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Published: Friday, Feb. 21 2014 8:05 p.m. MST

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Farmington, UT

This will do more to get people to the meetings than anything political "persons of influence" in either party could accomplish.

Provo, UT

Caucuses allow citizens to be more closely involved than just going to a poll and casting a vote. Stick with the current political system!

Orem, UT

Have fun if you happen to enjoy crowds, long waits, and so forth. I've got higher priorities to spend time on (i.e. spend time with my wife and children) than spend 2-3 hours on this again.

Especially after the last time I went to one of these meetings. It went way longer than the invitation stated (invitation said 2 hours; the meeting lasted three and a half hours), was run so inefficiently my teenagers could have done a better job, and we ended up voting several times manually (not electronically) for the same positions again and again. I was in such disbelief amid my festering frustration and aggravation I left early.

I will come back to a caucus in this state when I am satisfied this state government and its citizens are serious about running efficient caucus meetings.

La Verkin, UT

Or if you want to make a real difference, attend the Constitution Party Caucus in your area. Most of them are being held on Thursday the 27th of March so as not to conflict with the Rs and Ds. We support the caucus system believing it to be the best way to involve those who are interested and willing to inform themselves and get involved in the process of selecting our representatives. Killing the caucuses will only make it easier for the central committees and those with lots of money to make those selections without any input whatsoever from your local neighbors and friends.

American Fork, UT

If this is what it takes to get more people to the meetings than any political person of influence might be able to, it really provides some insight into really runs the place.

DN Subscriber
Cottonwood Heights, UT

This will irritate the "count my vote" schemers who want to put the power back in the hands of party elites, wealthy candidates and the media eager for huge advertising income from eliminating the voice of people at the grass roots level.

Support the caucus system by attending and participating. It is a real eye-opening experience and empowers the average citizen.

Then, refuse to sign the deceptively named "count my vote" petition, and vote AGAINST it, if it makes it to the ballot.

Power to the people, not the media elites, party bosses and wealthy candidates!

Say No to BO
Mapleton, UT

They'd really rather have Count My Vote but it appears letters to the congregations are the best they can do at the moment.

South Jordan, UT

"I will come back to a caucus in this state when I am satisfied this state government..."
The state doesn't run the caucus meetings. The parties themselves run them. And yes, they are long and frustrating and inefficiently run. We need to dump the caucus system.

Bountiful, UT

@Mike, if the meeting was run inefficiently, did you voice your opinion about it? did you suggest them how to improve? just curious. I just want to know if they so hear your opinion during caucus or not.

Riverton, UT

The only person you are hurting by not attending the caucus meeting is yourself. You are letting other people choose your representatives.

The caucus had been largely ignored up until about 2010. Those who are organizing the meetings can only go from previous experience when planning. I hosted my precinct's 2012 caucus, where we went from about 20 people in 2010 to 100 in 2012. Now that our precinct has had a large number attend, I am hoping this year we get more volunteers to help run it and a bigger room.

These things don't just magically come together. If you want to improve your meeting, contact your precinct chair or your party's planning committee and volunteer to help.

Salt Lake City, UT

@DN Subscriber
I don't find it empowering to give up my vote to some other person that I just have to hope votes for the person I want in the end.

Jonestown, TX

Um, they forgot to say, "and be sure to vote your conscience".


" just going to a poll and casting a vote"? Really?

bill in af
American Fork, UT

When the Church came out 2 years ago encouraging members to be involved, it brought a much needed moderate feel to the process. The caucus system only works when the majority of moderates in the state get involved which keeps the extremes in check. I have been a delegate numerous times since 1988 and have seen the problems with the caucus system when extremes try to control the process. Count My Vote is a much more responsible way to let all of our voices be heard; not just a select few.

Ridgefield, WA

Did you get that? "...church facilities and meetings are not to be used for political purposes or discussions."

No more political jabs, pleadings and snickers will go on in Gospel Doctrine classes any more.

One can only hope.


So basically, the Church doesn’t care who you vote for, so long as you vote for somebody.

Well all righty then. My Libertarian Party membership should pose no problem in that case, right?


Salt Lake City, UT

I really don't know what to think. We had the caucuses two years ago and look how much good it did. Hatch, who nefariously went on to vote for the "Gang-of-Eight" bill among other things, and his supporters were able to use a huge, Hatch-size campaign budget to influence the elections; only he did so through the framework of the caucus system, rather than some other sort of system, but alas was able to do it. The caucus attendees had been coached well on a few, magic words, and that was that. So again, I really don't know what to think.

Salt Lake City, UT

Yes, everybody showed up last time, so much so that A bunch of people couldn't get in, it was crowded, sweaty, hot, and went way over time. I really wish the fire Marshall could close the whole shebang down. Time for the Count My Vote and let's start treating the people of Utah with respect. Rather than give into the old clique and cronies.

Aurora, CO


Yes, my brother in law works at that the Church office and he said millions are leaving, but he asked me a good question. Do you want to follow the crowd or follow the leader?

Medical Lake, Washington

We are watching so much of this country eroding. Just this past week the FCC announced plans to infiltrate news organizations; including the press, with federal agents to 'monitor' them - call it what you will, but a blatant strike against the First Amendment.

We can blame such decay on our government leaders, but over the past few generations, we the people have been leaving things up to others to deal with. This is demonstrated by comments such as 'it was a waste of my time -- 3 hours'. Perhaps there is a better system - I'm not familiar with the 'Count My Vote' thing.

But what ever process is used, regular people need to start making a difference - voting is good, but apparently we need to do more than to just vote for the candidates the establishment has chosen for us.

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