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Published: Thursday, Feb. 20 2014 10:33 p.m. MST

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City, Ut

My new concern is girls in middle school/high school in locker rooms with FEMALE gym teachers who are Lesbians. This has been in the news more recently, even in Utah.

Looking back, I now know the reason for much weirdness on the part of a gym teacher I had. Now, the butch hair and many other things about her actions would be not only a tip-off but a dead giveaway. Then, we were just puzzled and a little disturbed.

So while I sure don't want men who think they are women in restrooms, I also don't want my girls under the care of a Lesbian, or boys under the care of a Gay. (Can you say Penn State?)

Salt Lake City, UT

City, Ut

You make some really good points and yes I can say Penn State (I just really hated to see Joe Paterno get taken down in the mess)

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