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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 6:55 p.m. MST

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East Salt Lake City, Utah

Tyler C
Provo, UT

@Uteology But even if you are going to use Morrow as a comparison, even he has 4 seasons in his career where he has average over 20 minutes per game, including one season where he averaged 32 a game! Not to mention that Jimmer's been more efficient than him as well...with less minutes.


Jimmer is more efficient (16.9) then Dennis Rodman was (13.6) as well... with less minutes. So what?

Efficiency means diddly when you're playing 4 on 5 on defense. Maybe Morrow played more minutes because he played defense?

Universal City, TX

@Chris B, I see you are still very interested in all things BYU. A curious fascination...


Jimmer needs to be in Utah, he's the answer to all of our problems, please Jazz brass bring in the Jimmer.

Saint Louis, MO

Jimmer is a crowd pleaser somewhat along the lines of Johnnie Football. I believe that the Jazz would be wise to seek his services. Sacramento is not the place for him to be. The NBA is a center of political correctness. Red headed Jimmer stands out like a lit match in the middle of the ocean at midnight.

Jeff ls
Farr West, 84404

I enjoyed reading all of the lines. I would like to bring up another point. Jimmer is not just a shooter, he is a pure shooter. How many pure shooters can you even name in the NBA today? Kobe is at the end of his career. Labron is really close, if he is not a pure shooter. Durrant is. Can you name any others. A pure shooter is very rare indeed.


I still think we will see him end up in OKC. I think they will pick him up when his contract expires. Why trade anything for him right now when you can get him for free at the end of the season?


Great question. In my opinion, there is someone sandbagging it awaiting Jimmer's free agency to kick in. They will quieitly strike. He will probably never fare well on a team of individual players, but will fit into a program that is fundamentally employs a team approach. It is no secret that many of those who are noticed are self centered and want to showcase their athleticism. Jimmer approaches the game differently and has made the adjustment to the one being fed for the shot to taking opportunity when he's open and doesn't see anyone with a better, more open, shot. I believe we will yet hear from him but in a team with less selfishness and fewer stars-to-be (in their own minds).

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

Teams are taking note of Jimmer's shooting accuracy. The problem is the Sac Town queens are asking to much for him when negotiating. Right now they don't have much depth at point guard if Jimmer leaves. If Jimmer gets traded it will more than likely be for another point guard amongst other considerations.
All the Ute haters will always hate. They got torched just like Arizona on multiple occasions. No need to be sour any more guys.

What in Tucket?
Provo, UT

IN retrospect Jimmer may not have been a first round pick, but hard to believe no one would want him. He is a professional in every way.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

cougar blue,

the Sac town queens are asking too much?

What are they asking, 2 first round picks? Or a first round and a second round?

Jimmer was a lottery pick so surely he merits being traded for a first round pick right?

So you must think the Kings are asking for more than a first round pick?

Mission Viejo, CA

Why would teams trade for Fredette when they can just get him as a free agent later? He'll be a bargain.

Or do I misunderstand the NBA's free-agent rules?

Morgan Duel
Taylorsville, UT

Fredette is the victim of a poor team, lousy coach and discrimination.

Tyler C
Provo, UT


Of course a Ute wouldn't consider efficiency important when it favors Jimmer. It it were the other way around, there is no doubt you would surely value it more. Morrow has never been considered a good defender. He has been criticized for his terrible defense more than Jimmer ever has. He is simply a spot up shooter. But again, 32 minutes a game one season? Your comparison to Morrow is perfect because of all the minutes Morrow has gotten, prove that Jimmer should get more minutes as well.

Bountiful, UT

Chris B says "clearly" the Kings want to trade Jimmer yet I don't see any trade talks involving his name. They did trade away Tyreke Evans and kept Jimmer. They traded away Marcus Thornton (if the rumor today is true) and kept Jimmer and now we read they're even shopping Isaiah Thomas to anyone that will take him. I think what we see here is "clearly" the Kings management don't know what they're doing and have no rhyme or reason for the trades they're making and for whatever reason they continue to hang on to Jimmer.

I really wish they would trade him to a team that needs a 3 pt shooter and let him come off the bench to fill that role. I think that's a good role for him if he gets the chance to do it.

Christopher B
Ogden, UT


So you think the kings maybe want to keep him, but they don't want him to play?

Come now, I management wanted to keep him they would tell the coach to play him. The coach will do what management says.

So when the guy doesn't play it says he's not in their plans.

Cheyenne, WY

@ CB (Mike)
He is actually playing more that a lot of players in the NBA. 11 minutes a game is not that bad for a backup which is exactly what he is.
I doubt he is in their long term plans, but he is making millions in the NBA when people on these boards are getting nothing for commenting.

St Louis, MO

Some of you are attempting to answer Chris's question when he's not looking for an answer. He's saying in a passive-aggressive way that Jimmer's always been overrated. You think he wants a two-sided conversation? Please.

The only honest answer, no matter where you fall on the Jimmer Fanboy scale, is that if you draft a guy onto a lousy team with desperate owners and a lame-duck coach, jerk around his PT for three years and show absolutely no evidence of a master plan, you're begging for failure. In short, the Kings have killed his trade value by not have a clue what to do with him.

And as for party line about his defense, just stop already. The echo chamber has convinced many that Jimmer is the worst defender in the history of history. True or not, did even his biggest fans- ever think he was going to be better than mediocre on defense? You can't draft a guy who no-one expected to be a good defender and then say "Well, we can't play him because of his defense." I suppose he's not a good enough rebounder either.

Cougar Blue 1
Henderson , NV

@ Chris B

It is obvious you are trying to denigrate Jimmer. We get that. To answer your question though, the reports I have read is that the Kings want a 1rst rounder for Jimmer. It was obvious with the new management that came in they were moving a different direction with Jimmer. Hence why they did not pick up the option. In doing so they played him less knowing he is gone after this season. This has hurt his stock. However, after the game against the Knicks and some other decent showings since they traded Vasquez away he has been able to show what he can do when given the oppurtunity to play.

I will give the Queen's some credit. They don't need to trade Jimmer as they need a back up point guard and their season is a loss. So it would make sense to either get a 1rst rounder or some other really good deal for Jimmer, or just play the season out with a popular player who is playing well.

kaysville, UT

Who cares about those stats. It is similar to pointing out a golfer who leads the tour in % of putts made from 4 feet. It really doesn't matter if he is putting for bogeys more than he is putting for pars and it also doesn't matter if he can't drive the ball adequately, can't hit his irons straight and rarely makes the cut. Basketball involves much more than getting hot once in a while for short periods of time.

Tyler C
Provo, UT


I'm amazed at how many Ute fans attack the second anything BYU-related is posted and then they do their absolute best to discredit everything. this isnt even almost comparable to golf. these stats certainly mean something. Leading the NBA in 3pt % is definitely a big deal. it is true that basketball involves much more than getting hot once in a while for short periods of time, but short periods of time is ALL HE GETS! And he is playing as good as you can for the minutes he plays. He is only overachieving. What do you expect him to do, drop 25 a game in 11 minutes?

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