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Published: Sunday, Feb. 16 2014 11:30 a.m. MST

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Joe Schmoe
Orem, UT

Hey at least we are in the pac12! There is always next year. I hate to see what AZ does at the Huntsman.

Mcallen, TX

The utes wouldn't be competitive in the MWC, or WCC, either.

But there has been marked improvement.

Provo, UT


Pac12 winning percentage
Utah .455
Byu .333

WCC winning percentage
Utah 1.000
Byu .667

Sandy , UT

@worf and Joe put lipstick on a pig and its still a pig. Place byu in the wcc and their still in the 9th best conference in the NCAA. Utah is in the PAC where unlike the wcc it's difficult to win on the road.

If Utah was in the wcc they would dominate after all we destroyed the so called 2nd best team in the wcc by 17. The game was not even close. Losing to Portland pacific loyal marmot and Pepperdine really shows what type of team byu really is. Again you failed against Utah on the field and on the court. Go hang out with the other midmajors where you belong.

Chris B
Salt Lake City, UT

Isnt' it funny that these byu fans come making comments as if they had something to brag about?

In the height of byu basketball of the last 30 years, and with player of the year Jimmer, they still managed only a single sweet 16 trip.


Your best player ever perhaps(or top 3 for sure) had a 3-4 record in the big dance in his career.


Salt Lake City, UT

I really don't understand what byu faithful are yapping about. byu barely beats Mount St Marys Saturday and suddenly, their blow out loss to Utah never happened. Seriously?? byu isn't in the Pac-12 and to attempt to draw conclusions between the wcc and the Pac-12 is sheer folly.

Then, worf the rocket scientist claims "The utes wouldn't be competitive in the MWC, or WCC, either." Really, worf, based on what? You talk about the wcc like it's the bread and butter of the NCAA tournament. I refuse to believe that you people are happy about playing who cares schools in a no name conference in gymnasiums that local high schools would be embarrassed to have.

To the point of the article, UCLA will go deep in the tournament so the Utah loss Saturday is no surprise. Focus on the final games and finish strong going into the Pac-12 tournament. Then, make some more noise.

Go Utes!

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

Please remind us how the utes did against powerhouse WSU in Pullman!
U can't even beat WSU how do you think you would dominate the WCC? Pure folly!
It is interesting how you think though.

Cottonwood Heights, UT

Gone fishin

"Please remind us how the utes did against powerhouse WSU in Pullman!
U can't even beat WSU how do you think you would dominate the WCC? Pure folly!
It is interesting how you think though."

Well done, you pointed out the one big fail on Utah's schedule this year. Utah's worst shooting performance of the year mind you. Go find any team in the country outside of the top 10 that doesn't have at least one embarrassing loss... it's not easy. And we certainly know BYU has more than one of them.

It's also interesting that you failed to note how Utah did in the payback game. You and your friends are doing a miserable job of trying to paint Utah into a picture that looks worse than the picture your cougars live in.

Pocatello, ID


Crow has been on a roll these last 2 days.

Riverton, UT

To all you ute fans. The mark of a good team is its ability to win on the road. Anyone can beat anyone at home, however, it takes a good team to win on the road. Yes, you beat some teams at home. But who have you beat on the road? Oh yeah, powerhouse USC. One game. Two games in 3 years on the road in the PAC 12. Nuh said.

springville, UT

BYU's embossing loss------utah


How are Utah fans beating their chests? This year has been your best year in the last several and you're still bottom of the barrel in the Pac. BYU's worst year still is as good as Utah's best. By no means am I saying BYU is great because they are far from it this year. I think it's a little crazy to say that you would blow away the WCC conference. Utah has made great improvements but if they had played a semi decent non-conference schedule they would have quite a few less wins. Let's quit with the Pac 12 card. You wanted that membership and you got it. Now is the time to stop using that as a crutch when your team isn't competing. I don't hear Washington State complaining.

Old But Not Stupid
Moorpark, CA

My Perspective
There is a world of difference between Mount St. Marys and St. Mary's College (3rd in WCC).

Hope you can keep up.

BYU may be a mid-major, but most of the Ute fans posting here are mid-major fans.

Pocatello, ID


I don't know your definition of "bottom of the barrel", but Utah is in 7th place in the Pac-12, that is up 5 spots from last year, an improvement you recognized, thank you.

Every Utah fan I know wanted to be in the Pac-12. It gives Utah the best opportunity for growth. Anyone who thought we would step in and dominate is crazy, but Utah has made a lot of progress already. Any thought that someone wouldn't want their team to play in the best league/conference is crazy talk. I don't think there are many baseball players who don't want to make the show, or CFL football players who don't want the NFL, or world class athletes who don't want the Olympics. Though most don't go on to star, have a great career, or they lose in the Olympics, does that mean it wasn't worth it?

I love watching Utah compete against some of the best teams in the nation. I wish they would win more, and I have confidence will. But, watching them compete and work at is really a lot of fun, and that's what this is about.

Cottonwood Heights, UT


"BYU's embossing loss------utah"

That's funny, where did you emboss it?

Phoenix, AZ

Chris B

"Isnt' (sic) it funny that these byu fans come making comments as if they had something to brag about?"

What is it exactly you do on BYU articles?

Phoenix, AZ


I'm a PAC-12 fan, but let's not kid ourselves. The PAC-12 hasn't had any team in the final four since UCLA's 2006-2009 appearances. Before that, it was Arizona in 2001. But the following conferences have had teams in the final four over that span. Missouri Valley (2013), Colonial (2011, 2006), Horizon (2011, 2010), Conference USA (2008, 2005, 2003). Are these conferences better than the PAC? No. Is the WCC better than the PAC? No, but to say that any team from the PAC (Especially Utah) would go to any of these conferences (including the WCC) and would dominate is just flat out wrong. I give props to the WCC, not because BYU is in it, but because Gonzaga and St. Mary's have been steadily decent over the last decade. More than I can say for Utah, and more than I can say for BYU, and certainly more than I can say for ASU.

It's time to join together and start showing the respect that everyone deserves. Utah is not a terrible team, neither is BYU. The PAC, the WCC, and any other conference are not up and down terrible. Any team can beat any other team on any given day.

Gone fishin
Seattle, WA

"I love watching Utah compete against some of the best teams in the nation"
Just so you know the best teams in the nation are NOT in the pac. Check the rankings. Pac 2 - WCC 1. The pac is way over-rated this year so the few wins u have are not as credible as you might think.
Let's not forget that there are still 5 games to go. The utes will not make it 20 20 mins this year and if you take away the 9 high schools wins they have then their record would be below .500 for sure.
Motor, If the utes would have the guts to schedule quality teams then we would see some blowout loses.

Pocatello, ID

Gone fishin

First of all, I said SOME of the best teams in the nation, and who said I was only speaking of basketball. The Pac-12 has some of the best teams in the nation, in basketball, football, baseball, and a myriad of other sports, that's why the Pac-12 has more NCAA championships than any other conference. So again by objectivity, my statement is correct.

As for your claim the Pac-12 is over-rated well, considering that most places have them ranked as the 3rd of 4th best conference in the nation, I'll take that.

Your statement that Utah would be below .500 with their weak schedule is objectively false. The Utes only one game under .500 in the 3rd-4th toughest conference in the nation, and nobody in the Pac-12 or any other decent league for that matter schedules a tougher OOC schedule that in conference.

As for Utah not getting 20 wins, let me take you back to your statement before the Utah-BYU basketball game:

"It will be disappointing for the Utah players to NEVER have beaten BYU during their time on the hill. How sad

Somehow, I just don't put much stock in your predictions.

Sandy , UT

@gonefishin just think one of those 9 so called high school wins was over the #2 team from the 9th best conference. You byu fans can't have it both ways. The RPI has the PAC as the 3rd best conference so it must be true. The only conference that is overrated is the wcc how does the #2 team lose to the bottom feeders of the conference and by double digits.

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