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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 8:35 p.m. MST

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Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

Slowly but surely.

Now lets outlaw any discussion of playing for a National Championship in football until they actually win a BCS bowl game.

Both will be great immprovements.

Ghost Writer

I think when there has been an HC violation, the school always has had good intentions to keep things confidential, but with today's media it seems that some reporter, or some blogger somehow always finds a "friend" or someone inside who knows the details, and then the media is flooded with the personal, tabloid info. Back when Brandon showed up sitting on the bench with a shirt and tie during the tournament, seriously, how was the school not going to comment on that? The public demanded an explanation and the press didn't quit digging until they found and published one. It is noble to try to maintain confidentiality though . . .

Riley Mendenhall
Provo, UT

Is being honest part of the honor code?
If so Holmoe has violated this. Lying and misguiding cougarnation into going independent and then producing the worst schedule in years (if not ever).
2014 BYU football schedule is embarrassing.

Phoenix, AZ

Lastly, if we can somehow limit the podium time given to BYU haters and Ute trolls, so we don't have to hear their constant barrage of unrelated and constant bickering, then we could all enjoy diologue time. Until that time, I give you Riley m . Back talk, et al.

Salt Lake City, UT

It's nobody's business.

This should have happened years ago. I applaud BYU for realizing that the moral shortcomings of individuals are not the business of anybody but the person trying to repent and church leaders, if even necessary.

The next step is to not kick people out of school, or off teams, who initiate the repentance process and who are wanting to to make amends. That one may take time.

Ed Grady
Idaho Falls, ID

"In the future, if a student-athlete violates the honor code and is unable to compete, coaches will likely refer to the situation as a “violation of team rules” and leave it at that, Holmoe said."

Perfect - it's about time.

Tucson, AZ

I have been a BYU fan all my life, but when it comes to spending exorbitant amounts on new facilities and giving athletes special treatment, I am opposed to such a move. I've been a university teacher in a power conference for a number of years. On one occasion I caught a football player cheating on the final exam--just before a bowl game. When I reported it, I was told that it was my word against his and unless he admitted to cheating, nothing could be done about it. While I don't think that will happen at BYU, I do think that it is very likely that BYU could possibly lose sight of some of its main missions if it feels it has to create facilities that will match those in "power conferences" so that student athletes can live an opulent, pampered lifestyle.

Danbury, CT

This is a step in the right direction. However, I think BYU should still make "No Comment" even when the case is in the public record or the student athlete has gone public. It is always best to have the student making the comments and not BYU. Think about it, folks, if it were your son or daughter. You'd still want to be in control of the news.

I applaud Holmoe overall for doing a good job with a tough situation. I'm glad we left the MWC, disappointed we couldn't have gone to a better conference. BCS wins could have helped us make a better case, so we shot ourselves in the foot by not doing what Utah, Boise and TCU did. But independence is the next best thing and I like that we are still trying to build a national brand by playing all over the country against good programs. It's not easy to schedule seasons like 2013.

And I continue to be amazed by the obsession of Ute fans who say they have moved on but can't get over all things BYU. Please, Ute fans, MOVE ON!

The Rock
Federal Way, WA

Non-Athlete students don't get their name drug through the media when they make a mistake. Why should an athlete not be afforded the same right to confidentiality?

Provo, UT

Best decision I've heard out of BYU on the honor code ever.

Treating "honor code violations" as a violation of team rules is the right way to go and let the coach decide what if any punishment should be given for any rule violation.

Indiscretions are private and should be only between the student and his God. If the student broke the law, then yes, I can see the honor code office and University spokespersons getting involved, but not if it is a personal matter.

Cougar Passion
Salt Lake City, UT

I find it hilarious that some get bothered by BYU talking about aspirations for a national championship and want to disparage them because they haven't formally won a BCS game. Never mind that BYU's national championship led directly to the Bowl Coalition/Bowl Alliance. Never mind that the later snubbing of #5 BYU led to the formalized rules requiring teams in such a position to be included in the subsequently-formed BCS. Never mind that the Cotton Bowl which BYU won was the same level of game that would be included in the BCS now. These are all inconvenient truths for some who aren't interested in thinking very much but are interested in wasting their time being the first to comment on a rival's article.

And, frankly, I will happily take a school who, because of history and the unique ability based on affiliation to occasionally compete with top schools for recruits, can legitimately talk about trying for another national championship. Yes, things have to fall into place for a special season, but that isn't even a consideration for most other schools around the country, including the vast majority who derive their identity from conference membership.

Thid Barker
Victor, ID

We are supposed to confess our OWN sins, not other people's sins. Therefore this is an excellent move!

Draper, UT

It's about time BYU started handling player discipline the way every other school in the country does. "Violation of team rules" is sufficient public comment. Bringing up the whole "honor code" thing leaves the impression that the suspended player is some kind of moral leper. IMO, this is a good first step in helping BYU shed its "holier than thou" attitude and image.

Hayden, ID

DonO. What does "holier than thou" mean? Can a student or athlete at the U of U, Utah State or any other school be "holier than thou" or is that reserved for people associated with BYU?

Herriman, UT

People need to realize that the honor code at BYU is actually a higher standard than that of the LDS church. I will not get kicked out of the church for committing transgressions that are also against BYUs honor code. A student at BYU signs his or her name and commits to living according to the honor code. If they violate the honor code, they will face discipline, which may include getting kicked out of school. There are no surprises. If a student, an athlete or not, does not want to answer questions as to why they get kicked out of BYU, don't violate the honor code that you committed to live by!

Central, UT

Maybe you should start a members only forum? This is a newspapers comment section and you do not need to prove any loyalty to post here.

Maybe the first topic of discussion for your new 'members', scratch that 'cougars only' forum would be a serious discussion about how poor the 2014 schedule really is.

Central, UT


I will gladly move on when there are no more athletic contests between the schools. So, do your part and write a letter to Mr. Holmoe and ask him to avoid games/meets/etc with the U. Then get all of your like minded cougs to do the same.

Clinton, UT

Cougar Passion, great response, I love it. You are so right and hit the nail right on the head.

To 81Ute,
I would love to see byu stop playing Utah in all sports, I wanted that when I played in 92 and 93. Utah was never a rival to us, they were nobody and we hated playing them because we gained nothing. No matter how big we had beat them (in previous years), we were supposed to and the margin was never large enough and if we lost, as we did, then we were horrible. To us, our rivals were the teams in contention for the conference crown and that was not Utah, period. I feel the same way now. I wish we would never play them in anything, it is not good for byu.

Central, UT


Don't tell me, tell Mr. Holmoe and Coach Mendenhall.

Helendale, CA

Though I cheer for almost any team playing the Utes, I get tired of the sniping by both sides. BYU fans should be above all that, just as the BYU Honor Code expects student conduct to be above that of the students of other schools. If these comments were "all in good fun," that would be different, but many clearly are not.

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