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Published: Friday, March 7 2014 10:30 p.m. MST

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Tooele, UT

Tough draw for Grantsville! Especially for a 1 seed!

Vernal, Ut

If Gabe Colosimo did break his leg as another poster stated, Grantsville's draw appears to be as good as can be hoped for given there is no apparent soft opponent in Region 9.

Richfield, UT

How are Richfield, North Sanpete, and Juab going to be able compete with these size of schools? This Class 3A classification is a little screwed up in my opinion.

The Short Bus
St. Johns, NFL

wow tough draw for manti. how they going to compete against the large schools like parowan


Their will always be teams/schools that will complain about school size, being fair/unfair. The only real way to help that is to divide into 10 classifications with 10 teams in each class. And that wont happen...Just deal with it and enjoy the experience. Dont make it worse by complaining. Nuff said.

Gunnison, UT

@ TheShortBus - The real question is how is Manti even in 2A? They are double the size of most of the other 2A schools.

Enterprise, UT

Hey John Roberts; A lot better question than yours would be how do schools like Parowan, Enterprise and Kanab compete with schools like Richfield and the turn around and play the state tourney in Richfield?? Better question or not?

Gunnison, UT

@ Carver - Richfield is not even in 2A basketball this year. Richfield (SVC) is an excellent place for the state tourney.

1A-all the way

Size is overrated and is an excuse to some schools. Sure, if it is 1000 to 100, not fair. But many 1A basketball teams with an enrollment of 100 do consistently beat 2A teams with enrollments 3, 4 to 5 times bigger. Just being twice the size doesn't really make that much of a difference. Only 5 can be on the court...

Just Play Ball

Enterprise, UT

@ Bulldog26

My point being; Richfield is up and down from 3A to 2A. So they have been in 2A; and now they are in the same boat as the smaller schools in 2A as they all had to compete against them at SVC. Three times as big as a lot of the smaller schools in 2A.

Gunnison, UT

@1A-all the way - Just curious, who are the schools that you reference?

@carver - Point taken. I agree 100% with you on Richfield and Manti. Hey...if you have a Wal-Mart, probably too big for 2A! :)

Richfield, UT

Name a state title Richfield has ever won playing at the SVC in Richfield? It has not been a kind location for the Wildcats. We've won a few "on the road" but never on the SVC....Just saying' not a valid point.

The size thing is what it is, b ut I find it interesting that in a time where we talk about school costs, transportation costs, budgets etc....that the only schools that matter when it comes to these issues live on the Wasatch Front. Last year in 2A Richfield had an entire REGION closer to them than some of the people in their region. Also there is a difference when playing 150 to 450 than 450 to 1200. I agree that basketball is just "5 on 5" but try football or fielding girls soccer, tennis, volleyball AND cross country in the Fall. It makes a huge difference.

1A-all the way

Panguitch this year is 3-0 against 2A schools and above .500 against them the last 4-5 years
Monticello this year is 3-1 against 2A schools this year, and a above .500 the last couple years
Rich is 5-1 against 2A and 3A this year and above .500 the last few years
Bryce Valley is 2-3 against bigger schools this year and above .500 the last 5-6 years.
and a few other compete, and win year in and year out against bigger schools.

The same thing happens with 2A vs 3A

Gunnison, UT

@1A-all the way - Thanks for the information. Greatly appreciated.

Just a couple of thoughts...Panguitch could probably compete at the 2A level in basketball and baseball. They probably aren't much different in size than the smaller 2A schools. I assume they are one of the larger 1A schools.

As for Monticello, they have bounced in and out of 2A over the years. Like Panguitch, they are one of those teams right on the bubble, but definitely a larger 1A school.

As for Rich, they are just amazing! With the size of school and the small student population, they are very successful. Something good going on there for sure.

Lifelong 1A Fan
Cedar City, utah

@Bulldog26 -- Just how big do you think Panguitch is? I know a lot of people think that the enrollment at Panguitch High School is bigger than what it is, but they average about 32 students a class. This year's graduating class has 24 students. The UHSAA uses 10-12 grade numbers. Based upon these facts, Panguitch has less than 100 students in their school. With the 2A cutoff being at 159, Panguitch is well below the "bubble." Check you facts before you comment. Saying a team is on the bubble just because they are competitive is false and misleading. What is the average class size of those 2a teams Panguitch beat? Specifically, North Sevier, Parowan, and Enterprise. While you at it, what is the average class size of Gunnison?

I know you
Cedar City, utah

@ Bulldog26

"They (Panguitch) probably aren't much different in size than the smaller 2a schools." Really? Where did you pull those numbers from? I know that the graduating class this year has around 25 seniors. Average class size around 30. That puts their enrollment less than 100. I guess you assume that the enrollment at Panguitch is larger because they have 10 motels and a stop light. You continue to bounce around on these articles providing comments with no facts.

Gunnison, UT

@Lifelong 1A fan - I was in no way trying to be negative towards Panguitch. They have a tremendous reputation of always competing in all sports. I also re-read my post and I did not quote any hard numbers, I only made some assumptions. The numbers that I have found show an enrollment of around 130 students. I stand corrected in that they are smaller that I had thought. Again, it was never intended as an insult or to be negative in any way.

As a point of reference the enrollment at San Juan is approximately 400, N. Sevier is 325, and Parowan is 325. Gunnison is currently around 325, with an average class size around 80-90 students.

Gunnison, UT

@I know you - Again, there was nothing negative that intended at all in my assumptions of the size of Panguitch. I assumed that their enrollment was bigger than it currently is. My apologies. Again, they are a great school that has a great tradition of winning in all sports.

I do take offense to your last statement. Comments and opinions that are shared are just that, comments and opinions. I certainly do not purposely try to mis-lead or share false information. Yes, I do like to share my opinions and try to keep them as factual as I can. If I am wrong, I will gladly eat some crow and go on. Please understand it is not in any way intended to be negative or demeaning. If it is taken that way, it is certainly not mean to be so.

Gunnison, UT

My predictions for the 2A play-in games: (Winners in parentheses)

Emery (15-6) vs. Rockwell (11-11) (Emery)
South Summit (17-4) vs. Beaver (13-7) (South Summit)
North Summit (12-10) vs. Enterprise (15-7) (North Suumit)
Merit Academy (11-5) vs. Grand (11-9) (Grand)

Lower bracket

Manti (7-13) vs. Parowan (15-6) (Manti)
South Sevier (9-12) vs. L. Christian (17-7) (South Sevier)
Rowland Hall (8-10) vs. Wasatch Academy (22-1)(Wasatch)
Delta (9-10) vs. Gunnison (15-4) (Gunnison)

CTJ fan
Salt Lake City, UT

Bulldog 26, are you really talking size of schools right now? Let's see Gunnison played in the state championship in basketball last year and 15-4 this year, and your big complaint is against Manti? For many years Manti was the smallest school in 2A and we competed and didn't complain at all. We played Lehi for the state championship one year, who was more than double our size. The only ones who have any right to complain, is a North Sanpete who has to compete in the 3A which is a much bigger disparity!

I do believe however that they should keep the the extra 3A division in all sports and not just football. Personally I'd rather compete against the best possible schools. It just doesn't make sense why they'd do it for just 1 sport, it can't be that hard to keep the extra classification for all sports.

And Bulldog 26 you don't make Gunnison look good at all by complaining about the size. What you should be complaining about is having to play a private school that can openly recruit! That's why you won't win a title this year, not because of Manti!

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