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Petition supporters say legislation shows 'shocking disregard' to will of people

Published: Thursday, Feb. 20 2014 2:55 p.m. MST

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Brigham City, UT

Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, said he's protective of residents' right to run an initiative petition "but they are no more important than we are up here."

Hmmmm. I'd have to agree. But I would rephrase that. "They are MORE important than we are up here. They put us here."

Wasn't it Bill Cosby that used to say "I brought you into this world and I can take you out" ?

St George, UT

There are also hundreds of thousands of voters who did not sign this petition. These people are guilty of the very problem they say they are seeking to correct--a minority of the people deciding policy, law, and nomination of candidates. I am opposed to this phony CMV initiative. Why would anyone want to eliminate the grass roots aspect of American politics? Utah's nominating process is as grass roots as it gets. Those opposed to it are leftist progressives who cannot bear the fact that conservatives have a voice here, are active in politics here, and dictate, to a large degree, who gets nominated for office. Leave things alone, nothing is broke, so don't do the liberal thing and go fix things that work very well.

Brigham City, UT

I haven't made a decision yet where I stand on CMV, because I can understand the arguments and concerns of both sides. But I am concerned that there are those that would silence a group of people that are seeking, by the proper means, the right to be heard. If the caucus system is so wonderful, and the "hundreds of thousands" that didn't sign the petition are in favor of it, then nobody should get their nickers in a knot over a group asking for change. Let the chips (votes) fall were they may and find out what the true "Voice of the people" is. And lets lay off the name calling and innuendo.

Centerville, UT


The CMV petition is an effort to simply put this to the voters. Those who signed the petition, like I did, are not forcing any type of change to the current caucus system. It simply puts it to the voters to decide.

So please explain how "These people are guilty of the very problem they say they are seeking to correct--a minority of the people deciding policy, law, and nomination of candidates".

Let me be clear: If the CMV effort is successful, all that will happen is the issue will be placed upon the ballot in November for Utah voters to decide.

Are you opposed to petitions? No?

Are you opposed to voting? No?

Do you trust a majority of Utahns' to vote upon a subject? Yes?

Then you too may wish to support Count My Vote. It is simply an effort to put forward a primary voting system for Utahns to decide who will represent them. Many states use the methods proposed in Count My Vote.

You may wish to think again.

Brigham City, UT

David: I think the problem is there are a certain group of people that DO NOT think the majority of Utahns should vote upon a subject. Oh wait... That's an obvious one.

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