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Published: Sunday, Feb. 16 2014 9:45 p.m. MST

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I'm glad the missionaries are safe... One grammatical quibble with the story, however. It says, "He graduated salutatorian at Grand County High School in Moab." While that may be acceptable under modern usage, that sentence structure grates like fingernails on a chalkboard in my mind. I would much prefer to read, "He was the salutatorian at Grand County High School."

I know it. I Live it. I Love it.
Provo, UT

I've never been robbed and didn't serve a mission.

I like to read this news.
I like to know missionaries are safe.


Rexburg, ID

Yeah, I'm interested to know why this is making the news. Missionaries get robbed all the time. Of course there's no connection between this robbery and the Olympics. I'd be willing to be that the only reason this story got written was because Russia is getting a lot of publicity right now.

Brunswick, GA

What's the big deal about this incident that deserves so much attention. Missionaries all over the world experience similar threats, assaults, robberies, and worse on a daily basis and hardly seldom call home to complain. Get over it and get on with the work!

Gilbert, AZ

@The Scientist

Yes of course the Lord could have "protected" them from getting robbed in the first place.

Just like He didn't stop you from posting your comment in the first place. Instead the Lord lets us live our life and make bad and good choices. In this case, these missionaries were blessed to now know what it feels like to be kept from being beheaded and/or knifed. That is an experience for which I am sure they are grateful and for which draws them closer to the source of all good, which is God.

Carson City, NV

I tell you, Satan is really stepping it up! One comment that was made was "why couldn't God have stopped the robbery?" I believe that would have frustrated the robber's free agency. Heavenly Father will never take free agency away. But I believe the Holy Spirit guided these missionaries to make the very best out of a bad situation. So very glad they weren't hurt.

Lancaster, CA

I am not telling my friends about this incident who are called to that mission! Yes, it happens in different places to different missionaries. It's always nice to know that they are being protected by the Lord and directed how to get out of situations. Could be that this is being publicized because of the recent movie, Saratov Approach, too. Who knows.

David M
Metairie, LA

# The Scientist,

On my mission in Las Vegas, I knew of 3 different incidences when people threatened to shoot when I approached their door while tracting. One other person (drunk) through a knife at me. Maybe it was a byproduct to serving those in poor neighborhoods. I know of others on my mission with similar experiences, but none of them one was injured or otherwise harmed from such experiences. We also simply moved on and kept working.

The Lord does protect his servants, but he won't take away people's agency. That would defeat his plan.

I heard of a tragedy a long while back in South America in which a missionary was killed. There was an increase number of baptisms in that community following that tragedy. Joseph Smith, Jesus Christ, and others were allowed to be killed, but the Lord knows the larger picture.

Lake Tahoe, NV

I served in the Dominican Republic and got robbed around 8 times. You quit counting after awhile. Why is this in the paper? Kids dad must work for the D-News.

Harwich, MA

An Elder in where I served got mugged 4 different times. The last time had his face slashed with a razor knife. Terrible...yes..but at the root of the problem was all 4 times he didn't hesitate to approach "tough" kids and call them to repentance. You would have though he would have learned something after the first time. This story never made the Deseret News. I wonder why?

Johnny Triumph
American Fork, UT

Obviously this guy didn't know the Elders very well otherwise he'd have known they don't have much.

Wild Will
Tehachapi, CA

My son was mugged five times while serving in the Caracas Venezuela Mission, endured hurricane weather for two weeks causing the death of 10,000 people in the area and we never received so much as an e-mail from him or anyone else from his mission.... My Bishop's son is shot at while serving in Latvia and he receives an e-mail several weeks later about the assault. Doesn't seem fair that because these young elders are serving in Russia during the Olympics that the missionary department steps up the efforts to keep the parents informed. Hopefully these communications to the parents when incidents occur improve.


Clovis, NM

For those who think the Mormon Missionaries should always be protected by God, I'd like to point out that God's plan involved free agency and choices. He knew we would do stupid things. He knew that bad things could happen to good people. It was Satan who wanted to give us no choices. If God rescued us from every bad thing, He would be following Satan's plan. Drama is part of the plan we agreed to follow. Rather than seeing the negative side of this situation, perhaps it would be good to assume that God protected them by not letting them get killed.

For those who think it is crazy to send Mormon Missionaries to faraway places to take risks with their lives, consider the everyday risks of living here in the United States. I pray that my son doesn't ever go to Detroit or the ghettos in Los Angeles or any of the dangerous places we call "home". For pete's sake, innocent people get killed in Salt Lake City, UT and Pocatella, Idaho. Life can be risky no matter where you live.

Cedar Hills, UT

Not the first time missionaries have been robbed or held hostage in Russia and won't be the last unless the Church changes proselyting methods. Just so glad these young men weren't hurt. I suspect there needs to be some sort of screening of investigators going forward ...criminal records etc... before missionaries go to teach. Tracting for many parts of Russia should be off limits. It may be also that investigators have to be taught in a church instead of in their homes. Yes this will be harder but safety of the missionaries is paramount here.

Sasha Pachev
Provo, UT

The reason Deseret News did not report the robberies of other missionary is perhaps that the story did not make it to the editors of Deseret News in time. I found this story newsworthy. I am a Russian convert, my brother-in-law served in that area, and do have an interest in what is happening in Russia with our missionaries. It may be of interest that the city where the robbery took place is named after Friedrich Engles, a co-father of communism (along with Karl Marx). I find this more than just a coincidence - to me this represents the fruit of communist ideology.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

Chris B and The Scientist say or imply that "you people like to cherry pick." If you want to see some serious cherry picking, go read any of Chris' comments/predictions on U of U or BYU football and basketball.

After Chris, the ultimate cherry picker, erroneously foretold BYU's loss to St. Marys (basketball) over the week-end, I think one can safely disregard almost anything he says.

Houston, TX

I am certain that the Lord, quietly and frequently undetected, protects and blesses all of his children multiple times each day. He does this in a way that doesn't take away anyone's moral agency.

Every once in a while, He holds back for a wise and loving purpose. These moments seem to get all of our attention, and we look to the heavens and say "Why me?"

I have tried to be attentive enough to recognize how often I and others are comforted, protected, encouraged, and taught by our loving Father in Heaven.

Salt Lake, UT

It isn't Russia...it's people. Several missionaries when I was out had interesting experiences. That included one who knocked and found himself facing a double-barreled shotgun as the door opened. That was in North Carolina. There are more stories out there than people can imagine. Don't have to look far.

Absolutely the Lord protects missionaries....not just LDS ones either.

St.George, Utah

A terribly frightening time for parents to send a child(yes, now they are still children) out on a mission for two long years.
Too many terrible incidents are occurring. Sounds as though the parents and the public are not being notified about many of them.
Our family never heard about the terrible incidents our sons were involved in either, and that was almost 20 years ago. Parents of their companions told us following their sons return.

Maryville, MO

It seems that many are criticizing Des News for reporting on this. Still this is an newspaper owned by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. As more and more missionaries go into the mission field and the closer we get to the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ this will happen just as much if not more.
Even before the Lord Jesus Christ came to earth, missionaries have been killed, robbed and hurt. They have been persecuted and will continue to be as long as they are willing to stand and teach of the Restoration of the Gospel in these the Latter Days. Just as Stephen was killed, Peter and others through to Joseph Smith, Parley P Pratt and many today this will continue until the Lord Declares it is done and he returns in a blaze of glory. We will continue to see those who deny and wish ill will on anything Latter Day Saint. So be it as has been mentioned, "When in the service of your fellow man, you are only in the service of your God".

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