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Published: Monday, Feb. 24 2014 5:15 p.m. MST

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Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

Sen. Curt Bramble, R-Provo needs to take his money from Rocky Mountain power, and go back into his 6 million B.C. cave!

Open Minded Mormon
Everett, 00

I can see many people in Utah can not READ.
[reflective of the lowest spending on Education I guess, but I digress...]

Solar Customers alreday pay $4.25 per month for infrastructure and maintencae of the power grid.

This bill is more than DOUBLING that fee -- which is unfair, becuase coal using customers are not being assessed an extra $10 a month for infrastucture and maintenance of the power grid.

If Rocky Mountain Power swould like to breakdown their costs,
so we can all see how much of our money goes toward -- coal, genertors, infrastructure, maintence and Corporate PROFITS --- I'm game.

Otherwise -- I see this as another ruse to make more money for providing less product.

USS Enterprise, UT

To "sg" that is wrong. The people are not being charged because they generate power from the sun. They are being charged to maintain the system they use to sell power to the open market.

To "sunderland56" actually the power companies don't make money from the power they buy back from the people with solar panels. They are required to buy the power for the same price that they can sell it for. That means that they would lose money for every kWh they buy.

To "Bruce A. Frank" and "Yanquetino" would you have installed the solar panels if your neighbors hadn't subsidized them? You should thank your neighbors that you can actually recover your money eventually.

To "Open Minded Mormon" how many customers using coal are also using the power grid to sell electricity. Last I checked, there were not any home use coal plants. The people who only buy power and do not sell it are paying for their fair share of wear and tear on the power grid. The people that sell power to the grid are not paying for their fair share on the system they use to sell power.

Pendleton, OR

It occurs to me those heating with oil/natural gas are also connected to the electrical grid and have a diminished use of electricity. Maybe RMP will look at all those customers and say "why don't we charge these people an extra fee because they have installed systems that enable them to heat their homes while paying us less than otherwise would be the case; and it still costs us to maintain all these power lines even in the case of diminished use?

Pendleton, OR

And while we are at it why don't we charge a fee for those who go south for the winter because their power use has also diminished? And there are a group of families who are too poor to pay so they have their power shut off; why shouldn't we charge them something anyway because we still have to maintain all that infrastructure whether they have power or not?"

Imagining when this was first proposed: initially, silence at the boldness of the concept; probably some incipient/indistinct feelings of disgrace or disfavor. Then it was discussed and "sold" as a new revenue stream and besides nothing ventured nothing gained...let's go for it. They might say yes.

John Harrison
Sandy, UT

Solar with net metering solves a huge problem for Rock Mountain Power in that it puts power into the grid when it is most needed. This is the same power company that wants to put its own controller box on my AC unit in order to be able to turn it off in times of peak demand because they can't meet demand.

We don't have enough solar in the state for this to be a huge concern to RMP, and we never will if the legislature continues to pass nonsense anti-clean energy bills.

Solar is the future and it should be incentivized, not penalized. All of these people that want energy independence and more extraction should be happy that consumers are willing to put solar up and help us all.

Clovis, NM

For decades, power companies have asked us to conserve energy? So was all the talk about conserving energy purely propaganda? You do your best to trim the usage and now they want you to pay for doing exactly what they said they wanted you to do? NOT RIGHT. More logically, they should use a system that rewards energy conservation. Many electric companies have a sliding scale where your rate per unit goes up as your usage goes up. So how can they do both...gouge you for using too much and gouge you for using too little??? Totally a scam!

Layton, UT

Hey Utah Senators! Two-thirds of Utah Voters are concerned about the our hazardous polluted air. It is an economic problem and which will require positive action on your part.

Considered with SB139... The State Senate is again proposing that people who attempt to improve our hazardous air should pay more (property taxes, fees...) for not providing more pollution.

These guys have no idea how to assess the economic implications of their short-sighted and narrow accounting decisions. Not everything has just a financial cost, this proposal will have a further chilling effect on citizens attempting to invest in cleaner technology.

West Linn, OR

Tax credits for corporations building solar panel plants has been approved!!

See the article in the Deseret News " Panel approves bill to extend renewable energy tax credits to solar projects " on February 25th.

I hope you all understand what is going on here. One law gives corporations tax credits for building solar energy facilities, while this bill takes tax credits away from individuals doing the same but on a smaller scale. Who is your government representing? The emperor has no cloths. Anyone supporting this bill based on the hollow arguments presented in these comments or by Sen. Bramble seem to be to afraid to tell emperor. Are there any children in the audience who can point out the obvious to all the alleged adults?

Monroe, UT

Now maybe I am missing something here, but I just looked at my bill and the very first charge is
"Basic Charge--Single Phase $ 5.00"
That does not buy me ANY power--it is only to be connected to the grid.

I am thinking that every RMP customer pays this charge, whether or not they buy any power. That money should be paying for the infrastructure costs. They don't need any more infrastructure money.
And besides, they already get an Energy Balancing fee, A Customer Efficiency fee, and a home electric lifeline fee. This would be just another added profit item for them.

Remember back in the mid 70's when Utah Power (Now RMP) had the big push for people to go ALL-ELECTRIC and the rate would be much cheaper than normal. When they got lots of people into the program with all electric homes, they cancelled the program and people were stuck with paying huge power bills because they were all-electric.

I must, however, give thanks to RMP linemen and repair people who do get our power back on pretty quickly during an outage.

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