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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 9:15 p.m. MST

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Herriman, UT

Rhetoric is all you get from the anti cc groups. The math is really no different. It seems the focus is more on a why you are performing the operation rather than just learn the algorithm. So for instance, models/pictures are used more when learning how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions. Instead of just teaching the steps.
For a lot of kids this will be difficult at first. Most are just taught to just do it, don't think about it. If you don't believe me ask a fifth graders to explain why multiplying two fractions gives you a smaller fraction. Most can't

Danish American
Payson, UT

Is it part of Common Core that Social Studies teachers in high school teach their students that we are all born racist? I've have more than one high school student talk with me about this. And what about Kindergarten teachers having to teach about homosexuality in the class room as part of the curriculum dictated by Common Core? No a rumor, I know several teachers who have told me about having to do it. We need more local control, less centralized government control. One of the last people in the world I want having a say in education are Arne Duncan and Bill Ayers.

Weber State Graduate
Clearfield, UT

As an educator with strong libertarian propensities, I'm literally fascinated with the level of fear that exists against the Common Core perpetuated by those with little understanding of what the Common Core really involves.

An organization called "Conservatives for Higher Standards" claims that the most commonly raised concerns about the Common Core are "rooted in misinformation or are just plain inaccurate." They have included a section on their website called Myth v Fact: Correcting Misinformation about the Movement to Raise Standards.

Even the National Review included an informational piece debunking some of the misinformation about the Common Core entitled "The Truth about Common Core." It provides an interesting perspective about this issue by one of the most ardently conservative publications available.

Heber City, UT

The anti-family, "indoctrinate-my-children," socialist nonsense is bogus. It's how you get cowardly lawmakers to pay attention.

The horror stories shared above are not typical. And, if true, should be addressed to local administrators who have the ability to adapt the Utah Core. Problem is, administrators are not hearing them, except from the same small talking-points-driven group. It's way too easy to co-opt an anonymous forum with coordinated, prepared comments.

I beg those who have not already formed an opinion to speak to teachers, parents and administrators. Having done so, and after having read everything sent to me from both sides, it seems the ratio of students having issues with math is about the same as it ever was. The vast majority of (not already hyper-political)teachers are on board and think the standards are adaptable for the locale and individual student. Administrators (most born and bred Utah conservatives) are frustrated that a vocal, single-issue contingent of parents (many already long-time home-schoolers) have spread so much misinformation. If the Utah Core needs adjusted, let's do it for the right reasons -- after measuring real results

Pleasant Grove, UT

"Even if the Common Core effectively prepared students for college, Dayton said she would still oppose it because it was not developed by Utahns."

Is she also going to call for the rejection of textbooks not written and published here? And what about teachers who didn't grow up in the communities where they are teaching? Both might mean introducing ideas that didn't originate in Utah, and we know where that might lead.

On the other hand, she would do well to remember that the scriptures used by the majority of people here in Utah were not developed by Utahns, but written elsewhere and brought here by outsiders from back east...

Cedar Hills, UT

It's about time people stood up to this Bill Gates promoted socialist garbage called Common Core.

Indianapolis, IN

Why does the Common Core even exist?
The stated goal is to better prepare students for college or other job training. That implies that something is wrong with the current system. The "enlighten elites" are setting these standards and suggesting curriculum for you because "you poor uneducated folks out in Utah just aren't smart enough to do it on your own."

Salt Lake City, UT

Common Core = Higher Standards
Common Core = College and Career Readiness
Common Core = Better for Utah Kids

Those that oppose it need to better research what it is and what it is not. It does not proscribe curriculum. It does not take away local control.

It does encourage an integrated approach to education. It does set high standards to encourage our students to be ready for what comes after graduation. It does mean that teachers and students will have to elevate our level of education.

I support the standards of the Common Core because I care about Utah kids, and I will be voting for representatives that do, too!!!

South Jordan, UT

Yes, we can't go teaching our children to think for themselves now. They might start to question the other things they've been told!

USS Enterprise, UT

To those of you that continue to support CC, and want to understand why so many are opposed to it, you have to look at it from an actual learning perspective.

For example, part of the CC for first grade has them reading books, then writing predictive essays and persuasive essays. Yes this sounds like a great thing for them to do, but unless you have 1 teacher to every 5 kids and a lot of time to spend with each child, this is nearly impossible. Just ask a 6 or 7 year old child predict the ending of a book and explain their reasoning verbally. Better yet, ask them to give you a persuasive argument about they liked the book verbally. Very few children in first grade could do that verbally, now you add in the complexity of writing down their toughts.

The problem of presenting material before children are prepared for it is all over the CC standards. On top of that, they sacrifice learning and mastering the basics before going on to the next topic.

For example in math, few 3rd and 4th grade children can do simple multiplication and division, the standards push higher concepts without mastery of the basics.

Salt Lake City, UT

More tea party drivel from know-nothings. That would be people who know nothing about which they claim to know everything. Just like the legislator who claims to know more about climate and carbon dioxide than the roughly 8,000 scientist around the world whose careers are dependent on quality science and credibility, the anti-CORE people have not a clue. And if you ask any of them what is it specifically within the CORE program that will hurt their kids, they can't tell you. Facts are hard on these folks.


Here again we have a bunch of ultra conservatives who know nothing about education and everything about obstructionism trying to interfere with education, again. Common core is so superior to No Child Left Behind and gets back to the way we used to be able to teach school 30 years ago. You know, 30 years ago…that's when all these same people who are protesting said we should go back to and once again start teaching the basics!

Danish American
Payson, UT

"Just like the legislator who claims to know more about climate and carbon dioxide than the roughly 8,000 scientist around the world whose careers are dependent on quality science and credibility."
So now Common Core and climate change are the same? All the more reason to get rid of it. I'd like documentation on the 8,000 plus their careers are dependent upon government grants not sterling science. I've not had one scientist be able to tell me when the earth stopped making fossil fuels nor have they explained the cause and effect of carbon dioxide. The way to spot the real truth is to follow the money. Who has become rich off the climate change scheme?

Southern, UT

In an earlier post someone asked why schools need to teach three different ways to do long division. The answer is simple. Every child looks at the world differently. Teachers are trying to reach as many of the children in their classroom as possible. Maybe you could argue that most kids learn math in a linear progression. However, if teachers only teach one method, then we alienate a lot of students and we stifle creativity. It is amazing how a lot of spatially oriented people have been told they are bad at math which is simply not the case. They are bad at linear oriented teaching of math. When they are given more options and methods to approach a problem, they find they do quite well.

Salt Lake City, UT

Common Core seems to have brought out all sorts of craziness. Likely most opponents do not even now what it really is. Comments are made like it is from the federal government so it must be bad. It has been called "communism" and "socialism." I would consider the problems with it if these opponents gave concrete examples of why it is so evil. Is not raising academic standards, especially in math and science, a good thing regardless of its source?

one old man
Ogden, UT

The truth is that Common Core is not much different than Utah Core Standards which have been in place and used for more than twenty years.

This is nothing but more conservative fear mongering.


Education Boards have lost their mission. Educators are employees of the parents. If you are not performing your job, we as parents should be able to fire you and hire someone else. To think that parents are accountable to the state for education is crazy. The state did not give me my children. God did. I am accountable to God for their education.

I am more qualified than a C average college grad to educate my own children. Thankfully in Utah we as parents can still pull our children from a broken education system and get them ready for the world.


@ TillySue:

Actually, the students under Common Core are told by the teachers not to ask their parents for help. They are encouraged to complete the work in class.

I hope all who are attributing the opposition to Common Core actually look at this issue. This is not "tea party fear mongering". I am a life-long Democrat and have never voted for a Republican presidential candidate. What I see is an attack on children, parents, and families by an elite, rich minority that has pushed this program with the promise of subsidy dollars to states.

Why did we not get to vote on adopting Common Core? It was agreed to by Gov. Herbert, not parents or teachers. It will not help us catch the Japanese and Germans. It will indoctrinate our kids into a certain political perspective to the detriment of our country's future....

Murray, UT

@birder Same exact story with my child. LOVED math and is now totally frustrated.

Murray, UT

@elkym and JP. Your question is too huge to answser in a post, but problem is that teachers are loosing the ability to teach to the kids in that particular class. Some lessons have to be strictly followed and in a certain time frame. What happens when some kids don't understand or the entire class? They still must move on. (This is the case with previous programs too.) I think the most disconcerting thing is we adopted these standards for $ and they weren't even written yet. AND it was never tested. Our kids are the guinea pigs. The arguement for CC is "college ready" but it just doesn't seem to be true. As for math, I see my child 2 years behind since CC than we were at that age.
Also, see how the business world is in on this. See Bill Gates comment the CC will give us "a large uniform base of customers." Then see the monopoly the text book companies will be creating. I must reiterate, "This was NEVER tested anywhere."

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