Comments about ‘Gov. Gary Herbert: Threat of sage grouse endangered species listing is real, could cost Utah billions’

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Published: Tuesday, Feb. 18 2014 12:20 p.m. MST

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Bird man
Laurel, MT

County mom: You have a right to your Opinion , And in this country to do what you want on your land . Even if that means collectively killing indirectly through loss of habitat many protected species of wildlife that are the publics domain. It does not mean that your opinion is not biased by your money interest . The hypocritical part is ranchers who graze cattle on millions of public acres also want to tell us the public what to do on public land .

Bird man
Laurel, MT

county mom:People have a right to their own opinion.But wouldn't it be better for all, if that meant a informed opinion?A opinion based on facts, knowledge, and one that is not biased. Supreme court justices cannot make ,and vote on ,a issue where they have personal financial interests in that case.It is simply called a conflict of interest.Why do we not treat other issues the same way?You also have the right to do what you want on your own land.But within reason, and according to laws.What if what you do on your land, hurts your neighbor, or kills protected public wildlife or species?You mention the government should not tell you what to do on your land.Then why do ranchers then tell us, the public, what to do on public land, when it comes to public grazing leases. Hypocrisy?

county mom
Monroe, UT

Bird man,
In Montana, please go and tell your neighbors, the ranchers and farmers, all the information you have shared here. Have them read the book you suggest, then tell them they must not farm and ranch their own land.

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