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Published: Monday, Feb. 24 2014 2:05 p.m. MST

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Gilbert, AZ

It is difficult to explain to those who haven't participated in a fast, the power of a fast. They don't understand that prayer coupled with sacrifice and determination brings powerful results.

Glendora, CA

As a long time resident of California, I can tell you that every time we've had a draught, ( and it has happened several times, since I moved here with my folks in 1962), prayer of the organized masses has pulled us out in prompt fashion. Even the media in L.A makes reference to the "March Miracle" that occurred here in 1992, after a state wide fast was spearheaded, the month before.
By the way, as we read these blogs, there is a huge storm front heading our way, starting Thursday. Keep in touch.

reno, NV

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So then does god have a specific number of prayers he has to hear before he answers the call for rain? 100 prayers, 10,000... obviously not everybody prays for rain, so it just doesn't add up.

reno, NV

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I do find the whole Joseph Smith story "interesting" as there are many things related to it that immediately raise red flags about the claims.

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How many prayers/fasts does it take? At least one -- your own. Would you like to try your own prayer and fasting experiment, in a sincere manner and with proper motives, and see how it goes? This Sunday is fast Sunday, so it is a good opportunity.

In the article, these people fasted/prayed for rain. What can you fast for? Do you know of someone close by that needs the blessings of heaven showered upon them (like even rain)? Fast for something appropriate you feel may be needed for others or even for yourself.

After the experiment, maybe we will see you at church bearing testimony of the power prayer/fasting? Based on this article and comments, it appears there may be some folks who fasted/prayed for rain in California that will share their experience this Sunday!

City, Ut

Many who disparage all things religious do so because they only want to do what they want to do.

For them to give credence to the idea that there may actually be a God who is going to hold them accountable is a might scary pill to swallow.
Much easier to just assert God (or blessings answered by Him) is hokum.

They may be able to delude themselves and keep up this charade--but eventually, they will have to give an accounting of themselves.

They feel it is in their interest to delay belief, belittle those who do, and hold off the inevitable day as long as possible.

Open and honest
Manchester, 00

If this works, why aren't they fasting and praying to end droughts in Africa or to put forest fires out or to end world hunger....why does the Mormon version of God answer prayers for a bit of rainfall in California but refuse to answer the prayers to protect children from abuse or starvation?

Coach Biff
Lehi, UT

I don't know, Open and Honest, why don't secular humanists open a hospital or lead a group of like minded people to Africa and help the starving and afflicted?

sandy, ut


Or could it be, as far fetched as it is, that people like me see different explanations for things, and don't just believe what I am told in regard to god answering prayers. Rather, I use my brain and common sense. That doesn't mean I am belittling anybody any more then the believers are belittling me just because they disagree with my line of thinking.. See it goes both ways. People can disagree with each other and have discussion on it, can't they?

sandy, ut

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I have a comment for you. I don't think god will withhold blessing somebody just because I decided not to pray for that person. That is not reasonable. God's will is going to happen regardless of our prayers. I have prayed for people in the past, and it didn't work out. I have neglected to pray for people and good things have happened to them. God doesn't wait until we pray to help somebody - his will cannot be changed by our prayers. He is god. He sees and knows all, so he doesn't need suggestions from us.

G L W8

Here's a previously submitted comment, revised because the earlier one had apparent problems: Those who trust in their own intelligence to the point that they lack faith--or they are unwilling to bend to God's will concerning themselves--may not completely understand God's omniscience, omnipotence, his love for us, or why he sent us here to experience mortality with all its vicissitudes. To many, life is based totally on chance. But in reality, life’s experiences are intended to give us exactly what we need to progress. Our destinies rest in the fact that we have the abilities to either accept or reject the progress we can gain from each of those life experiences. If we refuse to deal with them, it will eventually be detrimental, unless and until we humble ourselves to bring our actions into tandem with God’s desires for our growth. Certainly, this quick summary is oversimplified, and naysayers often scoff. But they really need to commit to more pondering about what it is they are rejecting than replying with the all too common objections that are given in response.

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