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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 6:55 p.m. MST

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St Louis, MO

"Who cares about those stats. It is similar to pointing out a golfer who leads the tour in % of putts made from 4 feet."

I think we have an early contender for worst analogy of 2014. Let's see . . being among the most accurate guys in the league when taking, in theory, the most difficult shots, is equivalent to making the easiest putts to salvage a bogey. Do I even need to deconstruct that one for you? I literally just giggled.

"Basketball involves much more than getting hot once in a while for short periods of time."

Are you implying that scoring points is inconsequential? Plenty of guys have made a very nice living as deadeye shooters while providing little else. If you're going to be a one-trick pony, having legit 28-foot range is a pretty good trick. As for the "short periods of time," when that's all youre given, that's all you can show. Fredette's percentages for the first half of 2013-4 . . not just a couple of games . . are very promising. What could he do if he played 25-30 minutes a game? Why would we assume his numbers would plunge?

Plano, TX

He has a long , productive career ahead of him. He'll get picked up as a free agent, not cost a team any picks and they'll play him to his strengths and not be disappointed.

Los Olivos, CA

Whatever else is said....articles about Jimmer attract more interest than any other subject.

Herriman, UT

The problem is that Jimmer is just not very good at the NBA level. He is too small, too slow, too weak and just doesn't have a prototypical shooting guard body.

I think he will float around the NBA for 10 to 15 years...but I don't think he will ever average more than 9.0 points a game. Which is no knock against him...that's just how it is. 3 years ago everyone swore he would be an NBA starter...but I felt he would have to come off the bench to be productive.

Kearns, UT

When did Kobe and LeBron every play defense? Jimmer lit up the Knicks with threes and even had a couple of nice drives down the middle where he scored. The ability is there. It just has to be recognized and put to use by another team.

salt lake city, UT

flashback, i REALLY hope you werent serious with that comment.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

trade deadline came and passed.

Being reported that the Kings were willing to take a 2nd round pick for first round Jimmer.

No one was interested.

Overton, NV

"3 years ago everyone swore he would be an NBA starter."

That's simply not true. Anti-BYU trolls made those comments. Most of the real fans understood he'd more likely be a shooter off the bench.

Orem, UT

Chris B

Why would any team give the Kings a draft pick for Jimmer when all they have to do is wait until the end of the season to pick him up as an unrestricted free agent?

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT


Why did the Nets give the Jazz assets when they got Daron Williams instead of just waiting until Williams was an unrestricted free agent?

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB
Deron Williams is a completely different story.
He was considered one of the two best PGs in the league, he was a year and a half from free agency. They would not have had the right to offer him more money coming straight from Utah.
I will admit that Jimmer is at best an average guard, but a great scorer, given his PER rankings and when he receives lots of playing time he scores a lot of points as evidenced by his game in New York.
I am not claiming he is a superstar but he is making millions a year while no one gets paid to post on these boards.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Another reason a team would offer asset in exchange for first round Jimmer is no team knows what any other team is going to offer him. If a team wanted Jimmer in the offseason, they have no way of knowing if Jimmer would have already signed an extension with A different team.

It was widely reported a second round pick would have gotten Jimmer. Go do your research.

Isn't it funny that not a single team wanted to give up a second round pick to get first round Jimmer

BYU Papa
Cedar Hills, ut

I like Jimmer, he has to twist his mouth to try to look mean.

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