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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 25 2014 9:45 a.m. MST

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I Still Can't Say It
Holladay, UT

What a total bust for the Kings. Good thing the Jazz didn't make the mistake of drafting Jimmer.

Jimmer's probably headed over to Europe or maybe Turkey to play ball now. He doesn't have the talent or athleticism to play in the NBA.

Harrisville, UT

One thing is certain regardless of where Jimmer plays out this season, there hasn't been another NBA player with (pre-NBA) Utah ties that garnered this much local attention. I say good luck to him and wish him much success. Hopefully he continues to work on his overall game (defense) and improves as a player.

St. George, UT

This is great news for Jimmer. The Kings are a horrible franchise, and it's way past time for both to part ways. This gives him an opportunity to sign with a team that values his skill-set, and which he can contribute to immediately. The guy can flat out shoot, and this is a valuable commodity in the NBA. Everyone knows that his defense in suspect, but that's not what the next team will sign him for. Good luck to the Jimmer!

Salt Lake City , UT

Before calling Jimmer bust remember that it will take 99% of Americans 3 life time to earn how much he earned in 1 year.
I wish I was that bust. Good luck Jimmer. Still love watching highlights when he busted uses, they are still hurt from it.
As a basketball fan I have never seen anyone with as high entertainment value as jimmer. Go Jimmer!

Brave Sir Robin
San Diego, CA


"This gives him an opportunity to sign with a team that values his skill-set, and which he can contribute to immediately."

Don't bet on it. The Kings were practically willing to pay another team to take him and nobody did.

You are right about one thing: The Kings are a horrible franchise, and drafting Jimmer is exhibit A. Unfortunately for Jimmer, the Kings couldn't dupe another team into making the same mistake they did.

If I were Jimmer I would brush up on my Turkish.

Springville, UT

Who knows if Jimmer can have long term success in the NBA. If you don't play, you can't prove yourself.

Saint George, UT

The Jazz could always buy out one of their bench warmers and bring Jimmer in for peanuts to add situational firepower.

South Jordan, UT

From one article (a national source, not local):

“For a guy averaging 18.7 points on 47.5 percent shooting overall while knocking down 49.3 percent of his three-point attempts per 36 minutes, that's a bargain. Fredette has long been criticized for his defense and the fact that he's more of an undersized 2-guard than a point man, but you can't teach that kind of efficient scoring.”

There is no question Fredette is NBA quality. He reminds me of JJ Redick who came into the league with exactly the same bad rap as Jimmer. Redick's actually carved out a pretty good niche for himself. Granted, he has been injured this year but he was considered the top acquisition at last year's trade deadline and one of the solid free agent pick-up in the off-season.

Or you might compare him to Steve Kerr five-time NBA champ with two different franchises. Fredette is every bit as good a Kerr at both ends of the court.

Claiming Jimmer is not NBA quality is no reflection on his playing ability but a reflection of the ignorance of the one saying it.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Harrisville, UT

One thing is certain regardless of where Jimmer plays out this season, there hasn't been another NBA player with (pre-NBA) Utah ties that garnered this much local attention


You mean that has garnered this much "undeserved" local attention.

Even in this article:

"He probably wouldn't be a starter anywhere in the league right now, but he could be a valuable sixth man who can hit a few key shots at a critical stretch."

Really, a 6th man? He's barley a 12th man. One would think that if teams thought he was a valuable 6th man they would have traded for him.

He plays no defense so I can't imagine ANY team playing him down the stretch in a close game.

Alpine, UT

When will the Jazz figure it out that they wouldn't have to give tickets away at business downtown on game day to fill up the arena if they brought this guy in.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


You just quoted Dan Favale from Bleacher Report as your national source? Good one!

Here's a better quote:

"Jimmer Fredette will be in Europe in a year or two. He has no future in the league. None. He can't create his own shot, he has a hard time coming off screens for a shot and he's not a point guard."

NBA scout says Jimmer Fredette 'has no future in the NBA'
Brad Rock, Deseret News

East Salt Lake City, Utah


Or you might compare him to Steve Kerr five-time NBA champ with two different franchises. Fredette is every bit as good a Kerr at both ends of the court.


Not according to NBA scouts:

Indeed, Fredette was the universal choice as college player of the year for the 2010-’11 season, when he averaged 28.9 points in his senior season. But NBA scouts worried that Fredette did not have a real position at the next level and that his defense was too poor to warrant him getting big minutes.

That, essentially, has been Fredette’s story to date—he is not capable of running the point, and at 6-2 he is vastly undersize to play shooting guard. It has been primarily because of his defense that he has been limited to a career-low 11.3 minutes per game this season.

Source: Sporting News

Jazz Source
Alpine, UT

Does anyone else see the irony in this?

Sacramento decides to give him some one-game playing time in NY media-rich environment and he lights it up! Then they put him back on the bench?!

What does that tell you? How is it that a supposed "barely a 12th man" can shoot like that? What other 12th man can do that at all? Ever?

I am no Jimmer homer and I think his defense is horrid and he is too short to be a viable starter given his skillset but if you can shoot like that then he should be able to get floor time.

It is near impossible to shoot that well/efficiently with as little playing time as Jimmer has had. There are few players in the NBA that have his range...the dude can launch long bombs effortlessly.

Sacramento is the biggest joke of an organization. Everyone acts like they are smart for trying to unload Jimmer but meanwhile the results prove they are a clown organization that chronically loses...with Jimmer sitting....who torched the knicks.

Make up your minds instead of talking out both sides of your mouths.

Saratoga Springs, UT

I will be the first to admit that I am not the biggest basketball goo-roo, but I do understand that game and watch it, more college than anything. It seems since he went to Sacramento they never used him right or as much. Not sure if he is NBA caliber, I know he has proven himself a few times, and has been terrible on other occasions, but what professional athlete hasn't, especially if you are a newby like Jimmer was. I don't think he ever got a fair shake to showcase his talent which is shooting. We all knew his defense was suspect even in college.

I agree with many that if the Jazz did pick him up, that alone would sell tickets. For a little bit. But I think a team, even a good NBA team could use a 6 man off the bench for a few minutes here and there for some points.

Jimmer actually reminds me a lot of Jim Paxson from the Chicago Bulls, never a big star or big minute guy, but came off the bench scored 5 to 10 points a game as a role player. And had a successful career in the NBA.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Sorry John Paxson, not Jim

South Jordan, UT

Uteology: So one source provides statistical support for his assessment and the other nothing more than educated opinion. Facts is facts and, frankly, I put more credence in them than some anonymous scout. Your scout probably thought Oden was better than Durant and Kwame Brown was a "can't miss" star.

East Salt Lake City, Utah


It wasn't just one scout, it was multiple scouts. And I provided you a second source, I can provide you with more sources if you like. Or you can do your own research?

The statistical support Favale provides is the same statistics that Sacramento used to cut him. And the same statistics that other teams analyzed and found that he was not trade worthy.

salt lake city, UT

Jimmermania went the way of the lava lamp and mood rings. Cool why it lasted but just a passing fad. He's a good guy. Good luck Jimmer.


I am amazed at the ignorance of some of the comments on here. Anyone who has paid attention to Jimmer's career with the Kings knows that when they have given him minutes he has produced. I fully admit that he is a liability on defense but to say that he is completely worthless defensively is in denial. You cannot question his abilities on the offensive end and that is what will entice an NBA team to sign him. If the Jazz were smart they would sign him. There are 3 things that he would bring to the team. Production off the bench, merchandise sales and he would fill more seats. The jazz have John Lucas for crying out loud. If you don't think Jimmer would be of better value to the Jazz than Lucas, you must not know basketball.

Orem, UT

@Uteology You still mad about his 47 bro?

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