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Published: Monday, Feb. 24 2014 4:55 p.m. MST

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Florissant, MO

My heart goes out to this young Sister and Elder, I hope that they and their close knit family will be comforted at this time of loss. I have no doubt that their family is now serving a mission on the other side of the veil. To this young man and woman, God be with you til you meet your family again.

Grandma 20
Allen, TX

My deepest, heart-felt condolences to the Parrish family, friends and neighbors in their great loss. May our Heavenly Father wrap you in the arms of His love and bless you with peace. God be thanked for His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the great mission He fulfilled, thus bringing to us the knowledge and hope of the resurrection.

Gilbert, AZ

This is too sad to express in words. I pray there will be found a prevention for this silent killer.

South Jordan, UT

Such a tragedy, my heart just aches for these missionaries. To the rest of us, let this serve as the push we need to buy a carbon monoxide alarm or test the one we might already have.

Hurricane, UT

In spite of your faith, the loss is crushing. When you look for them to share a special moment, they're not there. They can't be included in all your special future plans. The void, many times, is overwhelming. My heart breaks for those of you whose lives have been effected by this horrible tragedy. I hope that my prayers and the support of all those that love and care for you can support you in the coming days, months, and years without your loved ones. Please lean on us when your knees feel like they are about to buckle. We care.

Tooele, UT

How devastating. There's simply no other words to say. No doubt their extended families as well as the members of their ward, stake and community are in deep mourning today. The two surviving children are going to need much love and support. The Lord bless them in the time of deep loss.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

God bless and comfort these two missionaries.


Bill Parrish was my brother's best friend in high school. He was always kind, friendly, happy and caring -- with a great laugh -- and he carried those traits into adulthood. My heart breaks for his two surviving children. They will have a void in their lives that will never fully heal in this life, although their strong religious faith and wonderfully supportive extended family will help. My prayers are for all of the family members - Bill's mom, Ross's family and the many aunts, uncles and cousins, as well as the two surviving children. May God bless them all.

Centerville, UT

This family will certainly be in my prayers tonight. May the Lord comfort them and give them the assurance that their family lives on beyond the veil.

Logan, UT

What a heart breaking story. Please, please, please, buy a carbon monoxide detector and install it in your home.

Saratoga Springs, UT

Carbon monoxide sensors should be installed in fire alarms. It would be a very smart idea and save many lives (unless you have a sudden burst of it, then nothing can be done). I am very sorry this happened. I hope that something will be done to stop or at least prevent these deaths (such as what I mentioned earlier).

A Chem Engineer
Pocatello, ID

Very tragic - in our area, although we did not know the family.

On CO detectors - be aware that the internal sensors have a limited lifespan - around 7 to 10 years. Sometime before that the whole unit should be replaced as the sensors lose sensitivity with age.

We have kept a fresh CO detector (replacement every 5 years or so) in our home for the past 20 years. When we used to park in the attached garage, we saw the most CO in the home in winter (typically not more than 20 PPM - never exceeded the threshold value of 30 PPM though).

Hope this information helps someone.

Dan Maloy
Enid, OK

God bless this Elder and Sister. I come from a family of 7 kids. If I lost every one of my family but a sister or a brother, I'd be devastated. To lose one or even two at the same time would be challenging. But every one except one? God will get you two through it. Our days are numbered and we should all take faith in knowing that Heavenly Father calls us home when it is truly our time. God bless you. Take courage and comfort in the Atonement of our Savior and know full well that through HIS omnipotent love and power, you will someday be reunited with your family for all eternity.

Till then.

On the other hand
Riverdale, MD

Deepest sympathy to Elder and Sister Parrish.

A few years ago, our water heater had a serious carbon monoxide leak. Fortunately, we had a carbon monoxide detector which alerted us to the danger and probably saved our lives. If your home doesn't have a carbon monoxide detector installed on every floor, let this be your wakeup call; remedy the situation today.

Midwest City, USA, OK

Sometimes missionaries experience a death in the family while serving, especially to diseases such as cancer. The thought is devastating, but something like this is on an entirely different level.

I've never been a fan of gas appliances, because I'm paranoid something like this could happen.

Highland, UT

This is the saddest thing I've heard in a long time. I have a missionary in the field, and I can't imagine him coming home to no family! What a blessing that the two of them have each other and their close relatives to soften the blow! We always worry for the safety of our kids out in the field - who would have thought they'd have to worry for our safety at home! Small comfort though it is, I guess we lean on the 4th verse of "Come, Come Ye Saints"!

Pinson, AL

My heart goes out to those two missionaries, who are now faced with a life-changing decision to make. I hope that they will pray and receive an answer about what to do. I will be praying for them as well.

Carson City, NV

What a difficult time in these two young peoples lives. What a blessing that they know where their parents and brothers are now and that they will see them again one day. Be strong, lean on your faith. Its so important at times like these.

Craig Clark
Boulder, CO

Not the kind of homecoming anyone leaving home expects to have. They said goodbye when they went off, not knowing it was the last time they would see them in this world. No words can express it.

Utah Native
Farmington, UT

I am sitting here at my computer crying for you, Sister Parrish and Elder Parrish. May you be given the gift of "peace that passeth understanding" and feel the comforting influence of the Holy Ghost upholding you through this horrific time. All I know is that you will never be alone; your family is right there beside you, even if you cannot see them, and they love you still. God bless you both.

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