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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 9:15 p.m. MST

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Heber City, UT

We supporters of the the Utah Core expect Utah legislators to ignore this vocal minority. We expect you to listen to the majority of citizens and teachers. This is an election year. We are taking note of who is with our children and who is not, and we will be making our voices heard in the voting booth.

Northern Utah, UT

I am not a supporter of Common Core! However, everyone in this state seems to scream school reform and legislate education methodology in our schools yearly with new programs here, and teacher reforms there. It has gotten to the point of being ridiculous to be a teacher...I have never seen moral this low! The main problems in education today do not stem from lack of "programs" or poor teaching methods, they stem from the breakdown of the family. Without stability in our homes, and teachers working as a three-legged stool with students and parents nothing will ever change. What needs to happen in education will never happen under our current belief of not "hurting feelings". Teachers need accountability sure, but students and parents do as well.

South Jordan, UT

As a teacher I like the standards of the Utah Core. I hope the legislators realize how much time and money have been put into creating lessons to teach these standards. I personally don't want to start over because I have too much invested in teaching them. I like that textbooks are now created for our core and not just Texas or Virginia. Check out how much the districts have paid out to implement this core before listening to the vocal minority.

Salt Lake City, UT

I think the math Common Core is a mess. It has succeeded in destroying my students' motivation to learn math. The parents don't know how to help their kids, and many new ways of doing problems are very odd. There are a few good strategies, but not enough to justify keeping the Core as it is. I'm still very suspicious of the way it was financially forced on the state education system with the threats of money removal attached.

Ontario, OR

Teaching to the test can limit education. I am not familiar with Utah Core, but I have read the Common Core objectives, and I see nothing objectionable at all in them; the opposition is reminiscent of McCarthy-era paranoia.

Salt Lake City, UT

To me the most compelling reason to support the Common Core is that its opponents are unable to cite specific problems with the core that make it educationally inappropriate, that there's absolutely zero evidence of it being "anti-family," and that the Common Core's opponents are the ultra-wingnut Utah Eagle Forum and Sutherland Institute.

Let's face it - if the US Department of Education suggested that students be instructed in the importance of breathing, the Eagle Forum and the Sutherland Institute would then immediately become advocates of suffocation.

Highland, UT

Nice report Ben. However, for the couple of Common Core supporters who have posted here, there were at least 5 public school teachers who spoke at the rally last night. Teachers are seeing the issue. As "birder" noted, children are being affected by Common Core, thus Alpine school district now has a lawsuit on their hands over psychological damage that has been done to a genius student via Common Core. There is a reason the New York Teacher's Union has spoken out and called Common Core a disaster. It's far more than just standards so lets not pretend that's all it is. It encompasses assessments, data tracking, and is driving a standardization of curriculum. It's a true one-size-fits-all model and if you think every child should be forced into this robotic sequence, you should reconsider your choice of profession.

Murray, Utah


Heaven forbid we correct a wrong because you already have your lesson plans. How about we do what is best for the kids. Isn't that what you teachers want?


"This is outrageous," organizer Christel Swasey said. "This takes away our humanity. It is an affront to our souls. It is wrong."

There are a lot of things out there that takes away our humanity and are an affront to our souls. However, I suspect Common Core is near the bottom of the list on this issue.

Connor Boyack, president of the Libertas Institute, described the Common Core as "anti-family" and said Utah needs to act to reject the standards.

Why is everything a conservative doesn't agree with "anti-family"? Could somebody please explain it to me? How is Common Core "anti-family" but not corporations not paying decent living wages so that one parent can stay home and solidify the family not "anti-family"?

Mom of 8
Hyrum, UT

If what my children are subjected to is "Utah Core," it's abominable. I have only one child still in public school full time, and pulled two others over the unnecessarily complicated math. (I KNOW the math is Common Core; I've been researching it extensively and see the same bizarre worksheets implemented all over the country. Our family homeschool has gone back to logical Saxon Math to undo some of the damage and restore confidence in math.)

If "Utah Core" is the maker of the English pages my son, who used to be in 4th grade, used, then it's in dire need of someone with English skills to redo them. For the month my son was in public school I sent back the sheets with my own corrections (I've taught college writing for 20 years). The passages were poorly written, the questions confusing, and the grammar incorrect.

The entire curriculum, whatever "Core" it pretends to be, is untested, sloppy, illogical, and killing the desire to learn.

I'm not against standards; I'm simply against this ugly mess.

Chandler, AZ

Could anyone who objects to the Common Core please explain exactly what is wrong with it? I'd like to form an educated opinion on it, but all I ever hear against it is rhetoric.

Steven S Jarvis
Orem, UT

@Mom of 8

That isn't common core. Its the individual school and teacher who made those because all decisions still remain locally how to meet the standards.

Salt Lake City, Utah

Interesting the same groups Sutherland Foundation, Freedom Works, Eagle Forum that are fighting so hard to keep the caucuses. Me thinks they feel their stranglehold power over the state slipping away, so now we have to threaten lawmakers.

It is a great day to be a Utahn!

Back Talk
Federal Way, WA

"I wont do it becuase it was the Government who told me to do it". Just reword the same standards and call it the Utah Core if that will make you feel better.

The critics make it sound like these standards are changing the facts of history or something. I continue to be amazed how setting learning "standards" can be so controversial.

Sandy, UT

Mother of 8

You are righf on. My three oldest went to private schol and excelled in math. My towo youngest went to private school and s5ruggled. We then dusted off the Saxon books and they are back atthe top of the class. Folks, if your kids struggle in math, pick up the Saxon books and work with them. The "new techniques they teach with in public schools sets kids up for failure.

Diligent Dave
Logan, UT

"The Common Core is a series of educational benchmarks, voluntarily adopted and designed to prepare students for postsecondary education and career training. They specify the minimum skills a student should learn in each grade and have been adopted by all but five states."

Oh really? And as a parent, I thought it was simply a dumbing down of the curriculum so that government could more easily control a dumbed down constituency of rubber stamp voters. Foolish me!

Provo, UT

I have to agree with 'JP' and 'Steven S Jarvis.' Our current state of education across the country gets a really bad rap, but I'd like to see some real explanations as to what is or isn't wrong with the Common Core.
I would agree that teaching to the test and standardizing education have their drawbacks-- but large systems do those things, and implying that they can avoid it through policy is ludicrous. Individualization happens within a context, within a frame. The Common Core, from what I can tell, attempts to make that frame more similar than it is different (from state to state).
If there are problems, let's identify where they actually are, rather than condemning an entire system. I've studied education and administration for several years now, and the Common Core is head and shoulders above most other wide-spread programs that I've studied.
Any new system will have issues, as 'Mom of 8' noted, but they may not be representative of the entire system, so let's be careful here. I think it will be wasted effort to move away from the Common Core. It will be much more useful to fix it.

Ultra Bob
Cottonwood Heights, UT

The fact is that public education is no longer needed in Utah. Utah businessmen no longer need educated customers and workers. At any education level, there are ample supplies of highly motivated foreign workers available that will work for less money than Americans. Educated customers are likely to see the false advertising and other ploys and be bad for business.

For the elite, the rich and powerful, there will always be education available at costs that prevent ordinary people from competing with the elite and the rich and powerful for the positions that make people rich and powerful.

I wish that Federal government would offer public education in competition to the so-called public educations of the states and local governments. It would offer up to date education for people to live and prosper in this time and not the indoctrination of children as needed by the local business. If parents could thus choose, which would they prefer? Would parents choose an American education of the world or a Utah education for the businessmen in Utah.

Logan, UT

Mick wrote,


Heaven forbid we correct a wrong because you already have your lesson plans. How about we do what is best for the kids. Isn't that what you teachers want?"

I believe what Formerspud is saying is that the curriculum has been developed by Utah, not the federal government or anyone else. I can't see what the opponents of Common Core are complaining about.

South Weber, UT

I am a recent opponent to Common Core (CC). I came to this decision independently, not because of any group or person persuading me. I happen to have children in public school, and I see and help them with the work they bring home. I have noticed a change in the work that comes home since the adoption of CC. Reading assignments are full of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors. The content is sometimes iffy or even inappropriate, and often politically charged. The language of it feels "dumbed-down." The math is illogical and confusing and unnecessary. Why do we need to teach our children three ways to perform long division? Why not teach them the most efficient method and get on with it? Having witnessed the CC curriculum first hand, and having researched where this is heading (among other thing, nationalized sex-ed.) I want out. Besides, it's unconstitutional. The Federal government should have no hand in this.

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