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Published: Friday, Feb. 21 2014 6:15 p.m. MST

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west jordan, UT

The prison is in a perfect spot now. The warm springs can be used to help heat the prison and reduce cost of utilities. People can easily visit those who are in prison and do so now. Workers have easy access to the job as well as deliveries and work programs. Do we really need more concentrated housing that discourages raising families? I agree that if you want to build more businesses that you look toward Tooele that has lots of land, fast access to the airport, area to build homes and shopping.

Beaver Native
St. George, UT

Yes, and there's some valuable property twenty miles West of Milford. There's lots of water, and you should see the verdant meadows!

Beaver Native
St. George, UT

Got a wonderful idea! The article says that this is being pushed by the City of Draper and they say that it would be a great economic boon. Since they're the ones proposing the idea, let's have them use their money to relocate the prison and they can pay all the added operating costs once it's relocated. Then have them pay to bus the workers and provide free shuttles so that families can visit their incarcerated relatives at no added expense. Leave all State money out of it and see how far it goes.

Fact is, this proposal is a pipe dream and the development will never happen--at least to the point that it makes economic or social sense.


Why don't we do what Portugal did and their prison population dropped by 70%.
Drug prisoners are not a risk to society, mostly just a risk to themselves.
If we emptied 70% of the prison population there might be money to do a lot of improvements to Utah that right now are wasted on punishing citizens for what they do to themselves.
And of course there is always our constitution that plainly says:
Equality under all laws, which the "Controlled Substance Acts" plainly violates, drug laws are not just or fair. So by honoring our Constitution we will save billions of dollars and stop punishing citizens for making a personal choice that society does not like.
Do doctors make you take medicine or is that your choice?
Is alcohol a drug? It happens to be the only powerful drug of choice we legally have without written permission from our drug master; doctors and their monopoly.
Equal under all laws will bring "loving thy neighbor as thyself" to status quo operations.
What government is actually supposed to do. Forcing our wants or needs on another citizen is unconstitutional and selfish in nature. Prohibition does not work, it creates criminal enterprise.

sandy, ut

Yeah this is what Utah needs... A huge city in draper - which is already too big. The roads are already too crowded, you can't get anywhere in Utah or Salt Lake county, even in the middle of the day. This is a poor idea. Since when do we think we have to develop and redevelop every piece of open land. Why not move the prison and leave the land alone? Would it really kill Utah to leave some open spaces instead of just filling them up with development?

Syracuse, UT

If they're going to move the prison, they better sell that land for as much as they can to offset the cost of building a new prison somewhere else. Not thrilled about using the taxes I pay to build a new one when I'm fine with where it's at.

Orem, UT

Draper residents anger me so much. They move next to a prison and complain about having to live next to it. Remember when they refused to let a DI into their city. They said they didn't want that kind of element in the city. My friend lives here and he got a petition to block a Christian church trying to build there. Maybe as a state we should all get together and tell the residents of Draper to shut up or move to a gated community where they can have absolute control.

SomewhereIn, UT

so, is the plan to widen I-15 by 3 or 4 more lanes?

if the prison were to relocate, i would be in favor of turning this area completely into non-commercial parks and recreation - with *perhaps* a musical golf course thrown in...open space

just my $.02

Wasatch Front, UT

Who is pushing this so hard? It feels like it is being driven by money, developers and those who stand to benefit while the average Utah citizen is stuck paying for it for 30+ years.

It is certainly not being pushed by the average taxpayer, workers at the prison, prisoner's families, clergy and social workers who volunteer at the prison, or by anyone not driven by self-interest.

Let's look into who stands to benefit economically. You'll likely find the source of push for this. They are thinking of yachts, mansions in Park City and Hawaii, and a big fat paycheck.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The only way to stop the business politicians from treating the general population as cattle is to remove business from government. We already have more business development than we need. The only people who will benefit by bringing more business is the controlling business and their politician brothering.

If they bring new jobs, more people will come also. More people will not be a benefit to the people in the here and now. More people will need more government, more police and more control over the general population. And it is likely that the more people will be low paid workers from foreign nations, resulting in a lowering of the American standard of living that we now enjoy.

The law permits the businessmen to take advantage of the ordinary people because it is businessmen who make the laws. Not all businessmen are bad apples, but there is enough to spoil everybody in this barrel.

Sophie 62
spring city, UT

I wonder how many people are employeed at the prison, between the guards, custodians, social workers, medical, administrators, plumbers, grounds people, electricians, engineers, transport people, etc?
I wonder how many people visit weekly, including families, attorneys, teachers and volunteers, and others?
The Point of the Mountain is famous for its terrible winds and blowing dust. I have to wonder who would choose to shop there, over places with more comfortable weather?
I sure wouldn't.
I bet that if citizens insisted that the area be developed as a park and wildlife habitat, the idea of moving the prison would be dropped like a hot potato.
This is all about the money to be made from development.
It isn't about the people who work there, or the prisoners or their families, or law enforcement or saving money or time or convenience.

Aunt Sue

NO NO NO NO NO NO - Moving the prison would be bad for the prisoners, visitors, employees and volunteers. This move is all about making billions for a few, while making the state osf Utah bear the costs. We cannot afford to line the pockets of a few at a huge cost for the many.

Spanish Fork, UT

The legislators act like they care about air quality and then (for their own wallets) decide to move the prison. Makes no sense.

Also, why is Draper coming up with these ideas, it's the State's land and the State will decide what will be done with the land. Draper won't (shouldn't) have any say in the matter.

Salt Lake City, UT

All this condemnation of our dishonest legislature, and who are you going to vote for next time? Yeah, thats what I thought. If you wont vote to change anything, youve got no right to complain. And saying all politicians are corrupt is a cop out. If you know you will be elected no matter what, there is no need to do anything except what puts money in your pocket.

one vote
Salt Lake City, UT

A developers dream and lobbyists flu employment.

Eagle Mountain, UT

It should stay exactly where it is. #keepitindraper #renovatedontrelocate

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