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Published: Sunday, Feb. 23 2014 10:00 p.m. MST

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Murray, UT

@American Patriot - I believe the funding fathers were in favor of giving the masses a vote. The caucus system explicitly removes the majority of people from the entire processes. It's time to allow more people to take an active role in the entire process.

Snack Pack
Lehi, UT

The standard primary system only allows the super wealthy to run for office. For the super wealthy, they have the millions necessary from the get-go to fund their message and create their brand. Branding only sticks with constant heavy marketing of a specific message.

The remainder of the 98% of citizens, that lack the immense amount of wealth, have little to no chance of competing as they are suffocated by the messages paid for by their super wealthy competitors (don't believe me, look at the careers and wealth of all of today's Congressmen/women prior to being elected into office). Both this system mentioned and the competing caucus system ultimately are decided in the general election by popular vote. Therefore, the name "Count My Vote" is misleading in of itself as it infers voter suppression.

In fact, the phrase "Count My Vote" should be used by the caucus system as a tag line. Simply said, the only votes not being counted are those who would like to run for office, but can't, simply because they don't have the deep pockets to compete with the super wealthy.

Farr West, Utah

Linus: "The convention/caucus system excludes no one!"

Actually it does exclude many because jobs, illness, emergency, family needs, or military service keep them from coming. If you can not make it at the scheduled time you are shut out of the process. I am a precinct chair and as such am one of those who have a voice in what is decided, but I know many are unfairly excluded by the current system. It is arrogant to think that that primary voters (which would surely include current caucus attenders) will be swayed by big spenders, while caucus attenders and convention delegates are above being influenced by big spenders. At every convention I have attended (and I have been to MANY of them) candidates are giving away flags, food, and other freebies to win delegates' votes.

Virginia Beach, VA

The caucus system has contributed mightily to the current infestation of government-hating Tea Partiers in positions of authority. Romney demonstrates that the Republican Party is salvageable. The GOP may be a huge mahine filled with defective parts, but it can be rebuilt and put back on the right track to actually help America and NOT incessantly hinder progress and harm the citizens it is supposed to help.

As it stands, the Republican Party is literally America's Enemy Number One. And that must change.

Springville, UT

@ Say No to BO, you say the current system gave us Mike Lee and Jason Chaffetz. Sounds like an excellent reason to support Gov. Leavitt.

That being said, is Romney a Utahn? If not, why should his opinion matter any more than Chris Christie or Jerry Brown?


Well of course he endorsed Count my Vote. Its the right thing to do! The State's political system, particularly the Republican party, is being held hostage by a minority fringe group.

@Mark in Montana - Well said!

Clovis, NM

I have always lived in a state with primary elections. I want my vote to count. Heaven knows, I don't always get my way. But at least my vote was considered important. I hope Utah will count the votes on this issue and find out what the rank and file citizens think.If a politician is doing a good job for the people who elected him, he should never have to worry about reelection. In fact, it is a privilege to represent the constituents and reelection should never be the focus of a politician's labors. He should do the right and moral thing in each situation, then let the election chips fall where they may.

Bountiful, UT

If our government is really to be "of the people, by the people and for the people" then the selection process for candidates and the location for political discourse MUST be in the homes and neighborhoods of the people. This is a thinly-disguised power grab by big-money special interests. Nothing More. Nothing Less.

Bountiful, UT

We have a beautiful gift in the caucus system. It is politics on an extreme grass roots level. Anyone, rich or poor can run for office in Utah because of the caucus system. WE choose our neighborhood delegates, whom we know and can talk to. We can unseat an untrustworthy elected official. If we go to standard Primary system, then only people with wealth and position will be able to run for office. It is like the 17th Amendment, where we changed to having Senators elected by popular vote instead of being elected by State Legislators. We undid a wonderful protection that the wise founders had placed in our Constitution. It made it so that the Senators don't have to have the State's best interests at heart. It was to be a check and balance that would protect State's rights. We undid it and lost that protection. Count My Vote will do the same thing. Please be fully informed before signing away freedoms that we may not even be aware that we have.

freedom in 2017

Glad to see those that want to stifle thoughts and opinions because someone lost an election. Help me here, what does that have to do with anything. pappy, just exactly what have you done in the political process to give you the right to tell someone that has to shut up? I think the real losers are those that couldn't carry Mitt's water and yet have the audacity to tell him to be silent.....only in America


Of course he backs the "buy my vote" initiative. He's as much of a party insider as Leavitt and the others who don't think they should have to answer to the people.

"Politicians SHOULD be able to serve as long as they want to" is the mantra of the "buy my vote" initiative. Its' more than a little inconvenient to have to come back and explain your position to your constituents at the end of your term.

Who wants that?

I respect (and voted) for Romney, but he's wrong on this issue!

Moab, UT

'Count My Vote' is, in reality, 'Buy My Vote'. Utahns, Beware! Just because it might have celebrity endorsement doesn't make it right for us.

One opinion
west jordan, UT

I've participated in caucus meetings for many years. The thing I like about them is it is such a grassroots opportunity. At the meetings that are open to all in the district, people are chosen to represent our district that we know and have confidence in. They speak for us. It is one place that I truly feel we can know what we are standing for. Each person nominated tells us their take on the current affairs and we can choose someone who has our ideals. When I say "our" I mean the majority vote in the caucus. The caucus gives us the opportunity to feel like we can really participate.

Layton, UT

The caucus system does NOT exclude anybody - everybody is invited and should attend the caucus meetings. It is the best system by far. I agree with DNSubscriber that the other side is the "Buy my vote" group. Those with money want to get rid of the caucus system because that is the only way that those without a lot of money can be heard.

Dr. G
Bountiful, UT

During the last presidential election cycle liberal media pundits suggested that Mitt was far too liberal to govern conservatively. Now, his support for COUNT MY VOTE will essentially allow made-for-television progressive liberal Republican candidates cover by hiding their progressive agenda behind glossy million dollar TV campaigns.

Conservatism is not a fundamental part of Governor Romney's core belief system. Intellectualism is. He's a pragmatist. And pragmatism, in the political world is anything that will lead to more votes.

Count My Vote is a terrible idea for Utah. It will result in a general election choice between a progressive liberal democrat and a progressive liberal republican. Count My Vote is sheer political folly.

Why can't we let a progressive liberal democrat candidate face off against a conservative republican and may the best governing philosophy win? Count My Vote will turn Utah into another state where only progressive ideas are found at the ballot box while conservative ideas didn't get enough TV time or big out of state money.

Say No to Count My Vote!

Orem, UT

I agree with Mitt Romney. I believe that the caucus system in Utah should go to the rubbish heap. In the caucuses, only the extreme votes count. They are in no way representative of the general public. In my own district, extreme libertarians have taken over the vote and as such, our delegates don't represent my views. Someone who is conservative is not represented unless he holds extreme views. I support the "count my vote" initiative and the direct primary system in Utah.

Ogden, UT

I have to give credit where credit is due -- Romney got something right for once.


It comes as no surprise. Mitt, bless his heart, is still an elitist through and through. I'm not quite wealthy enough, Republican enough, and prejudiced enough to be a Mitt-admirer;

I'm just solvent, conservative and patriotic.

Joan Watson

It used to be that citizens of this country voted according to their own informed decision of who would be best for President of the United States or any other government office. One does not need, nor should need, a 'caucus' with its own political agenda and persuasion to decide for one.
We are either individuals with self directed functioning brains, or we are sheep led to and fro by the interests of others.

Pablo Sanchez De La Cruz Ramos
woods cross, utah

It is simple. Without the Caucus system, those with the most cash win.

If this is what you want, then pass the initiative.

Then, sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labors:
Politicians without substance, with a whole lot of favors owed.

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