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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 10:30 p.m. MST

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Gunnison, UT

@CTJ Fan - Just a couple points of clarification. First, I only suggested that Manti and Richfield should be in 3A because of their size. I never said that was the reason why Gunnison wasn't winning state titles. Currently both of those schools are right around 600 students. Gunnison, in comparison, is about 325. Secondly, if you have seen some of my other posts I do have some very strong opinions about private schools, but that is for another post.

For my information, what years are you talking about when Manti was the smallest school in the 2A clasification?

Enterprise, UT

@ Rocketman 1986

Thanks for all the support for region 13.

Ogden, UT

I sure wish we were back in 3A or maybe even 2A where our coach could maybe compete. Going 0-21...yippeee.

Gunnison, UT

@ carver - Here is my rationale for the upsets:

Enterprise was playing very well until the last three games of the season. Yes, they did beat Parowan very easily. But losses against Beaver and Delta seemed to show some slow down. If the Braves defense can stop, or even slow down Prisbrey, Enterprise will struggle. If he does have a game, North Summit's season will be over.

As for the Parowan game, if anyone has big guys that can match-up with them it is Manti. That one comes down to front court play and whoever wins the paint. I do think it will be a battle either way.

South Summit will easily handle Beaver. I think that one is a clear cut game.

I am a little biased towards Region 16, but I could also see Region 13 playing strong.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

I think the SS Rams will play the spoiler in the tournament. One of the top five coaches in the state plus the tradition, which counts for a lot at state. They could very well meet Wasatch Academy again in the final. Parsons has held his cards close to his chest and I am sure will have a great strategy against all comers.

Gunnison, UT

@JD Brooks - Good to have you back! I knew you would come out of retirement to support your Rams.

Gunnison, UT

@ JD Brooks - I predicted that S. Sevier would win their opening rounds game over Layton Christian. Can they do it?

Enterprise, UT

Thanks for the motivation for region 13. And your point isnt very good, you say that enterprise hasnt been playing good as of late, but what about gunnison? Also north summit last lost was to summit academy who didnt even make the tournament. Ya beaver did trip enterprise up and then they came out and blew out parowan for the region, and then there game against delta was a throw away game.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

they played in the preseason and Layton Christian won by over 10 if I remember correctly. SS plays a more disciplined brand of basketball which is something that Layton Christian struggles with at times. I say SS by 5.

Gunnison, UT

@KD35 - Nothing negative towards Region 13, just a Region 16 fan. Enterprise will go as far as Prisbrey can take them. North Summit is a very fast, streaky team who can play some great defense. This is no knock on Enterprise, I just see the Braves as a scary team. I agree they had a great win against Parowan, but losses against Beaver and Delta have shown that their is a chink in their armor.

South Summit will easily handles Beaver. The interesting game will be the Parowan / Manti game. That one will be a battle of the big men.

As for Gunnison, they will have to be on their "A" game against Delta. They have struggled later in the season, but have some great pressure wins against Manti in the last two weeks. They will have to show up for sure in the play-in game or their season may be over.

Layton, UT

@JD Books- Very accurate insight. Will be a good match of styles.

Gunnison, UT

Just some quick follow-up on my predictions:

My predictions for the 2A play-in games: (Winners in parentheses)

Emery (15-6) vs. Rockwell (11-11) (Emery)
The Spartans showed up and easily won. They looked good!
South Summit (17-4) vs. Beaver (13-7) (South Summit)
The Beavers gave them everything they wanted, but ran out of gas. Not sure the Wildcats get past the Spartans.
North Summit (12-10) vs. Enterprise (15-7) (North Suumit)
Enterprise came to play!
Merit Academy (11-5) vs. Grand (11-9) (Grand)
The Red Devils had them by as much as 15 and couldn't close the deal.

Lower bracket

Manti (7-13) vs. Parowan (15-6) (Manti)
Templars were up 6 with 1:20 to go and found a way to lose.
South Sevier (9-12) vs. L. Christian (17-7) (South Sevier)
Rams came to play.
Rowland Hall (8-10) vs. Wasatch Academy (22-1)(Wasatch)
Wasatch was scary good! They are fun to watch!
Delta (9-10) vs. Gunnison (15-4) (Gunnison)
Started very good for Delta, but the Bulldogs got them in the end.

The Short Bus
St. Johns, NFL

yep I knew it. first round and out. come on uhsa Manti is suppose to be in the championship every year in every sport. you can't treat us like that. do something next year so we can compete.

The Authority
Richfield, UT

Ha, ha! The faces change, but not the names.

I predict SS will make it to the final game against Wasatch Academy, and then abruptly stop playing in the third quarter and complain that "it's too hard."

Seriously, of all the teams to protest one team's dominance, it is not South Sevier. They're finally living in a world where they are not the sure thing, and they whine about it.

JD Books
Sulphurdale, UT

South Sevier will be down a bit for a couple of years but their younger grades have won every tournament they have played in since fifth grade. They won't be down long.


Go Olympus Titans!!

Salt Lake City, UT

Never thought I would see so many comments regarding the relative strengths of Panguitch basketball.

Landon F.
Huntington, UT

So many complaints/complainers. Play your best wherever you're placed. No one wins by complaining. Let the kids go out and have fun and play their hardest. Take Emery for example. They have been a declining enrollment school for many years. They competed against Lehi(then the largest Utah school, placed in 5A the next realignment), Salem Hills(the next year placed in 4A), and the now non-existent Granite(with the enrollment numbers would be the top in today's 4A) in their region to name a few. Year after year they competed in 3A with schools close to two times their enrollment or more and now placed where their declining numbers should be 2A. The cutoff has to be somewhere so some schools will be at the top and others at the bottom. Every school for the 2013-2015 was placed where they needed to be. If they don't do well it is because they don't have the skills to compete not because they don't have the enrollment numbers. The UHSAA is improving every time. Will it ever satisfy everyone? No but you can learn to do and play your best in spite of it.


To many of you readers/commenters- I apologize bc I don't know really anything about 1A-3A ball.

Bountiful is way better than any other team in 4A. Something crazy would have to happen for them to lose.

The 5A tournament is gonna be the most competitive one Utah has seen in 5A in a long time. Any 5 teams could win -with 2-4 D-1 players on each team. LP (3) AF (3) Alta (2) Davis (2) PG (2)

It's hard to bet against players like Haws and. Jackson at LP. But AF, Alta, Davis, and PG will give'em a run for their money.

Me, Myself and I
The Promised Land, UT

@Landon F

I agree with most of your post, play ball and take your lumps when you lose,celebrate when you win. I will disagree with this point though, that all schools currently placed where they should be. No school should compete in two different classifications, unless it's the 1A schools who play football and want to play baseball, since 1A's baseball season is in the fall. That should be the only exception.

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