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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 10:30 p.m. MST

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Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

I don't think anyone will read this considering no one has commented on this thread since I did yesterday. For those siting enrollment numbers, the UHSAA doesn't use total enrollment, they use the top three classes, Soph., Jr., Sen. So neither Manti (439) or Richfield (506) are around 600 kids as far as the way classifications are decided. On the flip side though Gunnison (252) is significantly lower too. All these numbers are from the USOE's latest enrollment figures. I couldn't find any numbers on the private schools, but here are the rest of 2A.

Manti 439
Emery 426
Delta 422
ALA 388
Summit Academy 344
Grand 336
S.Summit 330
San Juan 304
Merit Academy 300
S.Sevier 298
Maeser Prep 279
Beaver 261
Gunnison 252
Rockwell 252
Millard 221
N.Summit 199
N.Sevier 191
Parowan 183
Enterprise 181
Kanab 177

Garden City

Who will be in the semi finals in the 1A tournament?

Payson, UT

I wonder if anyone other than the UHSAA's pay site be able to stream the 1A games over the internet. UHSAA's pay site was the only place I could find the 3A state championship games played in Cedar City last week. Shame.

Garden City

I understand that Deseret Digital subleased the 1A tournament to national pay company that no one will use when there are plenty of business's that would sponsor these teams. It will get fixed next year I think and this year everyone down south can watch for free on their TV which is not fair for the North. Anyway...

I have Semi's as Rich, Panguich, Tabiona, and Duchesne

Rich fans can listen to their favorite radio man on that station play by play

Rural sport fan

Agree with your asessment, Garden City. The only question mark for me is whether Monticello can step up and get Tabiona, I've seen them both, and its possible.

Maybe now your Rebels will win one, they are definitely good enough, IMHO, and as long as they aren't playing us, we'll be cheering for them.

The REAL question is, how on earth is it that the region 20 and region 17 top seeds always play each other, as in 11 out of the last 13 years? Not very random, is it?

South Jordan, UT

Can you guys not worry so much about 1A wow

Lifelong 1A Fan
Cedar City, utah

Not so fast region 17 fans. You are forgetting about Piute. This is not the same Piute team that faced Rich early in the season at the 1A preview. You would be making a mistake if you don't think Piute will make it to the semi-finals. In fact, I will pick Piute to make it to the championship game on the bottom side of the bracket.

Earl Yee
Not the City, UT

Good luck Piute. Coach Gines had Tabby beating Rich in Rich. No one in the South can touch Rich. He will out coach Piute and have his team more prepared than anyone else in the tournament. Tabby is always a tournament tough team. Again GOOD LUCK.

Garden City

Bummer that 17/20 meet the first day. Really good teams either way it works out will have to head to the losers side. Piute coach looked like he was trying to lose that Pang game in the last few minutes. Handled poorly. I would have to agree will get out coached the first day unless Tabby for some reason goes stone cold. If it's close at the end, Gines will get the win. Any of the 17/20 match ups could go either way if someone does not come to play including Bryce Valley/Rich the first day. Bryce has won it all with worse teams. They have a tournament face on in recent years and always believe they can be the Cinderella.


The U of U is the worst venue for high school tournaments. They don't have anywhere to park within several miles of the arena and they are playing games during college classes. I know it's a stretch to expect logical thinking from the UHSAA, but it's not hard to figure that the U of U is the worst venue in the state to hold this tourney.

Duchesne Fan1 Duchesne Utah

It is to bad that Region 17 and Region 20 have to match up against each other every year in the first round of the tourney. But this season I don't think any one can argue that Region 17 has the clear advantage having won all of the head to head match up this year. Rich , Duchesne and Tabiona look to be headed to the Semi's. Should be a fun tourney and some real competitive first round games. Hopefully Rich can get through the Semi's this season.

Garden City

I thought Manila would have a better showing against Wayne before all of us continue to spout off I guess about region 17 and 20 match ups! Looks like it could all be a barn burner with all the match ups that first day. Manila has been a struggling program but I honestly thought would put up a better fight. Wayne has been all over the map and will play pang again the first day. I think they have beaten Piute who almost beat Pang the other day. Who knows?? 1A ball as usual without Wasatch Academy all world team. This will be a great tournament and you know there is going to be some upsets.

Santaquin, UT

Where is the 1A live streaming for the boys state basketball tournament?

Rural sport fan


The Uhsaa sold us all down the river. You have to pay the Nat'l H.S Federation $10 a day, or $15 a month, or $50 for 4 months, or $90 a year for access to the videos.

We can watch College ball for free, but not HS.

Isn't it time we stood up to the Uhsaa and let them know they work for us?

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

Please tell me someone fat fingered the FG attempts for Monticello when they entered them for the semi-final game vs. Duchesne. The box score says they were 22 of 98.

mt man
Escalante, UT

Just reading through all these region 17 and "Rich/Duchesne/Tabiona" comments. You guys underestimate region 20 every year. I like how you hammered on the better coaching or region 17, when coaching is exactly what proved the factor in panguitch beating rich and Piute putting up a much better game against Monticello than Duchesne could muster. I do have to say that I love the rivalry though. It's always exciting to watch our regions teams match up in state.

I do have to echo the thought of others that I'm getting tired of seeing region 20 and region 17 number 1 teams matching up in the semis. That should be the state championship game every year. Lets start placing them in opposite sides of the bracket so we can see the due rewards of the matchup be for that 1st and 2nd place matchup!

Two For Flinching
Salt Lake City, UT

@ plyxply

There is a train that drops you off right in front of the JMHC, and that train can easily be accessed from just about anywhere in the valley. Parking can be a hassle, but there are solutions to the problem....

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