?!!

When your kids bicker, do you send them to their rooms for time out or do you separate them for life?

Salt Lake City, UT

Kudos to BYU for finally arriving at this needful change for honor code violations. This new policy reflecs a more sensitive and reasonable approach to handling these situations. Many folks felt the "public flogging" approach taken previously was flawed in many respects and did a disservice to the high profile student althlets. I certainly commend Tom Holmoe and the BYU Administration for reviewing and modifying the past practices that were counter productive for all concerned.

Omaha, NE

How many BYU fans applauded the press coverage received last year for the positive light that was shed on the Y and its handling of Hadley? The irony here is interesting. I agree with the statement earlier that the truth is the truth and leave it at that. This to me is a way of mixing words and crafting it in a way that doesn't represent what has happened. The breach of privacy as to what happened to the student athlete in Davies case was sad. Is it controversial to say that this change occured due to the increased number of non-LDS football recruits coming next year?


Enid, OK

BYU tries to discretely answers questions about an athlete's honor code violations and we get criticized.

BYU says it will no longer answer questions about an athlete's honor code violations and we get criticized.

Go figure....

Murray, UT

So some on this board want to keep the violations policy as it was because it cheapens the Honor Code and makes BYU less different than other schools by simply stating "Violation of Team Rules". My question, how do you know that a "violation of team rules" at another school didn't mirror a BYU honor code violation? You don't. BYU is a great place but it doesn't have a monopoly on moral charachter when it comes to a violation of team rules at other schools.

Idaho Falls, ID

Tell me wookie, why does the public need to know there was an Honor Code violation in the suspension of an athlete?
Should the University/Honor Code Office make a press release for every student who violates the Honor Code?
Violation of Team Rules may or may not include an Honor Code violation, but that is NONE OF THE PUBLIC'S BUSINESS.
Granted, there is a chance that "HC violation" might get leaked, but it definitely should not come from the University or one of its representatives. Other Universities have certainly shown discretion in protecting the privacy of student athletes who undergo discipline. Why can't BYU?
BYU is rightfully proud of their Honor Code but to publicly slap the scarlet "HC" on a high profile transgressor is just plain wrong!

Ashburn, VA

Thanks, Ed Grady. Alas, someone had a change of heart.

Tough to have a grasp on what's considered off topic when studying some of the comments that are allowed through. And people think the Honor Code Office has a heavy hand!

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