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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 9:45 a.m. MST

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Salt Lake City, UT

Let the haters go back to their own jobs...if they have one.

FREE JIMMER! He's too good a shooter in a league that doesn't have many shooters. I still believe Jimmer can play in the NBA.

Lew Scannon
Provo, UT

The only accurate thing we can say is "We'll see." And hopefully we will. If somebody gives Jimmer a chance on a decent team, he may surprise. He may not. I've watched him, and his defense is nowhere near as "horrid" as some would say. I mean, please, give me the name of the point guard who can stay in front of Tony Parker. Defense is a team thing. It's all about helping and rotation. All I know is that in college, no team found a way to stop Jimmer with two defenders, which is what he usually faced. So, hopefully, we'll see. If not, he'll make a tidy sum in Europe.

Layton, UT

Poor guy probably wants just to be left alone and move on with his life outside of basketball. He probably hates "Jimmermania" but he's to nice to say anything. Good luck Jimmer, you will never be forgotten at BYU, in the state of Utah and in Glen Falls.

Mountain Bird
West Jordan, UT

I'd certainly take Jimmer over John Lucas III, if it were my team. At least more of the arena seats would be getting warm on game night.

Apo, AP

I'd suddenly become interested in the Jazz again if they picked up Jimmer and gave him 20 minutes a game.
I only hope he ends up on a team that will play him consistently off the bench. I enjoy his playing style and scoring ability.

St. George, UT

I like the wannabe that try and use some scout said this and another said that to prove their point. There were a lot of scouts that claimed that Ryan Leaf was going to a lot better than Peyton Manning. I can find stuff like that on the internet all day long. Facts are that pre-draft his numbers were good and showed athleticism that people didn't think he had. Better vertical than Leonard. He warranted the number 10 pick so he is NBA caliber from a basketball standpoint. Then they bring up the Kwame Brown's of the world who are lazy and don't do anything to improve. That's not Jimmer. It may be possible that his main deficit is that he's been with an organization that doesn't know how to play or teach defense. They have no one who does that very well on that team. Just because you hate BYU go somewhere else and show off your awesome U of U education.

Christine B. Hedgefog
Salt Lake City, UT

Really funny to see all the opinions from up on the hill. Must still have back side sores from where he torched you for 47 in your otherwise 'empty but for blue fans' red, dark, concrete cavern. It would also be funny to compare how many of the bandwagoners who are troubleshooting the state's latest athlete multimillionaire are the same ones who cried for years that Alexis Smith wasn't getting a fair enough shake in SF, had too many coaching changes, and wasn't surrounded by decent players.

Give Jimmer a fair shot away from the buffoonery that is Sacramento and then make the judgement.

Idaho Falls, ID

Let me guess. You're one of those boo birds who loudly boos Jimmer every time he touches the ball when he's playing at a Jazz game.
Man, show a little objectivity in your assessment of Jimmer and you might garner a little credibility.

Gilbert, AZ

I watch the NBA too much. I don't understand the argument that Jimmer can't play defense. There is no D in the NBA.
Danny Ainge wallowed in Sacramento with the Kings and now it is apparently Jimmer's turn. There is a reason that the Kings are consistently at the bottom before Jimmer arrived and after he leaves.
Hopefully his purgatory ends soon.

Las Vegas, NV

"This season he's shooting 94-of-198 (47.5 percent) from the field, and he's made an incredible 36-of-73 (49.3 percent from behind the 3-point line.

If anyone says those stats don't have value in the NBA than you don't know basketball. Jimmer can shoot the ball and by virtue of that alone someone will pick him up. Is he superstar material? Probably not but he can be an instant outside threat from the bench. As for defense, there are a lot of NBA guys who don't play defense very well. Jimmer will be fine.

Sandy , UT

Its about time his career in the NBA came to an end. now he can go off to Europe with Hoff and never be heard about again.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Free at last, free at last! Time for the Jimmer Show to begin at MSG.

truth in all its forms
henderson, NV

have fun in europe jimmer.

River Falls, WI

Crow "now he can go off to Europe with Hoff and never be heard about again."
Truth in all its forms "have fun in europe jimmer."

Do you guys know something I don't know? I just looked at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and USA Today. In the three largest sports outlets articles about Jimmer are currently being linked to from the main page. Why do you think national sportscasters care so much about someone who is not even going to play here?

Haters gotta hate. Go Cougs!

Provo, UT

Hard hitting research (basketball people on twitter) reveals that memphis and new york have interest in jimmer. Obviously it's early, but it looks like he's staying in the U.S. a little longer...probably to remind people in SLC how much they hate him.

Carthage, MO

Whatever happens to Jimmer, another NBA team or Europe, I wish him well. Under very adverse circumstances in Sacramento he handled the situation with nothing but class. Much more so than many of the comments posted here. Best of luck to you Jimmer. You deserve it.

Draper, UT

This is one Ute fan who wishes Jimmer well. He was a lot of fun to watch and has some incredible offensive skills. Personally, I hope he gets an opportunity elsewhere in the NBA, then both sides of the Utah/BYU divide can stop all the speculation about whether he belongs or not. If he goes to the Knicks or Memphis, he may get a chance to resurrect his career and get a fresh start.

BYU fans, get real though, he won't be going to Miami. A team who is a defense first team would never bring in Jimmer Fredette. They already have enough 3-point shooters in Ray Allen, Battier, Chalmers, and Wade. The Heat need big men who can defend and rebound against Indiana, not more shooters.

Jimmer could fit on a team that needs a spot up shooter for 10-15 minutes per game, but just because he might be freed from the NBA's worst organization in the Kings, doesn't mean Jimmer will suddenly get more playing time and average double figures in scoring.

Provo, UT

The guy could EASILY stay in the NBA for many more years. It would just take a team willing to accept the weaknesses because they love his strengths. All that said, the comment from the NBA "scout" about him playing in Europe in 2 years, may be accurate. Not necessarily because it's a knock on Jimmer's ability to stick in the NBA, but more because in Europe he could potentially PLAY a lot more than a role on a team, AND he could potentially make (quite a bit) more money there than in the NBA.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Regardless of what you think of his talent, he works harder than anyone posting here. He deserves a lot of credit. Thousands of guys have tried to make it to the NBA and never came close while Jimmer can light it up (and has) on the same court as Carmelo, LeBron and Tim Duncan when he's been given the chance. None of us here could do that. Period. Give the kid props.

Salt Lake City, UT

@Ekute...It's Glens Falls, New York. In high school he played in The Foothills Conference. Town is north of Albany via the 87 on the way to Lake George!

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