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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 6:55 p.m. MST

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Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

We all agree that Jimmer isn't in the kings plans. Clearly they want to trade him.

So the question is where are all the first round offers for lottery pick Jimmer?

The Kings would jump at the first first round offer for Jimmer. And since Jimmer is a first round lottery pick, surely teams should be willing to offer a first round pick in exchange.

And yet why isn't that happening?


holy moly
Herrmian, UT

@Chris B... I think this article was about Jimmer's numbers and trying to project what those could be with playing time. I don't recall reading anything about a trade.

Area 52
Tooele, UT

Chris B, maybe you should ask the #2 pick overall Keith Van Horn?

Cheyenne, WY

Well I will give him credit.
Outside of Damien Lilliard he is the only former Utah college guard getting playtime.
A. Miller has been benched for a while.

Harrisville, UT

How many players on the Jazz roster were once a lottery pick and how many lottery picks did the Jazz have to give up in order to sign them?

Alpine, UT

Jimmer is a shooting guard in a PG body.

In college he dribbled around ALOT and launched ALOT of 3's. He dominated the ball and didn't play defense.

He is not a big assist guy so that calls into question his real PG distribution team-improving abilities. Other PGs, who dominate the ball, are taller and much more explosive and able to get to the rim at will and so they get the green light to dominate the ball.

I was a big fan in college but realistically I'm not sure the NBA is set up for a player his size to be jacking up endless threes.

Korver used to flourish here during the regular season shooting threes. Then came the post season and somebody simply guarded him better at the three point line and he was mostly shut down because he has no other skill set at all.

Those are pretty remarkable stats Jimmer has been able to maintain while getting limited minutes. That said I would shocked if all those remained if his minutes went up.

How many NBA offenses have their PG come down and just repeatedly launch 3's? I'm not sure that works.

East Salt Lake City, Utah

Anthony Morrow has similar numbers. Who is Anthony Morrow you ask? Exactly!

There's a reason Jimmer is not getting Curry's minutes. So far he has proven he's a below average NBA player. Will he get a chance to prove himself on another team? We'll see.

Cedar Hills, UT

I don't think this is very complicated. At the time when the Kings had to make a decision about Jimmer's contract, earlier in the season, they chose not to pick up the option, which means it's clear he's not in their plans for the future. While I don't agree with the coach's decision about playing time, it makes no sense to build around a player who won't be a King in the future. The answer, then, is simple - he gets no more minutes because he's not part of their future. Trade him to a team who is willing to give him 'sharpshooter-minutes', off the bench, and he'll be a contributor. Who knows, he may even earn a starting role, someday. Time will sort this one out. In the mean-time, you've got to be impressed with Jimmer's ability to be resilient.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

@Chris B

I think the answer is simple. Jimmer came out in what was and still is considered a very weak draft. So viewing him as a typical top-10 pick isn't accurate. And in the same vein, this is considered to be one of the best draft classes in a decade. Not all first round picks are created equal. So teams value first-round picks more than usual in this draft. Add in the fact that Jimmer is at the end of his rookie contract, as opposed to getting a cheap player locked in for 3-4 years, and it makes neither roster nor financial sense to trade anything other than maybe a late first-round pick for him. And that's not a knock on him. You could probably say similar things about 3/4 of the players in this league. Teams just don't want to give up first-round picks this year unless they're getting some major value out of it. A more appropriate trade would be one similar to the rumored Andre Miller for Fredette trade that's been discussed. A young, gifted shooter for a veteran stabilizing PG.


@ Chris B

There is a reason this is happening, and my guess is its something to do with defense, or just the overall athletic ability of Jimmer. Sac has had 3 coaches since Jimmer has been there and not one of them has played Jimmer over 15 minutes a game. There is some weakness Jimmer has that 3 professional basketball coaches have seen. I am not sure I can pinpoint it but I am not as basketball smart as 3 NBA coaches, neither is anyone on these comment boards.

Lightening Lad
Austin , TX

Jimmer has proven that it's impossible to score from the bench. He is far from being the poorest defender on a team that plays terrible defense, nor the poorest on the guardline.

Elk Grove, CA

Chris B,

You bring up a really good question. I chatted a little but with TJ Fredette, Jimmer's brother, at the BYU alumni dinner (prior to the BYU/University of the Pacific basketball game in Stockton, CA, and he couldn't answer that question. My own opinion is that the Kings want to portray more of a "street like/thug" image and Jimmer doesn't fit that persona. Ranadive, the majority owner of the Kings,
stated in the Sacramento Bee yesterday that he liked Demarcus Cousin's bad boy image and ran with it even after the previous owners and managers told him to get rid of the latter. Even though I would be sad to see Fredette leave the Kings, I think he would be more appreciated by the Jazz or Spurs.

Provo, UT

Have you heard of Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Julius Randle, Joel Embiid, or Dante Exum (just to name a few). In case you didn't know this is the most decorated draft class since the 2003 class. Why would anyone trade their first round pick this year (all-stars excluded)? Jimmer will be 25 this month, as I'm sure you know Chris B the NBA is a young mans sport. Every franchise strives for youth, I agree with you the Kings and Jimmer aren't a good fit, but like the numbers state he has a better shooting percentage this year than anyone else behind the arc. He will be in the league for a long time if he can continue to shoot.
I'm excited for him to get out of the Kings hands, he deserves to be in an organization that knows how to win, as well as utilize the players they posses.

Astute observation Christopher

From Ted's Head
Orem, UT

Actually, Jimmer has been playing the first 6 minutes of the 2nd quarter pretty regularly now, which has helped him in a couple of ways. First off, he knows when he will be going in and can prep more effectively than just sitting on the edge of his chair hoping he'll get to play; Secondly, he is playing with the 2nd unit and has gotten some good help from a couple of the other Kings. Depending on the opponent, Jimmer comes in for the first 4-6 minutes of the 4th quarter, too. I see Jimmer's team first attitude as being the biggest thing holding him back. He's trying to be a point guard and distribute the ball, when he just need to fire away...like he did in New York, pulling up off the dribble on the fast break to shoot a three and then again from 28 feet plus. However, unless he is traded to a team where they need a shooter, he'll likely be playing in China or Europe in a couple of years.

Tyler C
Provo, UT

@Uteology But even if you are going to use Morrow as a comparison, even he has 4 seasons in his career where he has average over 20 minutes per game, including one season where he averaged 32 a game! Not to mention that Jimmer's been more efficient than him as well...with less minutes.

CO Ute


Van Horn had a 10 year NBA career averaging 16 point and 7 rebounds a game. He led the Nets in scoring twice and finished 5th in the league one year. Played on a team that made the conference finals. Not a very good comparison.

Jimmer needs to get traded to a team that can use him off the bench for some instant offense. He won't be a starting guard in the league and won't do much with the Kings.

Sore loser
tampa, fl

Don't feel sorry for Jimmer, he'll be ok. How many millions has he made so far...

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

I would not give the Sacremento coaches too much credit for having good reasons for not playing Fredette more. The win/loss record and team stats strongly suggest that the kings are not well coached and do not play well as a team. Maybe if the kings spent more time passing to Fredette when he is open for a 3 instead of throwing up bricks in traffic they might win more.

Missouri loves BYU
Lebanon, MO

Actually, Jimmer could score from the bench, the stands, or even the parking lot if they would pass him the ball.... I would bet that he could still shoot the ball from the Marriott center parking lot and swish the nets at the Huntsman center.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Jimmer is a shooter and as such he can have a long and rewarding career. He has to get out of Sacramento and on a competitive team that needs a shooter and doesn't care about his defensive liabilities. Korver, Dunleavy and Reddick, among others, have all made their careers this way. When he becomes a restricted free agent is when he will have his chance and you will see that other teams will be interested because of his shooting ability and the fact that the Kings don't want him so they won't match any offer meaning he will come cheap.

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