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Published: Thursday, Feb. 20 2014 11:25 a.m. MST

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Anaheim, CA

Congratulations Eric and TJ. Wishing you great success in Italy and France. Can't wait to see you in BYU uniforms in 2016-17.

Provo, UT

Eric and T.J. congratulations on your mission calls! Missions are hard work, but the two of you are used to working hard. Missions are also very rewarding...you will love the people you serve and they will love you in turn. Isaiah 55:12!

Pomerene, AZ

Mika will be in Rome when the temple there is completed. Two of my husband's cousins(brothers) are the project managers for the Rome Italy Temple and Cordoba Argentine Temple.

Central, UT

What a coincidence, my neighbors cousins little brothers teacher has been to Rome.

West Jordan, UT

A mission is one experience in a young mans life that can not ever be duplicated. I applaud these young men for taking time off to do a work that few get to do. Good luck to all.

Richmond, VA

Congratulations to those young men! Missionary work is very hard and challenging for any young person but also definitely the most rewarding. When you're on the Lord's errand and give it your all, great things will happen. To play a part in the hastening of the Lord's work is obviously much more important than making the cut or even going further in the NCAA tourney to those young men. I'm sure many don't see it that way but kudos to those kids for recognizing what's more important. Looking forward to see them together in the future at BYU.

Go Cougars!

Wrong again
American Fork, UT

Maybe the DNews can clarify something.

TJ Haws has been called to serve in Lyon, France and will leave on April 16. Has TJ already graduated and is he just sticking around to go for a HS championship? I always thought HS graduation was around the end of May. I also thought that the church said that young men could leave after their 18th birthday if they have graduated high school. Sounds to me like there is another story in this.

Boise, ID

Haws is leaving in April? How does that work?

Salt Lake City, UT

Early graduation, friends. The same way some football players go from high school to spring practice, or kids graduate high school with Associates Degrees. Take actual classes instead of elective fluff.

Springville, UT

Can't play sports unless you are enrolled in school or online school. That is according to UHSAA handbook. Football players who graduate early have already finished their season while they were in school.

South Jordan, UT

All of these young men mentioned are ambassadors of good will and wonderful role models for many that they don't even know. Congratulations to them on pursuing things of loftier goals before taking care of the earthly ones. Good luck to you and God speed!

Go Cougars!

Newbury Park, CA

How come these guys aren't ever called to serve in Bakersfield, Boise, or even Dallas/

orem, utah

Sounds like @rational isn't so rational. If not in school (already graduated) then ineligible.

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