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Published: Monday, Feb. 24 2014 1:20 p.m. MST

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Spanish Fork, UT

The total cost of land for a new prison is now $20 million? They don't even have a new site picked out (supposedly) so how can they know how much the new site will cost? The total cost of a new prison will be about $1 Billion.

I find it funny the legislature is talking about ways to clean the air along the Wasatch Front yet want to turn the current prison site into another downtown Salt Lake.

How about this for an idea, if our legislature is so sure it will be a huge benefit for the State how about they put their money where their mouth is. Every member or the legislature that votes in favor of moving the prison shares in the cost of the new prison for what the sale of the land and the mythical tax revenues don't cover.

Rawhide Kid
Sevier County, UT

What a disaster. Perhaps the state needs a new prison. But the state doesn't need more roofs and asphalt. That will only make more pollution. the existing prison space needs to be turned into agriculture for two primary reasons: 1, to produce O2 to breath, and 2, to grow food for the masses when that time comes.

Hopefully some can still remember when they had to air lift food into East Berlin. Also they may remember in 1983 here in Utah when the land slides shut off the transportation system including the railroads. Food became extremely expensive because it was difficult to transport.

Besides that, it would be nice to have something green on the floor of the Salt Lake Valley green

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