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Published: Wednesday, Feb. 19 2014 3:50 p.m. MST

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West Jordan, UT

Thank you Governor Herbert! Dr. G, Dr. Coach, and 1conservative have it exactly right! I have been a delegate for many years and the incumbents hate the fact that they could be unseated if they do not follow what is best for Utah. The caucus system is not a perfect system, but it gives you far better candidates than you would get in a primary election. The present caucus system is based on education and information - sure it's a small portion of the electorate, but these are the people who care to research the candidates and to be informed of their views. The delegates demand accountability of the candidates, and slick TV ads, billboards and brochures do not work on them. Look behind the money for CMV and you will see exactly who is trying to change the system. The caucus system has served us well for many years with great candidates (w/a few exceptions). Governor Herbert says that he supports the current caucus system, but he respects the right of the people to attempt the Count My Vote initiative. Governor Herbert is a good man.

sherlock holmes
Eastern, UT

To chase SL

Neither Count My Vote nor the caucus system is about campaign finance reform. Let's leave that for another day.

This issue is about moving toward one vote for one person. And not having a caucus system with elected delegates. It's about electing candidates, not delegates.

Salt Lake City, Utah

I keep hearing look at the money behind CMV, could somebody share who that is that I should be so fearful?

I look at the groups that are funding and or pushing status quo, the Sutherland Institute, Eagle Forum, Freedom Works, and I am more concerned about their money and influence than I am about Norma Bangeter,Gail Miller, and Mike Leavitt.

Fairview, UT

Either system is susceptible to corruption if primaries are of the "Open" type where anyone can vote in either party primary.
It seems clear to me the best solution to this and many other political issues is simple- TERM LIMITS for all public officials (they have long since lost the title of public servants).

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