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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 9:45 a.m. MST

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South Jordan, UT

Uteology: I know the conversation has moved on but I can't be at my computer 24/7. Sorry I couldn't respond earlier.

In my comments, I suggested stats (facts) carry more weight than opinions. Your response was:

1) Provide more opinions. I think your words were: "It wasn't just one scout, it was multiple scouts. And I provided you a second source, I can provide you with more sources if you like. Or you can do your own research?"

That seems like kind a snarky comment to make. But I've found that it is common practice to take personal shot at someone when your argument is weak.

2) Pretend you are an insider knowing that others based their actions on those stats when there could be 100 reason that have nothing to do with the stats why Sacramento is letting Jimmer go and other teams didn't rush to pick him up in a trade.

I'm fine with you having an opinion but I think I'd rather spend my time with someone who "knows" what he is talking about instead of "feels" what he is talking about.

Some other time maybe ...

Layton, UT

Great birthday gift to the Jimmer. Happy B-day and good luck!!

Plano, TX


Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Jimmer is a class act. That is why he wasnt' a good fit for the Kings. The kings have the 4th worst record in the NBA and they have allowed more points per game than all but 3 other teams. Anyone who says the problem is that Fredette is bad on defense is talking nonsense. The Kings point blank don't know how to win and don't know how to play well as a team. Fredette will be much better off going somewhere else where they recognize that scoring more points than the other team is how you win and passing the ball to the best 3 point shooter in the NBA is a very good way to score points...

Idaho Falls, ID

Ok, I get it that you BYU haters are mad that Jimmer gets a lot of attention when guys like Miller and Lillard are tearing it up in the NBA and getting relatively little print in DN. That's a beef you'll have to take up with DN.

But to sit there and say Jimmer sucks and doesn't belong in the NBA, after he delivered several whoopings on Utah, and soundly outplayed Lillard head to head, is just plain immature. It's like the fans of the home team chanting "You Suck, You Suck!" To the visiting team that just beat them by 40 points.

The main difference I see between these guys is good fortune. Miller and Lillard landed on teams that gave them an opportunity to showcase their skills. Management and coaching in the Kings organization have NOT given Jimmer that kind of break. I am not saying Jimmer will be a starter in the NBA, but he might be in short order if he goes to a team who needs a deadly shooter.

Tom in CA
Vallejo, CA

The Kings are full of great athletes and defenders. That's why they win so many games.

Ogden, UT

True that a local college product like Damian Lillard should get more print and attention from local media such as the Deseret News. He was the unanimous rookie of the year last year. Only 3 others in NBA history have accomplished that and their names are Blake Griffin, David Robinson, and Ralph Sampson. He is a well-deserved All-Star in only his second season. He is a bona fide star! He will be (if he is not already) the most successful Utah college product at the NBA level. By the time he is done, it will not be even close. The only ones I can think of that would be considered are Danny Ainge and maybe Andre Miller. Management and coaches in the NBA are not biased. If you can play, you will play. Lillard was not given a "break" by the Trail Blazer coaches and management. He flat out earned it by his talent, work ethic, and ferocity. His is a phenomenal story and should get more love by the local media.

Salt Lake City, UT

Probably a blessing in disguise.

Man in Charge
Chihuahua, 00

If Jimmer was so great how come wasnt he traded at the deadline when the kings were offering nothing for him? Face it, even at this stage in his career Andre Miller is still more in demand.

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

Everyone talking about his ability to shoot is missing the mark. Jimmer is not a 2 guard. He has to play point, which means he has to be a faclitator on offense, not the main scoring threat. Teams have no use for a point guard who averages 1.5 assists, and 0.4 steals per game.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


You used a quote without siting the source to make it sound like that the national media/sports writers agree with you that Jimmer is a baller. Which is not true. I gave you two sources that disagree with you.

I already told you why Jimmer will be cut, re-read the Sporting News quote. He can't play defense, is not a point guard and is too small to play a shooting guard.

Idaho Falls, ID

I whole hearted agree that Lillard has been tremendous and has earned his place in the NBA. Maybe "break" isn't a good term. What I mean is he was given a fair opportunity to showcase his talents. It is hard to make the argument that Jimmer has received that same "fair opportunity" when he has the highest 3-point percentage in the NBA and one of the highest production per minute played, and yet isn't allowed to play. Let him go to a team that will actually exploit his skills and if he flops, I'll shut-up. But I' m confident he won't.

Two For Flinching
"...his ability to shoot is missing the mark..."

Missing the mark?! What are you talking about?! His ability to score is precisely the point, whether it is at a 2 guard or 1. And don't give me that "1.5 assists and 0.4 steals" nonsense when he is only playing a few minutes a game.

Free Jimmer!

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Did I really see someone say Andre Miller was in more demand? That old glue horse? Please. The reason why no one traded for Jimmer was because they could pick him up in free agency. Ding ding ding! That is exactly what is going to happen. Andre Miller, that was a good one.

Farmington, Utah

All the hue and cry about Jimmer not being a defensive player makes me laugh. Have watched NBA games for several decades now and rarely see guys working very hard on the defensive end. It's more about making the basket. And he can do that certainly. If he were to play on a team with a big name or two, where he is free to shoot while the big shot is being double teamed, Jimmer could really shine. Besides, how many guys in the NBA have his family and work ethic? The NBA needs guys like him who talk about their wives, and go home to them at night, and set a good example of a really decent person. My hat is off to Jimmer Fredette.

Salt Lake City, UT

Uteology seems to find great happiness in the failure of others, Jimmer in particular. Jimmer's multi-millions, happy marriage, 2 years of fame and college achievements demonstrate Jimmer's hard work and fortunate circumstances. Somehow in college he had all the athleticism he needed and he couldn't be stopped. I cheer for Utah players, and loved the Smith/Bogut years. Do multi-millionaires take their skills to Europe? Did Jimmer leave BYU with a good degree? Certainly he has a lot, loads, of business contacts in Utah, Colorado, NY and No.Cal to be successful as a businessman/portfolio manager. Those were great times at BYU and love watching Jimmer torch defenses still as a King when he plays. I wish Jimmer the best in whatever comes next.

Plano, TX

Sure wish the Mavs would pick up Jimmer!


I'm a very loyal Ute fan but watching Jimmer in college was very entertaining. I hope Jimmer gets a chance with a decent team and then we can determine whether he has the skills for the NBA or not. The Kings are a dumpster fire of a franchise and Jimmer was subjected to pathetic coaching/changes every year. Jimmer has suffered from the coaching carousel similar to what Alex Smith faced in SF for several years. Pretty tough to show what you can really do in those circumstances.

While it was painful to watch my Utes lose to Jimmer and the cougs, his outside shooting was amazing to watch. He seems like a good guy and hopefully he gets a real opportunity with a legitimate franchise.

Park City, UT

The haters will obviously never be able to move past that 47-point beat down Jimmer laid on them in his final visit to the Huntsman.

It must really hurt to see Jimmer making millions in the NBA.

Glendora, CA

I think the Lakers would be smart to purchase this bargain. He would become a great replacement for the aging and much overpaid Steve Nash. But then again, the Laker ownership is grossly misguided, nowadays.

Las Vegas, NV

Jimmer needs a tryout with the Harlem Globtrotters, that is probably the only other place where somebody might be willing to pay him to play basketball.

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